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HDFC Bank Credit Card Benefits and Features

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HDFC Bank is India’s largest private sector bank by assets and the largest bank in India by market capitalization. With a wide network of over 15,292 ATMs and 5500 branches spread across 2848 cities, HDFC bank has issued over 1.5 crore credit cards as of 2020. This makes HDFC the largest issuer of credit cards in India. More Indians trust HDFC credit cards than any other card as HDFC credit cards offer a host of features and benefits that blend ease of use with great value for money. Read on to find out more about the various benefits of HDFC Bank credit cards.


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Key Features and Benefits of HDFC Credit Cards

1. Great System of Rewards -  Every time you use your HDFC credit card for transactions, you earn reward points that can be redeemed for great offers leading to major savings.


2. Interest-free Credit -  A great HDFC Bank credit card benefit is that it offers a grace period between a transaction and the repayment date during which no interest is charged by the bank.


3. Complementary Insurance – Another great HDFC card benefit is that you become entitled to accidental death cover as well as burglary and fire cover on certain items that you purchase using your HDFC credit card, as long as certain minimum spending requirements are fulfilled.


4. Great Travel Benefits – With an HDFC credit card, you get a range of travel benefits such as lounge access, baggage allowance, complimentary flight tickets, extra air miles, and much more, making HDFC credit cards especially attractive to frequent travelers.


5. Improve Your Credit Score – Another HDFC Bank credit card benefit is that every time you use your HDFC credit card for a transaction and make your payments on time, your CIBIL score improves. This makes you eligible for cheaper and faster loans besides a host of other offers that banks offer only to customers with a great credit history.


6. Convenience: Credit cards allow you to pay with just a swipe or a tap at a PoS machine. Credit cards can also be linked to a digital wallet so that you can easily scan and pay without having to use cash or even carry your wallet.


7. Recurring payments made easy: You can use your credit card to pay for recurring payments such as newspaper, magazine or OTT subscriptions, as well as the payment of utility bills such as electricity, phone, water or gas. This allows you to pay for these recurring bills seamlessly without failing, while also protecting you from any penalties or disconnection problems.


8. Tickets and recharge: You can use your credit card to pay for a very wide range of services online such as train, bus, flight, or even movie tickets. It can also be used to recharge your mobile phone, DTH or any other telecom services.


9. Discounts and cashbacks: Most credit cards offer a range of cashbacks and reward points on online shopping as well as offline merchants. This allows you to save money if you are an avid shopper.


10. Expense tracking: By using your credit card to make recurring payments and shopping, you can keep track of all your expenses in one place. You can easily check for the areas of maximum and minimum expenditure through your detailed credit card statements.


11. Safety: Credit cards offer a greater level of safety compared to cash. They are easier to carry, you need not worry about losing them as you can get them blocked in case of misplacement or theft. Moreover, most credit cards come with complimentary insurance, so that they are replaced in the event that you misplace them.

Top 5 HDFC Card Benefits

HDFC Regalia Credit Card

HDFC Regalia is a premium credit card that is best suited for frequent travelers. Its salient features are:


  • A great rewards programme that allows you to save up to 70% on flight bookings by redeeming your reward points.

  • Great savings on spending using foreign currency with a low markup. This feature allows great savings for people who need to do a lot of spending in foreign countries.

  • Travel concierge services that allow for convenient booking of hotels and airline tickets.

HDFC Infinia Card

  • Minimum credit limit of Rs. 10 Lakhs and no pre-set spending limit.

  • Exclusive lifestyle privileges such as access to golf clubs, complementary golf lessons, and great discounts at restaurants at select golf clubs.

  • Great dining privileges’ that allow you to save at least 15% at a network of over 3000 restaurants.

HDFC Diners Club Black Card

  • Complementary annual membership of Club Marriott, Zomato Gold that provides exclusive dining and accommodation privileges to members.

  • Monthly vouchers from Ola, Tata Cliq, and Bookmyshow with spending above Rs. 80,000.

  • Earn 5 reward points for every expenditure worth Rs. 150.

HDFC Moneyback Card

  • Get maximum cashback as compared to other cards. Every 100 reward points are worth Rs. 30.

  • Get a fuel surcharge waiver of up to 1% on a fuel bill of over Rs. 400.

  • Enjoy interest-free credit with a grace period of up to 50 days between purchase and payment during which no interest is charged by the bank.

HDFC Titanium Edge Credit Card

  • Great offers on movies, dining, and other lifestyle activities.

  • Earn 2 reward points for every purchase worth Rs. 150.

  • Safe and secure transactions with chip-enabled cards.

Best Credit Cards Based on Top Categories

Other than the top five types of HDFC credit cards mentioned above, here are some of the best HDFC credit cards in top categories. Continue reading to learn more: 

HDFC Bank Regalia First Card:

The HDFC Bank Regalia First Card comes with a number of exclusive lifestyle and travel benefits. As far as the fees and charges go, this card commands a joining fee of ₹1,000. From the second year onwards, the renewal fee is ₹1,000, which can be waived off if your total spends over the last year are over ₹3 Lakhs. In fact, at the time of joining, you can enjoy 1,000 reward points after paying the joining fee.


