Kotak Credit Card Reward Points

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Everything About Kotak Bank Credit Card Reward Points

Owning a credit card and purchasing items through it is always fascinating and done by every credit card holder. While we do so and get some rewards for our purchase the entire system becomes even more exciting. Kotak Mahindra Bank provides every suitable credit cardholder of Kotak an option to get rewards on every investment transaction made by them. The plan to provide every credit card holder with kotak credit card reward points has been made to facilitate every kind of consumer, nonetheless.

You can earn your Kotak reward points through various modes. You can get these Kotak card rewards on your travel costs, shopping and various other transactions that you do with your credit card from Kotak. You can redeem Kotak credit card points for several purchases such as gift vouchers, electrical appliances, and several other accessories you purchase later.


You get a lot of credit card options and all of them come with distinct and lucrative reward advantages. The benefits attached to the Kotak credit cards depend mostly on the type of the Kotak credit card owned by you.


If you are a credit card owner you will automatically get enlist for this program as soon as you avail a new Kotak credit card. Now, you can easily use your Kotak credit card for several purchases and enjoy rewards by redeeming them on future purchases.

Top Kotak Credit Cards Reward Points Table

The table below would give you a detailed idea of Kotak Mahindra Bank reward points:

Credit Card

Kotak Reward Points

Kotal Zen Signature Credit Card

  • For every Rs. 150 you spend on KayMall you get 15 Zen points.

  • For every Non KayMall you spend Rs. 150 you get 5 Zen points.

  • You can reap a bonus of 15,0000 Zen points if you make transaction more than Rs. 6,000,00 per year


Kotak Essentia Platinum Credit Card

  • If you disburse Rs. 250 you will get 1 saving point

Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card

  • You can receive 3 times more reward points if you spend Rs. 100 against retail

  • If you spend Rs. 1,000,00 in a year you will get 4 PVR movie tickets or 10,000 Reward Points


Kotak League Platinum Credit Card

  • If you spend Rs. 1 lakh 25thousands every 6 months you can get 10,000 reward points or 4 PVR movie tickets

  • On your each Rs. 150 spending on every categories you can earn upto 8 times more reward points

Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card

  • If your net retail spend is in a year in Rs. 8,000,00 you can get bonus reward points up to 30,000

Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card

  • Purchase through KayMall and you can get five Mojo points

  • For each Rs. 100 transaction you can earn a Mojo point

  • And for online spending you can earn 2.5 Mojo points

Kotak NRI Royale Signature Credit Card

  • If you spend abroad for 1 reward point converting to Re. 1 you can earn 2X reward points.

How can I earn Reward Points with the Kotak Credit Card Rewards Program?

Kotak Credit Card Reward program allows every Kotak Credit Card owner a chance to get several reward points which can be used for further purchases. This entire program is very interesting and can benefit you in several ways. Some of the ways by which you can reap reward points on your credit cards of Kotak Mahindra Bank after your transaction of purchase are mentioned below:

  • Transaction for movies

  • Transaction for dining

  • Transaction for regular shopping

  • Bonus

  • Surplus amount of spending

  • Add-on Kotak credit cards

  • Spending on any international trip

Kotak bank credit card reward points can make your purchases even more fun. Their perks of letting you redeem your reward points on other purchases is an outstanding deal. 

Methods to redeem Kotak credit card reward points

You can redeem your Kotak Credit card reward points through both the online and offline mode of transactions.

1. For online mode

The following simple steps below are the online way to redeem your Kotak Credit Card reward points:

  • Go to official website of Kotak Mahindra Bank (www.kotak.com)

  • Select net banking

  • Put your CRN, one time password (OTP) and password to log in

  • Go to the "credit card" page

  • Choose the different options present there. Now you can redeem your Kotak credit card reward points for movies, tickets, movies, shopping etc

2. For offline mode

You can redeem your Kotak credit card reward points via offline mode as well. This can be done by using the option of customer care. Once your call gets connected to the team they will cater you for the redemption of the reward points accordingly. The steps are simple and you will be guided by qualified team members for hassle free redemption.

How to Redeem Kotak Credit Card Rewards?

The reward points you have earned on your Kotak credit card can be redeemed in several categories. Some of them are listed below:

  • Purchase for travel purpose

  • To buy movie tickets via BookMyShow coupons

  • Various goods from several renowned quality brands

  • Recharge for mobile

You can redeem your Kotak credit card reward points following the simple steps given below:

  • Go to the official website

  • Select your preferred category

  • Put items to your cart

  • Go to payment gateway and pay via Kotak Credit card

  • You have successfully placed your orders redeeming your Kotak credit card reward points. Now sit back and relax for the given time till your products reach you on the given address

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✔️How can I redeem my Kotak credit card points?

    You can redeem your reward points earned from Kotak Credit cards by following few simple steps given below:

    • Visit their official website

    • Go to the category of your preference

    • Select the item you want and put them in the cart

    • Complete your transaction using your Kotak Credit card

    • Your orders are placed successfully. You are supposed to get your purchased product within 10 days at your registered address

  • ✔️What is the value of easy points in Kotak credit cards?

    For redeeming your Kotak credit card reward points against ticket for air mile, clothes or recharges for mobile the value of 2 reward points is converted to 1 Easy point.

  • ✔️Can I convert my Kotak credit card reward points into cash?

    Yes, you can convert your Kotak credit card reward points into cash. The conversion of Kotak credit card reward points to cash can be done by the feature PayByPoints. Through this you can easily redeem your reward points at trader stores or outlets. The PayByPoints feature lets you convert your Kotak Credit Card reward points into cash at stores if you make the transaction using Kotak Credit Card.