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The state government - through a restructuring process-established Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Limited (HPSEBL) in 2010 under the Companies Act. HPSEBL caters to the power requirements of different categories of customers across the state. Primarily engaged in the transmission and distribution of electricity, HPSEB provides a reliable electrical supply at an affordable tariff structure. For the convenience of customers, the Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board provides an array of online services, including applications for new power connections, registration of online power complaints and HPSEB bill payment online.

How to Pay HPSEBL Electricity Bill Online Using UPI

If you live in Himachal Pradesh, then you can also opt for the convenient HPSEB online payment. You can choose to pay your HPSEB bills through the United Payment Interface (UPI). In this payment system, you just have to use a mobile-based app to link various bank accounts on a single platform and initiate payment on the virtual id of the beneficiary. While zeroing in on an app, you can opt for the Bajaj Markets App because of its best-in-class features. 


Using the UPI payments system on this app can be completed in a few simple steps. Here’s a look at how to pay for your HPSEB online bills: 

  1. Both Android and iOS users can use the Bajaj Markets App. Contingent upon the OS of your smartphone, visit either the Google Play or the iOS store. Next, download and install the app. 

  2. To pay for your HPSEB electricity bill, you must log in to the app by providing your name, phone number and date of birth along with the OTP. 

  3. Now you have to select the option of ‘Bill Pay.’

How to Make HPSEBL Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?


4. To proceed with HPSEB payment online, select the option of ‘Electricity’ on the bill payment page. 


How to Make HPSEBL Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?


5. On the Electricity page, you can now see a search box. Here, you must type the name of your service provider. To continue with the Himachal electricity payment process, click on the name of your service provider. 


How to Make HPSEBL Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?


6. You will now reach the page showing the option of ‘View Bill.’ To see the HP state electricity bill, provide your consumer Id. Here, you can also visit the FAQs section or choose to view a sample bill. 


How to Make HPSEBL Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?


7. You can see the payable amount for your HPSEB online bill along with the due date. To proceed with HPSEB online payment, you can choose to pay via MARKETS Pay or use any other UPI service provider. 


How to Make HPSEBL Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?


8. Once you make the payment, you will shortly receive an online confirmation. Your HPSEB bill payment process is now complete. Do remember to make timely payments for your  Himachal Electricity Board power bills to enjoy an uninterrupted electricity supply. 


Why Make HPSEBL Electricity Bill Payments Using the Bajaj Markets App


You receive several advantages by selecting to pay HPSEB bill on Bajaj Markets via the Bajaj Markets app. You can use this app at your convenience, from the comfort of your home or office. What’s more, you can receive an HPSEBL bill payment offer as a cashback or discount. Read on to know more about the multiple benefits:


  1. Secure bill payments: HPSEB bill payment on Bajaj Markets is completely secure. This strongly encrypted platform, powered by the NPCI, ensures that your confidential financial data is secure.

  2. Quick payments: You can link your multiple bank accounts on the Bajaj Markets App and make immediate payments. There is zero waiting time. This means that even if you are making a last-minute HPSEB electricity bill payment, you won’t miss the due date.

  3. Exciting and exclusive offers: Choosing to pay HPSEB bill on Bajaj Markets via the Bajaj Markets App can get you an exclusive HPSEBL bill payment offer. You receive access to exciting benefits such as a cashback offer, discounts and more.

  4. Hassle-free platform: The best part of using the Bajaj Markets App is its smooth and clutter-free user interface. Say goodbye to clunky and sluggish apps, choose the Bajaj Markets App to pay your HPSEB bills.

  5. Wide accessibility: HPSEB bill payment on Bajaj Markets provides you with the opportunity to select from an array of merchants, service providers, billers and banks. Also, you can select to pay by creating a MARKETS Pay handle or through any other UPI handle of your choice.

  6. Reminders for bill payments: If you have faced the hassle of missing the due date for your electricity bill payment, then choose to make payments via the Bajaj Markets App. A key advantage of this app is that it will send you timely reminders to make the requisite payments for your HPSEB online bills. 


Know More About HPSEBL  Electricity Bill Payments Online


To pay your HPSEB bills, you can choose a variety of online methods. For example, you can make an HPSEB bill payment by debit card, credit card, mobile wallets and more. You can use these payment methods after logging into the HPSEB portal or through the HPSEBL App. Read on to know more about the different payment alternatives: 

Payment Method


Mobile-based apps

You can make a mobile-based app payment through the Bajaj Markets App or the HPSEBL App.. 

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI powers this unified bill payment system). You can pay your power bills on the BBPS website by entering the PIN code of your locality. Here, you can choose from a range of banks, apps, retail agents and online payment gateways.

Standing Bank instructions

By issuing standing instructions, you can initiate automated payments from your bank to pay your HP state electricity bill. 

Bank transfer

You can make a bank transfer via NEFT or IMPS to pay for your GESCOM current bill.

Net banking 

You can use IMPS NEFT transfers via net banking to pay your HPSEB electricity bill. You can use this method to settle your bills either after logging into the HPSEB website or through the HPSEBL App.

Payments banks

You can choose from the six available payment banks to pay your Himachal electricity bill.

Mobile Wallet

You can choose from various mobile wallets to pay your HPSEB online bill.

HPSEB bill payment by debit card

You can use your debit card to settle your HPSEB bills either on the HPSEB website or through the HPSEBL App.

HPSEB bill payment by credit card

You can simply use your credit card to pay your HPSEDB electricity bills. This payment method is accepted on the HPSEB online bill payment portal.



How to Check HPSEBL Electric Bill Status


To check the status of your HPSEB bills, you can either visit the official HPSEB website or use the Bajaj Markets App. Read on to know about both methods:


  • HPSEB view bill at the official website: Here, you are required to log into the official HPSEB web portal. For the options of HPSEB bill view, quick e-payment and more, you can visit the links given below


  • HPSEB electricity bill check via the Bajaj Markets App: Once you login to the app and select the options directing you to the ‘View Bill’ page, you can easily know the status of your HPSEB electricity bill. 

Frequently Asked Questions about HPSEBL Payment (FAQs)

How do I find the HPSEBL Electricity bill consumer number?

For HPSEB online bill payment by consumer id, you need to know your unique consumer number. You can find your HPSEBL consumer number in either the physical or online copy of the electricity bill. If you cannot find a copy of the bill, you can contact HPSEB customer care.

How do I check the HPSEBL Electricity bill online in India?

You can check your HPSEB electricity bill status online by logging into the HPSEB official web portal. You can also use the Bajaj Markets App.

How can I calculate my HPSEBL Electricity bill?

You can use the simple online electricity bill calculator at: To view the existing tariff rates, visit the link:

How can I get a receipt of the HPSEBL Electricity bill payment online?

Whenever you make an online payment for your HPSEB bills, you immediately receive a digital receipt. You can also download a receipt of your bill payment by logging into the consumer portal of HPSEBL.

How can I check HPSEBL Electricity bill status online?

You can navigate to the ‘View Bill’ page on the Bajaj Markets App. Alternatively, you can log into the HPSBEL consumer portal. You can visit the link:

How can I contact the HPSEBL electricity bill customer care?

You can call the  HPSEB customer care number 1800-180-8060 or 1912. For online complaint registration, visit the link:

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