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When it comes to managing risks, it is advisable to diversify your portfolio by investing in precious metals. Just like gold, silver is considered a great investment to beat inflation and wealth erosion.


However, before you decide to invest in silver, you must be aware of the prevailing silver rate in Andhra Pradesh. Knowing the silver rate today in Andhra Pradesh will help you determine the volume of this white metal you can purchase with a given sum of money.


So, read on to know more about today’s silver rate in Andhra Pradesh and what are the factors that influence this price.

Silver Price Per Gram in Andhra Pradesh

Before buying silver for investment purposes, you will need to decide the volume that you would like to purchase. The volume of this white metal will determine the price that you will need to pay for it.


To that end, the following table presents silver prices today in Andhra Pradesh:


Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh 

1 Gram Silver Price in Andhra Pradesh


10 Grams


100 Grams


1 Kg


Disclaimer: The rates are as of May 2023 and are subject to change. 

Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh for the Last 10 Days

Silver is a precious metal and a great investment option if you wish to protect your wealth in economic turmoil. However, you must remember that the silver price in Andhra Pradesh fluctuates on a daily basis.


To get a clear idea of how Andhra Pradesh’s silver rate may change in the near future, you can check the latest trend in prices. Here is a table presenting the silver cost in Andhra Pradesh in the last 10 days.


10-Gram Silver Price in Andhra Pradesh

100-Gram Silver Price in Andhra Pradesh

1 Kg Silver Price in Andhra Pradesh

Change in Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh Per Kg

May 25, 2023




- ₹1,000

May 24, 2023




- ₹500

May 23, 2023




- ₹600

May 22, 2023




- ₹400

May 21, 2023





May 20, 2023




+ ₹100

May 19, 2023




- ₹100

May 18, 2023




- ₹100

May 17, 2023




- ₹600

May 16, 2023




+ ₹300

Disclaimer: The rates are as of May 2023 and are subject to change. 

Factors Impacting Silver Rates in Andhra Pradesh

As mentioned above, silver rates in Andhra Pradesh fluctuate on a daily basis. There are many factors that influence the rate of silver in Andhra Pradesh. While some are fairly simple, like the demand of silver in the market and its purity, others are complex. 


For instance, macroeconomic trends such as US Dollar shifts or trade policies are all factors that affect the rate. This can be overwhelming for novice investors, but by learning about these factors, you can make better decisions. Read on for a brief overview.  

  • Purity

The purity of silver is one of the most important factors that impact the price of silver you purchase. The price of the finest grade of silver with a higher level of purity will be higher when compared to any lower grade of silver.


So, if you are looking to invest in silver and maximise your returns, 99% pure silver is your best bet. This silver is likely to appreciate in tandem with other precious metals, and will certainly outperform other silver purities.  

  • Demand and Supply

If the demand for silver goes up, the prices will also climb upward if the supply does not match the pace of demand. Alternatively, the prices may fall if the volume of demand for the metal drops. On the other hand, any disruption in the supply chain may also cause silver prices in Andhra Pradesh today to rise and vice versa.


An easy way to gauge this factor is to note any technological advancements or policy shifts that may drive up the demand for silver. If any such changes occur, you can expect demand to rise sharply, and buying silver before this jump occurs is a good way to make quick profits. 

  • Inflation

Investors tend to park their money in hard assets like silver and gold to protect their wealth against high inflation and economic turmoil. As the demand for silver increases in such scenarios, today’s silver price in Andhra Pradesh will increase. On the other hand, if the inflation rates are low, silver prices may also drop as investors will find other investment avenues more attractive.

  • Political and Economic Trends

The local and global political as well as economic events also impact silver prices. In general, economic and political stability leads to a decline in silver rates. This is because stability leads people to choose riskier investment avenues, or those with stable interest earnings. So, the demand for silver decreases.  


The silver rates in Andhra Pradesh may rise if there would be political and economic uncertainty. In such instances, investors look to safeguard their wealth against inflation and precious metals are ideal for such goals. This is because the metals retain their purchasing power, even during inflation. 

  • Central Bank Policies

The monetary policy of the Central Bank indirectly impacts silver prices. So, whenever the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) amends its monetary policy, the silver prices fluctuate accordingly. In addition, RBI also maintains a silver bullion and if it decides to buy or sell silver in large quantities, it will influence silver price today in Andhra Pradesh.


So, keep track of such large-scale moves made by the central bank or the Indian government, and act accordingly. While reacting will help you gain some earnings, it helps to stay informed so that you can act in advance and truly reap the rewards.  

  • Interest Rates

If the interest rates are higher, people tend to invest in other investment avenues than hard assets like silver. This affects the demand for silver and eventually results in the fall of silver prices.


However, today’s silver rate in Andhra Pradesh may decline if the interest rate falls and the demand for silver increases.

  • Gold Prices

Historically, silver prices have always followed the trajectory set by gold prices. So, if the gold prices rise, the silver prices will also increase. On the other hand, if the rates of the former tank, the silver rate in Andhra Pradesh will decrease. 


This trend is quite easy to spot, and can help you get started if you are a novice investor. Silver is cheaper than gold, and can help you develop the habit of investing in such commodities. 

  • Industrial Demand 

Due to its high conductivity and malleability, silver has become an important component of manufacturing in modern industries. It is being predominantly used in different sectors like automobiles, computers, batteries, etc. 


Almost 56% of the total supply of silver is used for industrial purposes. This demand from various industries for the white metal has been responsible for pushing its price higher. 

  • Taxation

When you buy silver in any form, you will have to pay a portion of the silver rate in Andhra Pradesh as taxation. In the previous indirect tax regime, the state governments charged 1% of value-added tax (VAT) over 1% excise duty levied by the Centre on purchase of silver. With the introduction of the GST regime in 2017, silver is taxed at 3% Goods and Services Tax (GST).


In conclusion, if you wish to invest in silver, you must be aware of the prevailing silver price in Andhra Pradesh. Remember that silver prices fluctuate every day and hence, you must also check the latest trends in silver prices before buying it.


The key to earning higher returns lies in understanding the factors that influence silver prices. You can analyse the possibilities that the future of political and economic trends holds to earn high returns on your investment as well.

FAQs on Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh

You can buy silver coins ranging from 0.5 grams to 10 grams and silver bars weighing between 20 grams to 1 Kg.

Yes, you can buy digital silver online in Andhra Pradesh from the National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL).

Yes, you will have to pay a part of the silver price in Andhra Pradesh as 3% GST. 


No, there are no restrictions on the sale or purchase of silver in Andhra Pradesh.


The silver price in Andhra Pradesh is determined based on various factors. These include geopolitical and economic trends, taxation, central bank policies, etc.

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