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DBS Bank is a leading financial institution headquartered in Singapore that offers numerous financing options, including a home loan. A home loan is a great way to get your dream house without depleting your savings. 

In fact, DBS Bank Home Loan comes with competitive interest rates and simple eligibility criteria with an easy application process. Continue reading to know more about the DBS Housing Loan rate and other essential details, including the DBS Housing Loan eligibility criteria.

DBS Bank Home Loan Interest Rate & Charges 2024

The DBS Bank Home Loan interest rate and charges are as follows:

Loan Amount

Up to ₹5 Crores

Loan Tenure

Up to 300 months (25 years)

Interest Rate

10.20% p.a. onwards

Processing Fees

Up to ₹10,000

Prepayment Charges


Disclaimer: DBS Home Loan details mentioned above are subject to change at the lender’s discretion.

Compare DBS Home Loan with other Lenders

Knowing the different offers in the market is crucial to borrowing smartly. This helps you identify the best option for you. To that end, here are the offers by lenders on Bajaj Markets.

Home Loan Providers

Interest Rates

Bajaj Housing Finance Limited

8.50% p.a. onwards

Home First Finance Company

9.50% p.a. onwards


9.00% p.a. onwards

LIC Housing Finance

8.65% p.a. onwards

PNB Housing Finance Limited

8.50% p.a. onwards

Shriram Housing Finance

11.50% p.a. onwards

Shubham Housing Finance

10.90% p.a. onwards

Union Bank of India

8.50% p.a. onwards

Disclaimer: Above-mentioned rates are subject to change at the lender’s discretion.

DBS Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator

Loan Amount
Rate of Interest
Home Loan
Your Monthly Home Loan EMI
Principal Amount
Total Interest
Total Amount Payable
Amortization Schedule
Year EMI Principal Interest Balance

A home loan EMI calculator is a great way to know your monthly repayment amount in advance. Like other home loan EMI calculators, the DBS Bank EMI Calculator for a home loan gives you an estimate of your EMI based on your loan terms. 

With this estimate, you can choose the best terms and enjoy a stress-free borrowing as well repayment experience. To use the calculator, all you need is the DBS Housing Loan interest rate, tenure, and amount. 

Documents Required for DBS Bank Home Loan

The DBS Home Loan documents required for all applicants are as follows:

  • Identification (ID) proof documents

  • Address proof documents

  • Income proof documents

  • Property documents - It is mandatory for the applicant to be the registered owner of the property

DBS Bank Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

To meet the DBS Bank Home Loan eligibility criteria, you must fall in any one of following categories:

  • Indian citizens

  • HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)

  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) incorporated in India

  • Partnership firms (all partners should be Indian citizens) 

  • Sole proprietorship (Indian citizen)

  • Indian registered societies 

  • Indian Trusts formed/ constituted 

  • NRIs (Non-resident Indians)

  • PIOs (Persons of Indian origin)

Features and Benefits of DBS Home Loan

The features and benefits of a DBS Bank housing loan are as follows:

Competitive Interest Rates

DBS home loan interest rate is among the most competitive interest rates and can be fixed or variable, depending on your preference. Competitive interest rates are beneficial as they reduce the cost, hREAD MOREelping you to manage your home loan payments effectively. READ LESS

Flexible Loan Tenures

DBS Bank provides flexible loan tenures, allowing you to choose a repayment period that suits your financial situation. This helps you plan your finances better and make timely repayments without any sREAD MOREtress. READ LESS

High Loan Quantum

DBS Bank may provide financing of up to a certain percentage of the property's purchase price or valuation. This depends on the type of property and your eligibility, making it easier for you to financREAD MOREe your dream home. READ LESS

Types of Home Loan Schemes Offered by DBS

Currently, DBS offers two types of home loan schemes other than the regular home loan scheme. These two schemes are:

1. DBS Home Loan Against Property

A secured financing option, the funding you receive from this scheme can be put towards various needs, both personal and business. Generally offered at a lower interest rate than unsecured loans, this loan can give you 65% of the home value as a loan. 

2. DBS Home Loan Balance Transfer

Under this scheme, you get the option to transfer your home balance from another lender to DBS. Balance transfers are generally offered with a reduced interest rate, making your repayment cost-effective and easy.

How to Apply for DBS Bank Home Loan Online

To apply for the DBS Bank Home Loan online, follow these simple steps. 

  • Visit the official DBS Bank Home Loan webpage

  • Click on the “Apply Now” button

  • Fill the simple online form with basic information

  • Tick the box, giving consent to the lender to contact you and click on “Apply Now”

  • Proceed with the online loan application process and submit the documents

DBS Customer Care

DBS Bank provides customer care services to assist its customers with their banking needs. You can reach out to DBS Bank's customer care at their email (customercareindia@dbs.com) or call the following numbers: 

  • If calling from India - 1800 209 4555/1860 267 1234

  • If calling from Singapore - 800 852 6186

  • If calling from outside India and Singapore - +91 44 6685 4555


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FAQs About the DBS Bank Home Loan

Does DBS Bank check CIBIL for a home loan?

Yes, the bank typically checks the credit score and credit history of applicants through CIBIL as part of the home loan application process.

What is the maximum loan tenure I can opt for under DBS House Loan?

The maximum loan tenure for a home loan under DBS Bank may vary depending on the specific product and terms offered by the bank.

Can I transfer my house loan from another bank to DBS Bank?

Yes, DBS Bank may allow you to transfer your existing home loan from another bank to DBS Bank. This, however, will be subject to the DBS Home Loan eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, and approval process.

Can I club the income of my spouse with mine and apply for a DBS Bank joint Home Loan?

Yes, you can combine the income of your spouse with yours and apply for a joint from DBS Bank Home Loan. This can help increase your loan eligibility and jointly share the responsibility of repaying the loan.

Does the DBS Bank use the repo rate for the calculation of interest on its home loans?

No, DBS House Loan rates do not depend on external factors such as the repo rate for calculating interest on its home loans. In fact, they depend on the bank’s internal cost of lending, known as the MCLR (Marginal Cost of Funds Based Lending Rate). 

How do I repay my DBS Bank home loan?

You can repay your DBS Bank Home Loan through EMIs. The EMIs can be paid through post-dated cheques, Electronic Clearing Services (ECS), or other approved methods as per DBS Bank's policies.

What is the maximum limit of a DBS Bank Home Loan?

The maximum home loan amount offered by the bank is ₹5 Crores. 

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