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To get high returns from your investment portfolio, you must diversify it to protect against all possible economic troubles. This includes having a good mix of high-risk, medium-risk and low-risk assets.


While investing in mutual funds and stocks can give you high returns, investing in silver can assure you of safety during downturns. In fact, the silver rate in Trichy points to an opportunity to diversify, set up a hedge against inflation and retain wealth. 


Read on to learn more about investing in silver, the silver rate today in Trichy, and the factors affecting it.

Silver Price Per Gram in Trichy

Given below is an overview of the silver rate in Trichy for different quantities.

Quantity of silver (in grams)

Trichy Silver Rate


₹ 78.60


₹ 786


₹ 7,860

1000 (1 kg)

₹ 78,600

Disclaimer: The above is the silver rate in Trichy as of May 22, 2023 and is subject to change.

Silver Rate in Trichy for the Last 10 Days

Given below is an overview of the silver rate in Trichy for the last ten days.


1 Gram Silver Price in Trichy

10 Gram Silver Price in Trichy

100 Gram Silver Price in Trichy

1000 Grams (1kg) Silver Price in Trichy


₹ 78.60

₹ 786

₹ 7,860

₹ 78,600


₹ 79

₹ 790

₹ 7,900

₹ 79,000


₹ 79

₹ 790

₹ 7,900

₹ 79,000


₹ 78

₹ 780

₹ 7,800

₹ 78,000


₹ 78.10

₹ 781

₹ 7,810

₹ 78,100


₹ 78.20

₹ 782

₹ 7,820

₹ 78,200


₹ 78.80

₹ 788

₹ 7,880

₹ 78,800


₹ 78.50

₹ 785

₹ 7,850

₹ 78,500


₹ 78.50

₹ 785

₹ 7,850

₹ 78,500


₹ 78.50

₹ 785

₹ 7,850

₹ 78,500

Disclaimer: The above prices are as of May 2023.  

Factors Impacting Silver Rates in Trichy

Today the silver rate in Trichy may tempt you to invest in silver right away. But good investors do not make impulsive decisions that could lead to a loss. Instead, they know everything there is to know about an investment, like price trends and the factors affecting an asset.

  • Strength of the US Dollar

Most international deals are done using the US dollar as a medium of exchange. So, it’s no surprise that the performance of the USD can affect the silver rate today in Trichy. So, if the dollar performs well internationally, it puts upward pressure on the silver rate in Trichy. 


This is also the time when investors start selling silver to average out their investments and earn returns. Consequently, if the dollar is down or underperforming, the Trichy silver rate will fall as well. During this time, investors prefer investing in silver more, as these ups and downs are cyclical.


The dollar can underperform for a number of reasons, like dwindling economic growth in the US, international tensions, wars, and strained international relationships. In other words, an international incident can affect the silver rate in Trichy.

  • Rising Crude Oil Prices

Silver is found in the earth and is a finite, non-renewable resource. This means, similar to other finite resources, it has to be extracted from the earth, refined, purified, and then packaged to be sold in the market.


All these industrial processes require crude oil. Now, crude oil is an internationally traded commodity that is sensitive to international matters, and its price keeps fluctuating. Not to forget the fact that crude oil itself is a non-renewable resource and is finite, leading to increased prices. 


So, an increase in crude oil prices increases the overall industrial cost of silver extraction. If the crude oil price increases by $100 today, then the silver rate in Trichy will also increase. The opposite also holds true. If crude oil prices drop, so will the cost of silver extraction, and thereby the silver rate today in Trichy.

  • Changes in Technological Applications

Precious metals like gold and silver have various technological applications because of their properties. For instance, silver is an excellent conductor and is very sensitive to light. Therefore, it was used in camera rolls earlier, increasing its demand in the industry. 


An increase in demand meant an increase in the Trichy silver rate as well. However, with the influx of digital cameras, the demand for camera rolls dropped, decreasing their demand and, therefore, their prices.


Today, silver is in high demand to be used in photovoltaic cells used in solar panels. As a booming industry, they have a high demand for silver, shrinking its availability in the free market. This had led to an increase in silver's value.


These changes keep happening as technology advances, moving us away from using non-renewable resources. Therefore, you should keep an eye on technological trends to time the market right and predict the Trichy silver rate trend.

  • Investment Trends 

During strong economic conditions in the country, investors prefer investing in market-linked investment instruments over safe investment options like gold or silver. This drops the demand for silver, dropping the silver rate in Trichy and elsewhere. So, if the silver rate today in Trichy is high, in a booming economy, it may fall due to low demand.


However, at the earliest signs of an economic crisis, these trends shift immediately. Investors gravitate towards safer investment options that protect and diversify their portfolios. This increases the demand for silver, pumping up its prices.


An investing tip to remember is to invest in silver when the demand and price are low. So, if today the silver rate in Trichy is low, invest as much as you can as per your financial goals. This will ensure that when the silver rate in Trichy is high tomorrow, you can sell if you wish and gain higher returns on your investment.

  • Economic Conditions of the Country

During economic turmoil, the cost of living, poverty, and inflation are on the rise. People lose their purchasing power and cut back on expenses like luxury goods and jewellery. As inflation devalues paper currency, reducing purchasing power, people turn to evergreen and safer investment options like gold and silver. 


Despite the loss in demand, precious metals are barely affected by market volatility. Their value remains high, and increasing demand only adds to the value. So, if the silver rate today in Trichy is low, and you invest in a timely manner, then during an economic crisis, the value of your silver can double or even triple. 


However, knowing when to sell is important. So, again, understand all the factors affecting the silver rate in Trichy before making any investment decisions.

  • Import Duties and State Taxes

Silver is imported to India and is subject to a number of taxes, ranging from excise to import duties. So, if there’s an increase in these taxes, the silver rate today in Trichy will also rise. Furthermore, while central taxes across the nation are uniform, individual states have their own tax policies. 


These tax policies are influenced by the cost of transportation and distribution of silver. Any changes in state tax policies will directly affect the silver rate in Trichy.

  • Wars and International Tensions

There are no winners in wars. A war between two countries can affect the entire world. During wars, countries either join the effort or remain neutral; either way, it affects international trade.


For instance, if trade sanctions are placed on a country that exports silver to India, then the silver supply in the country is hit, affecting the silver rate in Trichy.  


Knowing and tracking these factors is the only way to understand the silver price trends. This information can help you make informed decisions, and you should only invest after doing your due diligence.

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FAQs about the Silver Rate in Trichy

What is the future silver rate forecast in Trichy?

The silver rate in Trichy fluctuates on a daily basis. To forecast the exact trend of the silver rate today in Trichy, you have to keep an eye on a number of factors like supply and demand, the US dollar's standing, economic conditions, and more.

How is the silver price determined in Trichy?

There is no standard formula to determine the silver rate in Trichy. It depends on several factors like import duties, trade deficits, and the gold rate. So, if you are looking to invest in silver, the best you can do is keep an eye on the silver rate today in Trichy. Consider all the possible factors affecting it, and see if it aligns with your financial goals.

How to invest in silver in Trichy?

Depending on your financial goals and expectations, you can invest in silver coins, bars, jewellery, and silverware. Remember to buy these from a well-known and trusted jeweller or retailer to get the best silver rate in Trichy and the right purity.

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