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Petrol Price Mizoram

Here is the latest information about petrol prices in Mizoram today. You can also take a look at the different factors that determine and impact the cost of petrol in Mizoram.

What is the Petrol Price in Mizoram Today?

Petrol Price Today (₹)

What Factors Determine the Petrol Rates in Mizoram?

The daily fluctuation in petrol prices in Mizoram is influenced by a number of factors. Primarily, these are the international crude oil prices and the prevalent INR to USD exchange rate. Oil manufacturing companies (OMCs) then add their charges to the petrol price before distribution, namely refinery cost, freight/import charges, etc. After the petrol dealer adds their own commission, a central excise duty and a state-levied Value Added Tax (VAT) is added to the final petrol price. Thus, the final Mizoram petrol rate is a culmination of the sum of all these charges.


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How Often are the Petrol Rates in Mizoram Revised?

Since 2017, India has followed the ‘Dynamic Fuel Pricing’ system. In accordance with that, the petrol prices in the country are revised daily. Accordingly, the Mizoram petrol rates are revised daily at 06 AM IST. The same is updated at fuel stations across the state as well as on the website and mobile app of OMCs.

What is the Impact of GST on Petrol Rates in Mizoram?

Petrol prices in the country are revised daily and are decided on a number of factors. However, as per the current norms, GST does not have any influence on petrol prices in the country. Thus, the impact of GST on petrol rates in Mizoram is nil.

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What is the petrol price in Mizoram?

The petrol price in Mizoram today (September 30, 2024) is ₹98.65.

Who decides the petrol price in Mizoram?

Mizoram petrol prices are revised daily. The petrol rates in Mizoram are decided each day by adding a number of variable determinants. These primarily include the global crude oil prices in the market and the INR-USD exchange rate for that day.. This is followed by OMC charges for import, refinery, processing, freight, and dealer commission. Other crucial factors influencing petrol rates in Mizoram are taxes like central excise tax and state-implemented VAT.

Where can I know the latest Mizoram petrol prices?

The petrol prices are updated daily at 06 AM IST. Once updated, you can find the Mizoram petrol price via the apps of oil companies or by visiting your nearest petrol pump.

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