The features of the HDFC Bank Regalia First card include:


  • Free Priority Pass membership with access to more than 700 airport lounges.

  • A 15% discount on your bill at select premium restaurants across India

  • If you spend ₹6 Lakhs within a year, you can enjoy 7,500 rewards points

  • On international expenses, a foreign currency mark up fee of 2%

  • Complementary domestic lounge access 8 times in a calendar year

  • Free insurance cover in case of accidental air death or hospitalisation

The rewards points can be redeemed for free air tickets. This credit card is best suited for those who travel internationally very often.

HDFC Freedom Credit Card

Regarded as one of the best reward credit cards, the HDFC Freedom credit card comes with a joining fee of only ₹500. The renewal fee in the following year is only ₹500, but it is waived off if you have exceeded ₹60,000 in spends. When you pay the joining fee, you can enjoy 500 rewards points.


This credit card comes with a range of benefits and features:


  •  When you spend on HDFC PayZapp or SmartBUY, you get 10 times more reward points

  • You can enjoy one reward point each time you spend ₹150 or more

  • Annual spend of ₹90,000 or more attract a gift voucher of ₹1,000

  • Entertainment, cab hailing, railway ticket booking and grocery expenses come with 5 times more reward points

  • Birthday spends are rewarded with 25 times more reward points

  • Free insurance against accidents up to ₹50 Lakhs

Reward points earned on this card can be redeemed for gifts from the rewards catalogue and cash back. It is a great card for meeting all daily expenses.

HDFC Bank Diners ClubMiles Card

The HDFC Bank Diners ClubMiles credit card offers HDFC credit card holders the best of the Miles Exchange Program which provides offers across a range of airlines like Singapore Airlines, Vistara. British Airways and Trident.

This card comes at a joining fee of ₹1,000. The renewal fee is ₹1,000, which can be waived off if you spend ₹1 Lakh or more in the first year. You can also claim a joining bonus of 1,000 reward points. 


Here are some of the features and benefits of this HDFC credit card:


  • Six free lounge visits at more than 700 airport lounges across the world

  • Travel needs assisted by a concierge 

  • Air insurance cover of up to ₹1.5 Crore

  • A discount of 15% at premium restaurants across the country

  • Exclusive access to airport lounges at leading airport lounges across the world

  • Air tickets and hotel rooms can be booked across the world through the Diners Club website.

Customers can redeem reward points to buy flight tickets or book hotels through Diners Club. These can also be exchanged for miles on global and domestic airlines and hotels. This credit card is great for customers who tend to travel a lot internationally. 

HDFC Bank Platinum Times Card

The HDFC Bank Platinum Times Card is a low cost but high value credit card with a number of benefits on offer across lifestyle products and services. The joining fee is ₹1,000, with a renewal fee of ₹1,000 as well. You can enjoy shopping, clothing or dining gift vouchers as a joining bonus.


Here are the features and benefits of this HDFC credit card:


  • Waivers of fuel surcharge

  • 25% off on movie tickets 

  • 20% off on dining bills

  • Accidental death insurance of ₹50 Lakhs

Reward points earned can be redeemed for exclusive gifts from the rewards catalogue. Those who go to a lot of movies or dine out often must consider this credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions about HDFC Bank Credit Card Benefits & Features

  • ✔️What are the features of an HDFC credit card?

    There are a range of HDFC Bank credit card features such as reward points, cashback, security of transaction, exclusive deals, etc.

  • ✔️What is the benefit of using an HDFC credit card?

    Benefits of HDFC Bank credit card include a grace period of up to 50 days between purchase and payment, great savings through cashback and rewards, exclusive deals at restaurants, frequent flier benefits, and more.

  • ✔️Which is the best type of credit card offered by HDFC?

    HDFC Bank has a number of credit cards on offer across various categories. Depending on your needs, whether you travel frequently, spend a lot on daily essentials, or go out for movies or to restaurants, the bank has a credit card designed just for your needs.

  • ✔️How can I apply for an HDFC credit card offline?

    You can easily apply for a HDFC credit card offline. All you need to do is visit your nearest HDFC bank branch and get in touch with a bank executive. They will inform you about the application process and give you a form to fill. You can submit the form along with the required documents.

  • ✔️How can I increase the limit on my HDFC credit card?

    If you have been using your HDFC credit card regularly and making timely payments, HDFC Bank can offer you a higher credit limit. Else, you can request the bank for an increased credit limit by getting in touch with their customer care representative.

  • ✔️What are different types of credit cards offered by HDFC Bank?

    HDFC Bank offers a range of credit cards based on the needs of various customer groups. You can choose from among their Regalia, Infinia, Diners Club, Moneyback, Titanium Edge, Freedom and Platinum credit cards.