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Losing your credit card or having it stolen can be quite stressful. However, there’s a simple solution to avoid any fraudulent activity. All you have to do is block your credit card. Blocking your lost or stolen credit card is quite simple and can be done both online and offline. Keep reading to know how you can go about doing it.

Online methods to Block ICICI Credit Card

Try these online methods to block your ICICI Credit Card:

1. Internet Banking

Follow these steps to get started: 

  • Visit https://www.icicibank.com/ and go to ‘login’

  • Enter your user ID and password and click the ‘login’ button

  • Now that you’re on the main page, select the ‘credit card’ tab

  • You will be taken to a new page where you have the option to block credit card ICICI Bank

  • The moment you raise your request, your credit card will be promptly blocked

  • You can then apply for a new replacement card via net banking as well

2. Mobile Banking

The following steps can be completed on smartphone:

  • Download the ICICI Mobile Banking application and log in to your bank account

  • Select the ‘services’ button

  • You will now see a new page on which you will click the ‘card services’ button

  • Now, select the ‘block credit card’ option

  • A new page will open where you must select the type of credit card you own along with your credit card number

  • You will also have to provide a reason explaining why you seek to block your credit card

  • After this, press the ‘submit’ button such that your credit card is blocked immediately

3. WhatsApp Banking

You can get your credit card blocked using Whatsapp as well.

  • Save the number 8640086400 and send a “Hi” message on WhatsApp from your registered mobile number

  • You will soon receive a Welcome message

  • You can then reply by typing “Block”

  • You will be asked to enter the Credit Card number

  • When you enter the Card number, the card will be blocked soon

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Offline methods to block ICICI Credit Card

If you are not very comfortable blocking your Credit Card online, you can follow the offline methods as well:

1. Visit a nearby Bank Branch

Follow the steps given below:

  • Visit an ICICI Bank branch closest to you

  • Get in touch with a bank executive and put in a request to block credit card

  • You will soon receive a confirmation

  • Once the card is successfully blocked, you can put in a request for a new credit card

2. Call the Customer Care

You also have the option to dial the ICICI credit card toll free number.

  • Call on 1860 120 7777

  • Speak to an ICICI bank customer care executive and request for blocking the credit card

  • The customer care executive will first verify who they are speaking with

  • Once you verify your identity your card will be blocked

  • You can then put in a request for a replacement card

Getting a Replacement ICICI Bank Credit Card

You can apply for a replacement ICICI Bank credit card after you block the card you misplaced in the following ways:

  • Calling customer care

  • ICICI Net Banking

  • Using the iMobile App

  • Visiting the nearest ICICI Bank branch

Things to Keep in Mind Before Blocking your ICICI Credit Card

Before blocking your ICICI Bank credit card, it is important to consider the following.

  • Ensure you have cleared any outstanding balances on your ICICI Bank credit card.

  • Consider redeeming the credit card reward points you have accumulated before blocking your credit card.

  • Try to ensure that you don’t use your credit card right before initiating the blocking process.

  • See whether there have been any fraudulent transactions on your credit card before blocking it.

  • If you have any active equated monthly installments or EMIs on your credit card, settle them before blocking your card.

Frequently Asked Questions about ICICI Credit Card Block

You can block your ICICI credit card by phone by calling the customer care number, verifying your identity, and by then asking the customer care executive to block your credit card. The customer care number is 1860 120 7777

You can close or block your ICICI Bank credit card immediately in the following ways.

  • Sending an SMS via your registered mobile number

  • Calling customer care

  • Net Banking

  • Using the iMobile App

  • Visiting the nearest ICICI Bank branch

  • Can ICICI Credit Card be blocked temporarily?

Yes, you can choose to block your ICICI Bank credit card for a temporary amount of time.

You can permanently close your ICICI Bank credit card by making use of the many platforms mentioned below.


  • Sending an SMS via your registered mobile number

  • Calling customer care

  • Net Banking

  • Using the iMobile App

  • Visiting the nearest ICICI Bank branch

You can block your ICICI credit card by sending an SMS with the text BLOCK (followed by a space) and the last four digits of your credit card to 92156 76766.

If you have got your card temporarily, you can reactivate it, through online and offline methods. However, in case of a permanently blocked card, you will have to put in a request for a replacement card.

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