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The credit card statement from Standard Chartered Bank is a summary of your activity for a particular billing cycle. It gives a detailed understanding of your credit card transactions, rewards points, and outstanding balance. Monitoring it helps you better manage your finances and unlock the full potential of your card.

How to Check Your Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card’s Statement Online

You can access credit card statements online once you register for the facility with Standard Chartered Bank. To do so, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Log in to your online banking account

  2. Select ‘eStatements’ and ‘eAdvices’

  3. Click on ‘Sign Up Now’ in the ‘About Statements’ section


Once done, you can follow these steps to check the e-statement of your Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card: 

  1. Log in to Online Banking facility by the bank for your statements 

  2. Click on ‘eStatements and eAdvices’ 

  3. Select the ‘View eStatements’ tab to check e-statements for the past 24 months

How to Understand Your Credit Card Statement Better

You can manage your credit habits better by learning about each component of your Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card statement. Here are the important details to note:

1. Account Summary

  • Statement Period: Billing cycle, which is also the interest-free period 

  • Opening or Previous Balance: Amount outstanding at the beginning of the period

  • Closing Balance or Payment Due: Your remaining balance at the end of the period

  • Minimum Payment Due: Minimum amount required to avoid late fees

  • Due Date: Last day to make the total or minimum payment 

2. Transactions

  • Dates: Day on which each transaction occurred

  • Amounts: Charge or credit amount for each transaction

  • Descriptions: Details about each purchase or credit

  • Merchant Names: Merchant store at which the transaction took place

3. Fees and Charges

  • Interest: Any accrued interest due to late payments or exceeding your credit limit

  • Late Fees: Charges incurred for missed payments

  • Annual Fees: Yearly charges associated with your card

  • Other Fees: Additional charges like cash advance fees or foreign transaction fees

4. Payment Information

  • Previous Payments: Your recent payment history and amounts

  • Payment Options: Ways to make your next payment

  • Payment Address: Place at which your statement and payment reminders are sent

5. Additional Information

  • Available Credit: Your remaining credit limit after accounting for the outstanding balance

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): Interest rate applied to your outstanding balance if you carry a balance over

  • Rewards and Offers: Any points, cashback, or special offers earned during the statement period

  • Contact Information: Customer service phone number and website address for assistance

How to Calculate the Minimum Amount Due

Different issuers calculate the minimum due amount differently. Generally, it is 5% of the outstanding amount for the statement period. Here is an example of the calculation: 


Say the total amount payable at the end of the billing period is ₹15,700. The minimum due will be 5% of the amount. So, you will have to pay ₹785 before the due date.


Remember, minimum payments help you avoid late payment charges, but the outstanding balance will attract interest. In the above example, the issuer will levy interest on the remaining ₹14,915.


To avoid spiralling debt, pay the total amount due whenever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my Standard Chartered Bank credit card statement?

You can get it by registering for the facility through online banking. Once you log in, select the ‘eStatements and eAdvice’ option. Click on the ‘Sign Up Now’ option under ‘About Statements’.

How can I view my credit card statement online?

To get eStatements of your Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card, register for the facility through online banking. Once done, log in to your account and go to the ‘eStatements and eAdvice’ category. Click on the ‘View eStatements’ option to check your card’s statement for the last 24 months.

How do I download my annual statement from Standard Chartered Bank?

You can download your annual credit card statement from Standard Chartered Bank via online banking. Log in to your account and select the ‘View eStatements’ option. Once your statement is displayed, click on the download button to save the file in PDF format.

What information does my statement contain?

A Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card statement contains details of the statement period, opening and closing balance, due dates, and details of the transaction. Apart from these, it mentions applicable APR and the minimum amount due.

Can I change my statement delivery preference?

Yes. You can update your preference regarding how statements are delivered to you by Standard Chartered Bank. Usually, you can get the statement on email, through online banking or the mobile app. 

Can I get Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card statements beyond 24 months?

No. The eStatements facility allows you to access statements only for the past 2 years.

Can I access my credit card statement from Standard Chartered Bank through SMS?

Yes. Send an SMS with the keyword ‘STR’ to +91 9987123123 to get your credit card statement through SMS.

How to check Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card limit?

The credit card statement will contain information relating to your limit, including the total and available credit limit.

How can I check credit card transactions?

You can register for the eStatements facility offered by Standard Chartered Bank and check your transactions online. You can also get SMS alerts after every transaction when you sign up for this service.

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