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South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited(SBPDCL)was formed in 2012 by the state government of Bihar. The state government-owned electricity distribution company serves the power requirement of more than five million customers across 17 districts of Bihar. To provide streamlined services, South Bihar Power Corporation Limited provides various facilities, including an online SBPDCL customer support team and the provision of making digital payments to settle an SBPDCL electric bill.


How to Pay SBPDCL Electricity Bill Online Using UPI

If you are a South Bihar Power Distribution Company consumer, you can pay your power bills online using the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) services. A key feature of this online payment method is the ease and convenience of paying your South Bihar bijli bill. 


For a seamless and hassle-free SBPDCL online bill payment experience, you can choose the Bajaj Markets App. Using this app, you can avail of features such as SBPDCL bill check online and SBPDCL quick bill settlement. 


Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand the process of SBPDCL online payment.


  1. As the first step for SBPDCL bill payment, you can download the Bajaj Markets app. Depending upon your smartphone - Android or iPhone -you can visit Google Play or the iOS store

  2. As the next step of SBPDCL electric bill payment, you can log in by providing your name, phone number and OTP. 

  3. At this step of South Bihar electricity bill payment online - at the app’s home page -  you can select the option of ‘Bill Pay’.

How to Make SBPDCL Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?

4. At this step, for quick bill payment of SBPDCL, you can select the option of ‘Electricity.’ If you have any queries regarding SBPDCL payment, click on the FAQs option. 

How to Make SBPDCL Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?

5. At this step of the South Bihar Power Distribution bill payment, you can select your service provider. Either scroll down to find South Bihar Power Distribution Corporation Limited or simply type the name in the search box.

How to Make SBPDCL Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?

6. At this step of SBPDCL bill online payment, you must provide your consumer number and then select the option of ‘View Bill.’ Remember, before proceeding with your SBPDCL bill check, you can also select the option of ‘View Sample Bill.’ What’s more, the Bajaj Markets app will now receive access to your current and future SBPDCL online bills. This will allow the app to send timely reminders for SBPDCL online bill payments. 

How to Make SBPDCL Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?

7. At this step of SBPDCL bill pay, you can now see the amount of the bill along with the due date. To make a payment for your South Bihar electricity bill, you can select to pay via MARKETS Pay. For this, you need to create a MARKETS Pay handle. You can also choose to pay for your South Bihar Power Distribution bill using other apps. 

How to Make SBPDCL Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?

8. Once the transaction for the South Bihar power bill is successful, you will receive an instant confirmation. Your electricity bill Bihar SBPDCL is now paid, and you can enjoy an uninterrupted power supply. Continue to settle an SBPDCL bill online before the due date, using the Bajaj Markets app. 



Why Make SBPDCL Electricity Bill Payments Using the Bajaj Markets App


SBPDCL bill payment on Bajaj Markets,  via the Bajaj Markets app, can be both convenient and rewarding. Besides the ease and convenience of making payments, you receive various SBPDCL bill payment offers.


Selecting to pay SBPDCL bills on Bajaj Markets can provide you with the following benefits:


  1. Track your payments easily: You can easily keep a tab on the payments made for your SPBDCL bills, using the Bajaj Markets App.

  2. User-friendly: Say goodbye to unresponsive and slow apps. The Bajaj Markets app is equipped with a simple interface and user-friendly design. Besides, it allows for quick online payments.

  3. Bill payment offers: Selecting to pay SBPDCL bills on Bajaj Markets can get you cashback and discounts as SBPDCL payment offers.

  4. Get access to repayment history: SBPDCL bill payment on Bajaj Markets  allows you to know your repayment history instantly.

  5. Get timely reminders: Selecting to pay SBPDCL bills on Bajaj Markets ensures that you never default on electricity bill payment. This is because the Bajaj Markets App sends you timely reminders for making payments.

  6. Accessibility features: Using the app, you can pay SBPDCL bills on Bajaj Markets at your convenience. Pay bills from anywhere at any time.

  7. Flexibility to choose UPI service providers: You can choose from a wide range of UPI  service providers for paying your SBPDCL online bill. 

Know More About SBPDCL Electricity Bill Payments Online


Did you know that in addition to  UPI payments, you can pay your South Bihar electricity bills using various other digital payment methods? This includes SBPDCL bill payment through debit card or credit card, mobile wallets etc. You can use these payment methods at the SBPDCL website. For added convenience, you can use the Bajaj Markets App or the SBPDCL App.

Payment Method


Mobile Apps

You can make SBPDCL bill payments through apps such as the Bajaj Markets App and the SBPDCL App. 

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)

To make SBPDCL online bill payments, you can choose NPCI’s unified payment platform, called Bharat Bill Payment System. Here you just have to enter the PIN code of your locality. This RBI-approved platform will immediately show a list of bill payment outlets near you.

Standing Bank instructions

To make automated South Bihar bijli bill payments, you can issue standing instructions to your bank. 

Net Banking

To make South Bihar electricity bill payments at the SBPDCL website, you can use transfer methods such as IMPS and NEFT.

Mobile Wallet 

To make SBPDCL bill payments, you can use the amount in your mobile wallet. This payment method is accepted at the SBPDCL website. .

SBPDCL bill payment through debit card

To make South Bihar bijli bill payments at the SBPDCL website, you can use your debit card.

SBPDCL bill payment by credit card

To pay your SBPDCL online bill, you can use your credit card. This payment method can be easily used on the SBPDCL website.


How to Check SBPDCL Electric Bill Status?


For an SBPDCL electric bill check, you can either visit the company’s consumer portal or use the Bajaj Markets app. Remember, the option of SBPDCL check bill status can only be availed after providing your unique consumer number.


You can check South Bihar Power Distribution bill directly on the links given below: 



  • SBPDCL online bill payment status check via the app:

For getting SBPDCL bill details or checking SBPDCL bill status, using the Bajaj Markets app, navigate to the relevant section after selecting SBPDCL as your service provider. Here, you can also see your repayment history.  


Frequently Asked Questions about SBPDCL Payment (FAQs)

How do I find the SBPDCL Electricity bill consumer number?

You can find your consumer number in the physical copy of your SBPDCL  bill. If you have forgotten your consumer number and are unable to locate a copy of the bill, you can call the SPDCL customer care number.

How do I check the SBPDCL Electricity bills online in India?

You can visit the consumer portal of SBPDCL or use the Bajaj Markets App.

How do I calculate the SBPDCL Electricity bill?

You can calculate the South Bihar electricity bill amount by multiplying the units consumed by your household with the SBPDCL electricity rate per unit. In case of any grievances about your bill amount, you can register an online SBPDCL complaint.

How do I get a receipt of the SBPDCL Electricity bill payment online?

To get an online receipt, log into the SBPDCL’s web portal by providing your consumer number. The Bajaj Markets app provides an instant digital receipt for all payments.

How do I check SBPDCL Electricity bill status online?

You can check SBPDCL online bill status by logging in to the company’s web portal. Alternatively, you can use the Bajaj Markets app.

How do I contact SBPDCL Electricity bill customer care?

In case of any bill or power-related grievances, you can dial the toll-free SBPDCL complaint number: 1533. You can also call the SBPDCL customer care number: 1800-3456-198. To register an online SBPDCL complaint, use the link:

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