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What are the Different IndusInd Credit Card Rewards?

Companies and financial institutions continue to come up with brand new innovative incentives and reward programmes for their customers. IndusInd Bank Credit Card reward points are one such example. 


IndusInd Credit Card rewards are exclusive to the bank’s customers, and shopping with your credit card earns you points. You can exchange these points for world-class experiences and products listed by the bank. 

IndusInd rewards include products from categories like education, home, kitchen, lifestyle, etc. Read on to learn how to earn and redeem IndusInd Bank Credit Card reward points.

List of Some of the Top IndusInd Bank Credit Cards for Reward Points

Check out some top credit cards included under the IndusInd Credit Card rewards programme.

  • IndusInd Celesta Credit Card

  • IndusInd Crest Credit Card

  • IndusInd Indulge Credit Card

  • IndusInd Pioneer Credit Card

  • IndusInd Pinnacle Credit Card

  • IndusInd Legend Credit Card

  • IndusInd Signature Credit Card

  • IndusInd Pioneer Legacy Credit Card

  • IndusInd Duo Credit Card

  • IndusInd Nexxt Credit Card

  • IndusInd Iconia Amex Credit Card

  • IndusInd Iconia Visa Credit Card

  • IndusInd Platinum Aura Credit Card

  • IndusInd Platinum Aura Edge Credit Card

  • IndusInd Platinum Select Credit Card

How to Check IndusInd Bank Credit Card Reward Points

You can know about your IndusInd Bank Credit Card reward points in the following ways:


1. Through the IndusMoments Website:

You need to follow these simple steps to know about your accumulated credit card reward points:

  • Step 1: Visit, the reward points portal of the bank
  • Step 2: Choose the type of credit card that you have
  • Step 3: Log in to your credit card account with the help of your registered number and your card’s last four digits
  • Step 4: Check the top right corner of the page to know your credit card reward points  

2. Through IndusInd Bank’s Helpline:

You can call on the IndusInd Bank helpline at 1860-267-7777 to know your accumulated credit card reward points.

How to Redeem IndusInd Bank Rewards

You can redeem the IndusInd Bank Credit Card reward points through the following modes:

1. Via Helpline of IndusInd Bank:

You can redeem IndusInd Bank Credit Card reward points by calling the banking phone number or online. The contact number for the IndusInd Credit Card customer care is 1860 267 777. You can place a request with the bank, specifying your choice. 


2. Via Website of IndusMoments:

Follow these steps to redeem the IndusInd Bank Credit Card reward points:

  • Step 1: Head to, which is the bank’s reward points portal
  • Step 2: Choose your credit card from the available options 
  • Step 3: Log in to your credit card account using your registered number and the last four digits of your credit card
  • Step 4: Choose the ‘Redeem’ option from the menu bar and choose from the available products and gift vouchers
  • Step 5: Fill your cart with the products and vouchers and then click on ‘Checkout’
  • Step 6: Finish the process by providing your credit card details

How to Earn IndusInd Credit Card Rewards?

Being an IndusInd Bank customer makes you eligible to earn IndusInd Credit Card points, redeemable on the IndusMoments store. Once you have registered in the IndusMoments program, you earn points with purchases you make using your credit card. 


IndusMoments lets you shop as well as earn and redeem IndusInd Bank reward points on your purchases. The credit cards offered by IndusInd Bank differ according to your unique needs. 


Here are the features of the loyalty programme:

1. Super Premium Credit Cards

These invite-only cards come in three types - Indulge Credit Card, Crest Credit Card and Pinnacle Credit Card. Each card comes with its own limits and rewards catalogue.

2. Premium Credit Cards

These cards offer the highest quality travel, lifestyle and dining experiences, with a considerably high point earning rate and faster redemption.

3. Pioneer Credit Cards

The Pioneer Heritage and Pioneer Legacy cards are the two types of cards in the Pioneer range. The USP of this card is the chip-based contactless feature which makes all your transactions swifter and easier.


IndusInd Bank reward points are typically issued at around 2.5 points for every ₹100 spent on international transactions, and 1 point for every ₹100 spent on domestic transactions. This may vary depending on the type of credit card. 


Redemption rewards include luxury hotel stays, luxury vouchers, airline miles with partner airlines, and cash credit benefits.

IndusInd Credit Card Rewards Catalogue

You can redeem your IndusInd Credit Card reward points for multiple offers. These rewards are divided into certain categories, and each category encompasses various products. 


Here are these categories:

  • Flights

  • Dining

  • Spas

  • Deals

  • Electronics

  • Charity

  • Redemptions

  • Insta Vouchers

  • Books and eBooks

  • Home and kitchen

  • Credit card concierge

  • Cash credits (1 point = ₹1)

  • Automotive accessories


The following table can give you a general idea of the value of reward points for redemptions:

IndusInd Credit Card Reward Points

Available Rewards


₹0.40-₹1 in cash value


100 InterMiles / 50 ClubVistara Points

Note: The cash value of rewards varies across credit cards.


You must keep in mind some specific terms and conditions while signing up for the IndusInd Bank’s loyalty programme:


  • If you are an IndusInd Credit Card holder, you are not obliged to participate in the loyalty programme; it is entirely voluntary

  • If you exceed the limit for credit card use, you will face disqualification

  • You cannot alter or cancel a confirmed order

  • The products are delivered at the address provided at the time of purchase, regardless of your registered address with the bank

  • Gift vouchers are subject to their separate terms and conditions set by their issuer

  • IndusInd Bank cannot be held responsible for any losses, damages, costs, expenses or charges incurred by a customer who is part of the loyalty programme

  • All concerns, queries and complaints will be handled by IndusMoments, not IndusInd Bank

  • You can return defective products, and the charges can get refunded, only if you contact IndusMoments customer care within 48 hours of the product's delivery 

  • Replacements are carried out within 15 days from the date of informing and the refund policy only applies to cash transactions


Thanks to IndusInd Bank’s loyalty programme, you can make the most of the benefits and offers earned on your credit card purchases. 


You can redeem IndusInd Credit Card points for different types of rewards such as dining offers, travel and stays, lifestyle products, electronics, home and kitchen. You also get rewards on: 

  • Personal care and beauty products

  • Merchandise

  • Stationery

  • Books and e-books

  • Fashion products

  • Spa and wellness

  • Seasonal deals 


The IndusInd Bank rewards catalogue is ever-changing and is updated with fresh additions regularly. Sign up for the IndusInd Credit Card Rewards programme today to explore a whole world of experiences!

FAQs on IndusInd Bank Credit Card Reward Points

IndusInd Bank Credit Card reward points can be redeemed by calling the banking phone number or online and notifying them of your choice of reward. Also, you can redeem your points at, which is the bank’s reward points portal. You can choose your reward from a wide range of options.

One reward point is the equivalent of ₹1 in cash, but this value can vary based on the card type and the rewards offered. 

Unutilised IndusInd Credit Card reward points will expire one year after the date of accrual.

Yes, you can convert your IndusInd Credit Card reward points into cash credit.

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