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Guide for LIC Credit Card Statement

LIC Card Services was founded on November 11, 2008, as a 100% subsidiary of LIC. To establish this firm, a collaboration between LIC Corporation Card Services and Axis Bank was formed. The corporation offers several types of credit cards, including signature cards, titanium cards, and so on. The company also offers a distinctive LIC Corporation Bank Platinum Credit Card especially to its employees, agents, and policyholders. These cards come with lots of advantages and rewards. If you use a LIC Corporation Bank Platinum Card or any other LIC Credit Card, the most essential thing you should do on a routine basis is overviewing your LIC Credit Card statement or Corporation Bank LIC Credit Card statement, because the report demonstrates the transactions that you have done with your card which gives you a clear picture of your expenditures.

How to Check LIC Credit Card Statement Online?

You can check your LIC Credit Card statement online through the LIC Cards online portal webpage. Additionally, you may also execute the LIC Credit Card statement download process using this site. The LIC Credit Card e-statement contains important details, including the minimum payment due, total payment due, reward points and so on. In addition to this, you will also receive a copy of your LIC Credit Card monthly statement on your registered email id.


Apart from checking the LIC Card statement online, you can also make your due payment online using NEFT, Billdesk, and VISA Money Transfer and later download the LIC Credit Card payment statement.

How to Check LIC Credit Card Statement Offline?

The company has made it easier for its customers to check their LIC Credit Card bill statement by ensuring that cardholders receive their card statement at the end of each billing cycle via post. Your LIC Card statement will provide you with the information of due payments, details of transactions, reward points, and many more things.

Benefits of LIC Credit Card Statement

There are several advantages that you can obtain by checking your LIC Credit Card statement regularly. A few of them are listed below. 

1. Transparency

With the help of the LIC Card statement, you can identify discrepancies (if any) in transaction details. 

2. Tax Advantages

Your LIC Credit Card statement contains information about tax-related purchases such as business expenses, and so on. Therefore, it can be used as supporting documentation for claiming tax breaks.

3. Improves Budgeting

LIC Credit Card bill statement allows you to plan your budget more effectively by identifying unnecessary expenses and transactions as well as due payments.

4. Credit Limit Warnings

LIC Credit Card monthly statement displays your credit card balance which assists you in better planning your financial commitments.

Understand your LIC Credit Card Statement Better

The LIC Credit Card statement saves you from the difficulties that can arise from any missed payment. Furthermore, your LIC Card statement plays a significant role in maintaining a good credit score. As we know, maintaining a good credit score results in good financial health which makes obtaining a loan simple and easy. At the end of each billing cycle, the payment due date is noted on the LIC Card statement. This date is crucial because it has a big effect on your credit score. The submission deadline on your LIC Credit Card statement acts as a reminder to pay your bills timely so that your creditworthiness is not negatively affected.

Switch to LIC Credit Card e-Statement

Even though the LIC Credit Card statement view option is available in both online and offline methods, it is advisable that you should switch to the LIC Card e-statement for a better and hassle-free experience.

Here are some positive points to consider for the same.

1. Instant

You do not need to wait for days to receive the printed copy of your LIC Card e-statement as you will be able to view the Credit Card statement instantly by accessing the LIC Cards online portal.

2. Download Anytime

You can download your LIC Credit Card billing statement anytime, anywhere which will help you to decide your expenses accordingly.

3. Enhanced Security

Because the LIC Credit Card statement password is required to view the information, there is no risk of the details being mishandled.

4. Contribute the Environment

By going paperless, you can save trees as well as reduce the chemical use associated with paper manufacturing, printing, and so on.

How to Correct Any Mistakes in the LIC Credit Card Statement?

If you find any error or mistake in your LIC CC statement, you must contact the customer care support or the branch. The branch will register your complaint, and will try to resolve it at earliest. You may also contact the grievance redressal team through 18004190064 to register any complaint regarding your LIC CC statement. 


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FAQs on LIC Credit Card Statement

How can I check LIC Credit Card statement?

You can check your LIC Credit Card statement by using LIC Cards online portal webpage. Additionally, the bank will also send a copy of your LIC Card statement to your address or email id. 

How can I download my LIC card statement?

You can download your LIC Card statement by accessing the LIC Cards online website

How to change LIC Credit Card statement password?

You may change your LIC Credit Card statement password by logging in your account at their official website.

How many types of credit cards are provided by LIC?

There are three types of cards being offered by LIC:

  • LIC Platinum Credit Card

  • LIC Signature Credit Card

  • LIC Titanium Credit Card

What is the help desk number of LIC Credit Card portal?

You may reach out to the LIC CC customer care at 18004190064.

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