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How to Pay NBPDCL Electricity Bill Online Using Bajaj Markets App?

In today’s world, a consistent power supply is essential due to our dependency on the internet and gadgets to access it. For those living in North Bihar, the electricity provider is most likely North Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited (NBPDCL). If you wish to enjoy uninterrupted electrical supply, your monthly NBPDCL bill must be paid on time. Timely payments also evade any fees or penalties. Fortunately, paying your bill has never been easier. Online platforms like Bajaj Markets make your NBPDCL bill payment a hassle-free, instant process.

Here’s how you make your NBPDCL bill payment online on Bajaj Markets.

  • In order to pay your North Bihar electricity bill, install the Bajaj Markets app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

  • The first time you open the app, you will be asked to enter your phone number and date of birth.

  • Once you enter the mobile number you wish to register with, and an OTP will be sent to that number, which you can use for verification.

  • Now you are logged in, and you can select the ‘Bill Pay’ option on the home screen of the app to make your NBPDCL bill payment.

How to Pay NBPDCL Electricity Bill Online Using UPI?

  • From the many options you see, click on ‘Electricity.’

How to Pay NBPDCL Electricity Bill Online Using UPI?

  • You will see a list of service providers. Search for the ‘North Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd’ option, and click on it.

How to Pay NBPDCL Electricity Bill Online Using UPI?

  • You will be requested to enter your consumer number. Then, select the ‘View Bill’ option, and your bill amount for the month will show up automatically if your bill has been generated.

How to Pay NBPDCL Electricity Bill Online Using UPI?

  • You can see your bill amount as well as UPI payments options like Markets Pay UPI or other UPI apps.

How to Pay NBPDCL Electricity Bill Online Using UPI?

  • Choose the method you prefer and complete your payment. Your NBPDCL online bill payment is now complete.

Why Make NBPDCL Electricity Bill Payments Using the Bajaj Markets app?

You get a significant advantage when you pay your NBPDCL bill on Finserv Markets using the Bajaj Markets app. Using the feature for NBPDCL bill payment on Finserv Markets, you can make your North Bihar bill payment easily. The process is not time-consuming and can be done from the comfort of your home. When you use Bajaj Markets for your UPI electric bill payments, you get access to even more advantages.

  • Safety

Bajaj Markets is powered by NPCI which keeps all of your personal information completely confidential. You need not worry about the safety of your information for your NBPDCL bill payment through UPI.

  • Time-saving

You get the privilege of linking and using multiple bank accounts on the Bajaj Markets app. This makes any bill payments instantaneous, without the hassle of using multiple apps.

  • Exclusive NBPDCL offers

The best part about the Bajaj Markets app is that you get exclusive access to exciting deals, one-time offers, seasonal discounts, and a host of other benefits. You have the potential to not only pay your electric bill on time but also get additional savings or benefits through the app in the form of NBPDCL cashback offers and more.

  • Comfort

You get access to an intuitive clutter-free user interface. Your North Bihar bill payments can be carried out as efficiently as possible. Since payments are so easy to do through the Bajaj Markets app, you are less likely to incur fees, penalties for non-payment, and power cuts.

  • Accessibility

On the Bajaj Markets app, you can find an extensive catalog of banks, merchants, and billers. Regardless of your UPI app or bank, you will likely successfully make your NBPDCL bill payments through the Bajaj Markets app without incurring any issues.

Know more about NBPDCL Electricity Bill Payments Online

There are many payment modes that you can use to make your electricity bill payment in North Bihar. For instance, you could use the NBPDCL app or the NBPDCL official website. In either case, simply use your NBPDCL login and pay the amount through the NBPDCL website or app as needed.

Payment Method


Mobile Apps

Mobile app payment is a type of payment you would make through the Bajaj Markets smartphone app.

BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System)

Bharat Bill Payment System was launched in collaboration with RBI and other entities by the NPCI (National Payments Corp of India). You can find outlets to pay your electric bill by visiting the BBPS website and entering your PIN code.

Standing Bank instructions

For those who do not desire to deal with the hassle of manually paying electricity bills each month, You can set up automated payments from your bank to pay your NBPDCL bill online.

Net banking

If you do not wish to pay through UPI or a credit card, you can use net banking to complete your NBPDCL online bill payment as well.

Payments Banks

You can choose from the six available payment banks in the country on the Bajaj Markets app to make your bill payment.

Mobile Wallet

You can choose from a number of mobile wallets to complete your bill payment.

How to Check NBPDCL Electric Bill Status?

There are mainly two different ways to perform an NBPDCL bill check online. The first way to carry out a NBPDCL bill check is by using the official NBPDCL website. The other option for the NBPDCL bill view is offered by the Bajaj Markets mobile app.

NBPDCL view bill online:

Did you know that you can check the status of your bill online before and after paying it? This will help you keep note of how your NBPDCL status is progressing. Visit the official NBPDCL website and login for the NBPDCL bill view.

NBPDCL check bill via the app:

  1. Visit the Bajaj Markets website, or download the Bajaj Markets app.

  2. Log in using your email/ phone number (on the website).

  3. Click on the ‘Bill Pay’ option on the home screen.

  4. Choose your provider, in this case, NBPDCL, and you will be able to view your account details.

  5. Here you will be able to view your NBPDCL online bill payment status.


How to find the NBPDCL Electricity bill consumer number?

You can find this information and other NBPDCL consumer details in the monthly bill statement you receive from NBPDCL as a physical copy or via email. This document has all the NBPDCL consumer bill details you need.

How to check NBPDCL Electricity bill online in India?

You can check your bill status using any of your UPI apps, a banking app, or the Bajaj Markets app as well.

How to calculate NBPDCL Electricity bill?

Your bill will vary based on the consumption of units. There is a fixed rate for this. If you consume 200 units, your bill will be ₹1486. Online calculators can help with the calculation.

How to get a receipt of NBPDCL Electricity bill payment online?

You automatically get a virtual receipt when you make your bill payment, which can be downloaded and saved as a PDF document.

How to check NBPDCL Electricity bill status online?

Refer to the “How to check NBPDCL Electric Bill Status” section of this article to learn how to check your bill’s status.

How to contact the NBPDCL customer care number?

You can call the North Bihar power distribution helpline number. For all NBPDCL complaints, you can call the North Bihar power distribution customer care number at 1912 (toll-free). You can reach out to the public grievance cell at

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