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IDFC First Bank Credit Card Statement

Using a credit card has become commonplace today with more and more people opting for it in order to purchase their favourite equipment or electronic appliances. However, considering the ease of making purchases through a credit card, it can often become difficult to keep track of expenditures and curtail payments. 

How to Get IDFC First Bank Credit Card Statement

The IDFC FIRST Bank credit card has emerged as a popular option with Indian consumers, owing to the IDFC credit card statement provided by the bank. The IDFC FIRST Bank credit card statement enables customers to view their expenses in detail, and even highlight any fraudulent transactions, if they have occurred.


As a customer, your IDFC credit card statement download is easy and hassle-free. You can check the IDFC credit card statement date and keep track of your expenses over a period of time as well. This will enable you to easily identify whether your expenditure patterns have changed.

What are the Benefits of IDFC Credit Card Statement?

The IDFC Bank credit card statement offers several benefits to customers. Read on below to learn more about the benefits you can avail.

  • You are not required to pay any fee in order to generate your IDFC FIRST credit card statement.

  • Regardless of whether you choose to get an IDFC credit card online statement or an offline one, you can easily get it without having to undergo a rigorous process.

  • The IDFC credit card statement also lets you keep an eye out for exciting offers that could prove useful to you.

  • You can access your IDFC credit card online statement at any time at all regardless of where you are.

Understanding your IDFC Credit Card Statement Better

Your IDFC credit card statement is easy enough to understand, as long as you know what you need to be looking out for. There are 4 major parts of the IDFC FIRST Bank credit card statement, which you should ideally check first as soon as you download IDFC credit card statement. Read on to learn more about these 4 parts.

1. Card Statement:

This offers an overview of your credit card statement, with the most important details marked out for you. These details include your credit card limit, available limit for credit, your total dues, minimum amount due, and the due date for making these payments.

2. Past Dues:

This section of the IDFC FIRST Bank credit card statement offers you details such as the total amount you are required to pay and the minimum amount you need to pay in order to keep your credit card active and functional. You can also look back through this statement and find previous credit card dues you have paid off.

3. Summary of Reward Points:

This section pertaining to the reward points offered by usage of your credit card is scanned most keenly by customers. From this section, you can learn about the credit card reward points you have earned through your purchases along with opening and closing statements and the points that have been disbursed and adjusted.

4. Summary of the Account:

The account summary section of the IDFC FIRST credit card statement includes the opening and closing balance of your credit card account. Additionally, it enables you to easily view details of the payments you have made since the last billing cycle, the financial charges levied on use of the card, the total dues you are required to pay, the date on which the transaction was made, and a description of the transaction being made.

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Terms used in IDFC Bank Credit Card Statement

There are several terms used commonly across credit card statements. However, if this is the first time you are using a credit card, you are likely to be confused when you come across them in the IDFC FIRST bank credit card statement. Read on to learn about the banking terms used in the IDFC Credit Card statement so that you are able to assess your statement in a more informed manner.

  • Billing cycle:

A billing cycle refers to the amount of time for which your credit card statement has been calculated. It will be reflective of how frequently you are expected to make repayments on the credit card usage, among other details. Make sure that your billing cycle allows you an adequate amount of time to be able to repay the amount you have spent through the card.

  • Minimum Payment:

The minimum payment refers to the least amount you are required to pay in order to continue using your credit card. The minimum payment is only a slight portion of the total amount you have spent through your credit card and are required to repay. Your credit card statement will mention the minimum amount that you need to pay within a certain date in order to keep using the card.

  • Payment for Late Fee:

It is important to pay your credit card bills on time since you may end up attracting a penalty for late fees. Check your statement thoroughly to know the fine or fee you will be required to pay if you do not make the payment for your credit card within the stipulated time.

  • Credit Limit:

Your credit limit, as demonstrated on your IDFC Bank credit card statement, indicates the amount of credit available to you to make purchases through your credit card. It can also be referred to as the line of credit available to you or the maximum spending limit. These limits ensure that your spending is restricted and you are forced to make informed decisions before you make a purchase. While the credit limit keeps your expenditure low, it is also possible to increase your credit limit by taking certain measures.

  • Annual Fee:

Credit card holders are usually charged an annual fee for usage of the credit card from the bank. It is important to know this annual fee before you opt for the card because it will help you determine your basic expenditure on using and maintaining the card.

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How to Check IDFC Credit Card Statement Online?

It is extremely easy to download IDFC credit card statements from the bank’s website. You would be requested to share your customer details and your card details, and will be able to access the IDFC credit card online statement. Additionally, it is important to note that your credit card statement will also be emailed to you, if you reach out to the bank and opt for the service. Alternatively, you can download the credit card app for IDFC Bank and keep an eye on your statements at all times.

How to Check IDFC Credit Card Statement Offline?

The IDFC credit card statement is easily available offline. You can ask the bank to send the statement to your registered home address through post or you can even head to the nearest branch to check your statement. In case the hard copies of your statement are not being sent to your residence, you can visit the nearest branch and file a request for the same.

How to Switch to IDFC Credit Card e-Statement?

If you are currently receiving the credit card statements in a physical form to your home address, you can easily switch to a credit card e-statement by communicating with a bank representative.

How to Correct Any Mistakes in the IDFC Bank Credit Card Statement

In case you encounter any errors in your IDFC FIRST Bank credit card statement, it is essential that you immediately bring it to the notice of bank officials. Read on to learn about the steps you can take to correct any mistakes in your IDFC bank credit card statement.

  • Contact the merchant that the payment has been made for and rectify the amount they quoted.

  • You can also report the fraudulent transaction to the creditor’s department and ask them to investigate the matter.

  • It is essential that you report this to the concerned department within 60 days of receiving the statement. 


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FAQs Related to IDFC Bank Credit Card Statement

How to check IDFC Credit Card Statement?

You can check your IDFC credit card statement both online and offline. You can check it from the website or even the mobile phone app by simply entering the required customer and card details. 

How do I download my IDFC Credit Card Statement?

Once you have downloaded the IDFC bank mobile app, and logged in, you need to navigate to the ‘Cards’ option in the top menu, then opt for ‘Credit Card’ from among the options listed. You will see an option for ‘Download Statement’, which you can use to access your credit card statement at once. 

What is listed in the IDFC Credit Card Statement?

Your IDFC credit card statement includes details of the due date of your payment, the total amount that is due on your credit card, and the minimum amount due which you are required to pay in order to continue using your card.

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