Transfer the balance of your existing loan against property with L&T Finance and enjoy lower interest rates starting from 9.65% p.a. This facility, now available on Bajaj Markets, enables you to repay the loan over extended repayment tenures ranging up to 20 years. You can further apply for a top-up loan and fulfil any additional financial requirements.

Interest Rates and Charges

The interest rates and charges applicable to this balance transfer facility are listed below:

Interest Rate

9.65% p.a. onwards

Processing Fee

Up to 1% of the loan amount + GST

Part-prepayment Charges

5% of the outstanding loan amount if the amount prepaid is over 25% of the outstanding amount in a financial year

Foreclosure Charges

  • 4% of the outstanding amount if foreclosed within 12 months of the loan tenure

  • 3% of the outstanding amount if foreclosed after completing 12 months of the loan tenure

*Disclaimer: The rates and charges mentioned above are subject to change at the lender’s discretion.

Features and Benefits

Competitive Interest Rates

Save big with affordable interest rates starting at just 9.65% p.a.

Longer Tenure

Repay the loan over flexible tenures that can range up to 20 years

Easy Documentation

The digital documentation process allows you to avoid the hassles of paperwork

Top-up Loan

Secure a top-up loan and fulfil your additional requirements

Easy Online Transfer

Transfer the balance of your loan digitally with just a few clicks on Bajaj Markets

Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required

Make sure to meet the following criteria to be eligible for an L&T Finance Loan Against Property Balance Transfer:

  • You must have paid at least 12 EMIs of the loan you want to transfer

  • You must be between 23 and 62 years of age

  • Transfer of loans from only approved financial institutions is allowed

  • Only loans taken against residential properties will be eligible for a balance transfer

  • The Title document ownership should remain with you


You will also be required to furnish the following documents during the application process:

  • Customer Undertaking - To furnish original documents to L&T Finance within 20 days, from the date of disbursement

  • Letter of Authority - To authorise the new lender’s representative to collect the original mortgage release letter and title documents on your behalf from the previous lender

  • Irrevocable power of attorney (POA) - In favour of the empanelled lawyer of L&T Finance

How to Apply?

Follow these easy steps to apply for this loan against property balance transfer facility on Bajaj Markets:

  • Click on the ‘Apply Now’ option available on this page

  • Enter your personal and professional details

  • Select ‘L&T Finance’ from the list of lenders

  • Choose the required loan amount and preferred tenure

  • Click on ‘Submit’

  • After this, an executive will reach out to you for further proceedings.



What interest rate is offered by L&T Finance on the balance transfer of my loan against property?

You can enjoy interest rates starting as low as 9.65% p.a. with this balance transfer facility. However, the rate offered to you depends on your eligibility.

Does L&T Finance provide top-up loans along with these balance transfer facilities?

Yes. Along with transferring the balance of your existing loan against property, you can also get a top-up loan to meet any additional financial needs.

What are the fees associated with L&T Finance home loan transfer?

You will be required to pay a processing fee amounting to 1% of the outstanding balance amount + GST when you opt for this facility. Furthermore, you have to settle any pending penalties or charges with your previous lender for a smooth transfer process.

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