Indian Bank Credit Card Payment

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Guide for Indian Bank Credit Card Payment

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Indian Bank is a prominent national bank. It offers credit cards, among several other banking products, for retail customers. Credit cards have become an integral part of daily lives to pay for expensive items like large appliances as well as regular requirements like online groceries and utility payments. To avoid affecting your credit score negatively and incurring late penalties and other charges, you must ensure timely payment of your Indian Bank credit card bill. These days, Credit card payment can be made conveniently through a variety of channels, as we shall discuss in the upcoming sections.

Indian Bank Credit Card Payment Modes

Indian Bank offers its customers the convenience to pay Indian Bank credit card bills in multiple ways. This is also applicable to erstwhile Allahabad Bank customers since both the banks have merged into one entity. Broadly these can be classified as online and offline modes. Let us understand each of them better.

Indian Bank Credit Card Payment - Online Methods

If you wish to pay an Indian Bank credit card bill online, then you use one of the below mentioned several options.

Let us take a brief look at each of them.

1. Net banking / Mobile Banking

This is a very convenient option for online payment of Indian Bank credit card outstanding dues. It is applicable for existing account holders who can login to the credit card netbanking portal of the Indian Bank mobile banking app. By visiting the ‘Credit Card’ option, you can instantly pay the minimum amount due or the entire sum.

2. Account Auto Debit

This is an even more convenient option for account holders. Here you need to do a one-time activity known as ‘Indian Bank Credit Card Online Payment Registration’. Once this registration is done, your account will be automatically debited on the bill due date each month. It is, however, important to ensure that sufficient funds are maintained in your account for the payment to go through.


We are clubbing these three together since the underlying principle is the same. This facility can be used by non-account holders as well. After logging into your netbanking account, you will need to add a beneficiary by entering the Indian Bank credit card payment IFSC code and account number. This, too, is a one-time activity. Once the beneficiary is added, you can manually enter the sum to be paid each time and choose one of the three online payment options.

4. Digital Wallets and UPI

Lately, wallet app platforms have become tremendously popular due to the ease of convenience of using them. The process typically involves entering your name, card number and expiry date. Verify your Indian Bank credit card payment details once it shows up on the screen and proceed to make the payment.

Indian Bank Credit Card Payment - Offline Methods

Online payment is safe, swift and convenient. However, the standard offline modes of Indian Bank credit card payment are still in place for those who prefer using them. These are mainly through the means of cash, cheque or demand draft. In either of these cases, you will either need to visit the Indian Bank branch or an ATM, which has the facility of cheque / DD drop off. To locate the branch or ATM closest to you, click on this link and search using your city name or PIN code:

Always ensure to receive a physical acknowledgement slip as documentary evidence in case any grievance or dispute needs to be raised later on. In the case of online channels, this is received instantly via sms or email.

Processing Time for Indian Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

As one can expect, online payments are mostly instantaneous, except in cases of large amounts via NEFT or RTGS channels which need to be initiated during certain time frames. But all other modes get processed in a very short duration. However, when it comes to offline modes, then you need to allocate additional time for the payment to be received by the credit card team. This is a big reason why you are encouraged not to wait till the last day before making your Indian Bank Credit Card bill payment. This table captures the typical processing time for the different modes of payment.

Indian Bank Credit Card Payment Mode

Standard Processing Time

Net Banking / Mobile Banking


Auto Debit


Digital Wallet and UPI



Up to 2 working days


3-4 working days

Demand Draft

3-4 working days

FAQs on Indian Bank Credit Card Payment

  • ✔️How can I pay my Indian Bank credit card bill?

    Your Indian Bank credit card bill payment can be made through a multitude of online and offline modes, which have been described in the earlier sections.

  • ✔️How can I make Indian Bank credit card payment through billdesk?

    Another way of making an Indian Bank credit card payment, online, is via billdesk. Billdesk acts as the payment gateway for processing payment related transactions initiated via your net banking or mobile banking accounts. Always verify your Indian Bank credit card payment details first before authorizing the amount for payment from billdesk or any other interface.

  • ✔️Can I pay my Indian Bank Credit Card bill through a debit card?

    Yes, your debit card can be used to make direct payments or via a digital wallet or UPI interface as well.

  • ✔️How can I pay my credit card bill from another bank?

    This is easily achieved by adding the Indian Bank credit card as a beneficiary and paying your bank’s net banking service via the modes of IMPS, RTGS or NEFT.