HDFC Credit Card EMI

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What is HDFC Card EMI?

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Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we are unable to pay our HDFC credit card bill on time. As a result, we face the spectre of having to pay a high interest rate on the bill ranging from 24 to 36%. An easy way to avoid such a situation is to convert the HDFC Bank credit card bill into easy EMIs. This way not only can you pay the bill more conveniently over a period of time, but even the interest charged on the bill is nominal. By doing so, you are in effect converting your HDFC credit card bill into a loan that can be paid off in easy installments and at nominal interest rates. Converting your HDFC credit card bill into EMIs is thus a quick and easy way of managing your finances.

The Smart EMI facility is a unique feature offered by HDFC Bank for its credit card holders. By opting for this feature, you can convert high value transactions into smaller, more manageable monthly instalments post purchase. In exchange for enabling you to convert transactions made on your card to EMIs, the bank charges interest at a certain percentage. 


However, this Smart EMI feature is not available for jewellery or gold purchases that you make using your card. Also, you cannot convert transactions that are older than 60 days into EMI using this facility.

Converting an HDFC Credit Card Bill to EMI?

HDFC credit card bills can be converted into EMIs using a feature known as HDFC Smart EMI. To avail of this feature first, you need to check your HDFC credit card eligibility. This can be done through either net banking or through phone banking.

1. Netbanking

  • First, make sure that your credit card is linked to your HDFC account. Next, log in to HDFC netbanking and navigate to the "cards" tab. From this tab, select "credit cards", and then select "Smart EMI" from the "Transact" option.

  • The page that appears will show all your unbilled transactions. From the drop-down menu, choose your card and select "debit". This will display all your transactions that are eligible for conversion to EMI under the Smart EMI scheme.

  • To convert a transaction into EMIs, click on the "Click to Know Your Eligibility" option next to the transaction. This will open up a new page with all the relevant details for converting the transaction into EMIs such as the tenure, interest rate, loan amount, etc.

  • Once you click “Submit”, and agree to the terms and conditions, you will see a confirmation with the loan number and reference number confirming the conversion of your HDFC credit card bill into EMIs.

2. Phonebanking

  • From the HDFC Bank website, locate the phone number for the phone banking service for your city. Call the number and talk to the agent about your requirement for converting your HDFC credit card bill payment into EMIs.

  • The agent will check the eligibility of your card, and if found eligible, will inform you of the interest rate, tenure, loan amount, and other details.

  • If the terms and conditions are acceptable to you, the agent will go ahead with the process of converting your HDFC credit card bill to EMIs. You will be notified of the same via phone call or SMS.

HDFC Credit Card EMI Calculator

To calculate your EMI, you can use this handy HDFC credit card EMI calculator. Alternatively, you can refer to the table below to understand how much EMI you would need to pay. The interest rate applicable on the loan will be displayed on your netbanking page next to each transaction. For the purpose of this calculation, the interest rate has been assumed to be 1.5% per month.

Loan Amount

Rs. 50,000

Rs. 1,00,000

Rs. 2,00,000

Rs. 3,00,000

9 Months

Rs. 5980

Rs. 11,961

Rs. 23,992

Rs. 35,883

12 Months

Rs. 4584

Rs. 9168

Rs. 18,336

Rs. 27,504

18 Months

Rs. 3180

Rs. 6381

Rs. 12,761

Rs. 19,142

24 Months

Rs. 2496

Rs. 4992

Rs. 9,985

Rs. 14,977

A processing fee of Rs. 799 (exclusive of GST) is applicable on all applications.

Fees & Charges of HDFC Credit Card EMI Conversion

If you’re planning on converting a transaction on your HDFC credit card into EMI, it is important for you to be aware of the various fees and charges applicable on it. Check out the table below for more information regarding the various fees that might be levied. 

Particulars of Charges


Processing fees

1% of the transaction value or ₹150, whichever is higher

Interest on EMI (at the point of sale) 

15% per annum

Interest on EMI (after the purchase)

18% per annum

Charges for pre-closure of EMI 

3% of the total outstanding balance

Note: The HDFC credit card EMI interest rates mentioned above are subject to change from time to time in accordance with the bank’s policies.

Closing the Smart EMI Loan

Once your HDFC credit card Smart EMI loan has been approved and processed, it can only be pre-closed. For pre-closure, a charge equivalent to 3 % of the balance principal outstanding plus GST will be applicable. In addition pro-rata interest applicable and any outstanding credit card balance also have to be paid.

Benefits and Drawback of HDFC Credit Card EMI

1. HDFC Credit Card EMI Benefits:

  • Convert your credit card bill into easy EMIs and pay at your convenience.

  • Nominal interest rates are charged under the HDFC Smart EMI scheme.

  • Easy processing and minimal documentation.

  • You may even be eligible for no-cost EMI at the time of purchase of a product online. 

  • By converting a large transaction into EMIs, you get to significantly reduce your financial strain. 

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2. HDFC Credit Card EMI Drawbacks:

HDFC Smart EMI can not be converted into a no-cost EMI. You can only choose one between the HDFC Smart EMI scheme and the no-cost EMI option. To avail of a no-cost EMI option, you have to make your choice clear at the time of purchase with the retailer.


Also, in the case of EMI conversion, you will be charged interest on the transaction amount. The HDFC credit card interest rate on EMIs usually tends to be quite high and can range from 15% to 18%. Such high interest can drive your overall cost of ownership higher. 


When you convert a transaction into EMI, the value of the transaction gets blocked against your available credit limit. This blocked limit is gradually released with every EMI payment that you make. 

Things to Note while Converting HDFC Credit Card Payments into EMIs

Before you choose to convert your HDFC credit card transactions into EMIs, there are certain things that you need to take into account. Here’s a quick look at what they are. 

  • Eligibility

Not all cardholders may be eligible for HDFC credit card EMIs. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you’re eligible for such conversion before proceeding to do it. 

  • Tenure

Once you select a tenure at the time of conversion, it remains fixed and cannot be changed whatsoever. 

  • Unavailability of Reward Points 

When you opt for the HDFC credit card EMI conversion, you lose out on the reward points that you received for the transaction that’s being converted. 

  • Processing Fee

You may be charged a processing fee of around ₹300 for opting to convert a transaction into EMI. 

  • Interest Rate 

In some cases, the HDFC credit card EMI interest rate may vary depending on the tenure that you select. 

Frequently Asked Questions About HDFC Credit Card EMI

  • ✔️How can I check my HDFC credit card EMI?

    To check your EMI, you can use this handy HDFC credit card EMI calculator.

  • ✔️Can we convert HDFC credit cards to EMI?

    Yes, you can convert your HDFC credit card bill to EMI by using the HDFC Smart EMI option.

  • ✔️How does EMI work on HDFC Credit Cards?

    When you make a transaction with your HDFC credit card, you have the option of converting the purchase into EMIs. Once the bank approves your application, the amount of purchase is broken into EMIs, and interest is charged. Please note that purchases of gold and jewellery are not eligible for conversion to EMI due to policy restrictions.

  • ✔️Will I be able to get a no-cost EMI after I purchase?

    No. Unfortunately, the no-cost EMI option can only be availed by you at the time of purchase from online retailers like Flipkart or Amazon, among others. In the case of post purchase HDFC credit card EMI conversion, you will be charged interest at a certain specific percentage depending on the tenure that you opt for.