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Today's Petrol Price in Telangana

₹ 108.18

Current Petrol Price per Litre

Telangana Petrol Price

Here is the latest information about petrol prices in Telangana today. You can also take a look at the different factors that determine and impact the cost of petrol in Telangana.

What Factors Determine the Petrol Rates in Telangana?

Telangana petrol price is influenced by a number of determinants. The primary determinant is the global crude oil rate. Any fluctuation in the USD-INR exchange rate further influences the petrol cost. Next comes the oil marketing companies (OMCs) charges. These OMC charges include import, refinery cost, freight charges, etc. Dealer commission too needs to be considered when calculating petrol cost in the state. Lastly, the Telangana petrol price today is also influenced by the central and government taxes such as the central excise duty and the state-levied Value-Added Tax (VAT).


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State Levies on Petrol

The retail price of petrol includes three components: the base price, the central excise duty, and the state tax. While the base price depends on the international market, the central excise duty is uniform for the country and the state tax varies from state to state. The state taxes on petrol include the sales tax and value added tax. Telangana's state VAT on petrol is 35.20 percent. 

How Often are the Petrol Rates in Telangana Revised?

Earlier, the petrol rates in the country were revised every week or every fortnight. However, the current petrol price revision is based on the ‘Dynamic Fuel Pricing’ system. As per this system, the petrol cost in Telangana is revised daily at 06 AM everyday.It is wise to keep an eye out for changes in petrol prices. The daily adjustment to the price of fuel will only be a few paise. A small adjustment can also signify a lot if you use more fuel. The price of crude oil and currency exchange rates are the two main factors that influence the price of petrol.

Advantages of Dynamic Fuel Pricing

The advantages of dynamic fuel pricing are as follows:

  • The system guarantees full fuel pricing.

  • Dealers are capable of managing stock properly and efficiently.

  • The Indian retailing of petrol has connections to the international fuel markets.

  • It is simple for end users like you to transfer daily changes in the currency rate and crude oil prices.

  • Oil marketeers and dealers can effectively and efficiently manage their working capital.

Reasons Why Petrol Rates in Telangana Change Every Day

Due to daily changes in the price of crude oil on the international market, petrol prices fluctuate on a daily basis in Telangana. The price of petrol in all areas of Telangana is governed by a number of variables, including import fees, crude oil demand, and export costs. With more and more cars using petrol, there is an increasing demand for fuel. The best oil marketing businesses offer a fresh pricing every day after taking fees and taxes into account. Various fees and tolls will cause the pricing to vary slightly.

Ways to Trace the Current Petrol Price in Telangana

The Indian oil marketing firms like Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum have developed a number of methods to track petrol prices every day at 6:00 a.m. Customers who buy petrol can track the price using SMS alerts, websites, toll-free customer service numbers, and mobile applications created by oil marketing companies. The smartphone applications for Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum are respectively called Fuel@IOC, SmartDrive, and My HPCL.

How are Telangana Petrol Prices Computed?

The following elements comprise the petrol’s retail selling price:

  • Taxes: In Telangana, how much is the current tax rate on petrol? The local authority may change the tax it levies on petrol. Gujarat and Maharashtra recently lowered their state VAT. As of June 2021 , Telangana imposed a ₹26.45 tax on a litre petrol. As of the same date, the central excise duty amounted to ₹32.30 per litre.

  • Crude oil prices: Crude oil is purchased under contract from overseas oil marketing firms. 

  • Refinery transfer price (RTP): Oil marketing businesses are responsible for paying the refinery transfer price. Petrol is produced by paying to transform crude oil.

  • Entry taxes, operations costs, marketing costs, and freight fees are among the prices that oil marketing organisations have to pay.

  • As a result, the final price of petrol that end users pay incorporates all of the aforementioned factors. The retail selling price of petrol additionally includes the dealer's commission and the pollution cess.

What is the Impact of GST on Petrol Rates in Telangana?

Currently, fuel and petroleum products are exempted from the ambit of GST. Thus, the petrol price in Telangana is not affected by the GST.  If GST is implemented, industry players' compliance costs will rise but the petrol rate in Telangana could drop by 35–40%. While there is an exemption of GST on petrol, the state’s impose Sales Tax and Value Added Tax on petrol while the central government imposes an excise tax on petrol.

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FAQs on Petrol Price in Telangana

What is the petrol price in Telangana?

The petrol price in Telangana today (September 30, 2021) is ₹105.71.

Who decides the petrol price in Telangana?

The petrol rate in Telangana is revised daily based on a number of factors. The primary factors influencing Telangana petrol price are the global crude oil rate and the value of the Indian Rupee against the US dollar. Next, we need to consider the OMC charges for import, freight, refinery, and operations. Dealer commissions are also added to the petrol price. Lastly, the final crucial factors that influence the Telangana petrol price are the central excise duty and state-levied VAT.

Where can I know the latest Telangana petrol prices?

In line with the dynamic fuel pricing system, the petrol prices are revised daily at 06 AM IST. You can know today’s petrol price in Telangana by checking the apps of oil marketing companies. The updated prices are also displayed daily at Telangana petrol pumps from 06 AM onwards. 

Did Telangana reduce its petrol price?

No, petrol rate in Telangana has not been reduced.

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