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The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) in Delhi aims to bring transparency by ensuring that promoters share information regarding timelines, cost, quality standards of the proposed project with homebuyers. As per the RERA rules, promoters need to furnish compliance certificates from the civil authorities.


RERA also aims to help homebuyers to make informed decisions and reduce the potential risk of fraudulent practices in the real estate market.

Functions of RERA Delhi

Here are some key objectives of the authority:

  • Its primary function is to regulate and foster the real estate sector to safeguard the interests of the homebuyers

  • It registers all real estate projects and agents within the NCT of Delhi

  • It aims to bring transparency by ensuring mandatory disclosure of project details by the promoters

  • It has established an adjudicating mechanism that facilitates quick resolution of disputes between the concerned parties

  • It has formed an Appellate Tribunal that hears appeals from orders of RERA Delhi

Steps to Register on the RERA Delhi Portal

The NCTD Real Estate (Regulation & Development) (Registration of Projects and Extension of Registration) Guidelines, 2023, mandates registration of all real estate projects in the union territory. Here are the steps to be followed for a new project registration:

  1. Visit the official RERA Delhi portal at https://rera.delhi.gov.in/

  2. Navigate to the ‘Online Registration’ category on the dashboard at the top

  3. Select the ‘Register as Promoter/Project’, or ‘Real Estate Agent’ or ‘Register as Buyer’ option 

  4. Create an account by choosing the promoter type, name, email address, and mobile number

  5. Log in to your account and enter the relevant details in the application form, such as the promoter’s details, project details, and the bank details of the project

  6. Attach the required documents and pay the applicable fee to complete the registration process

RERA Delhi: Fees and Charges

The applicable fee varies depending on the type of the project, as mentioned below:

Type of Project

Land Area


Group Housing Project

Up to 1,000 square metres

₹5/square metre

Over 1,000 square metres

₹10/square metre (A maximum of ₹5 Lakhs)

Mixed Development Project

Up to 1,000 square metres

₹10/square metre

Over 1,000 square metres

₹15/square metre (A maximum of ₹7 Lakhs)

Commercial Projects

Up to 1,000 square metres

₹20/square metre

Over 1,000 square metres

₹25/square metre (A maximum of ₹10 Lakhs)

Plotted Development Project

N. A.

₹5/square metre (A maximum of ₹2 Lakhs)

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned fees and charges may change subject to the changes in rules as notified by the Delhi RERA.

Documents Required

Implementing a real estate project in Delhi requires registration with RERA. Here are some of the essential documents a promoter has to provide:

  • Proof of residence and PAN card

  • Details of the projects carried out in the last 5 years and their current status

  • A copy of a legal title deed

  • Details of the land encumbrance certificate (if available)

  • Location of the project with clear demarcation of boundaries

  • Development plan for the project

  • Details of basic amenities and other facilities proposed at the project

  • Copies of the approval and commencement certificates issued by competent authorities

  • Number, types, and carpet area of proposed apartments

  • Aggregate area of open and covered parking areas

  • Details of associated architects, engineers, and contractors

  • Details of architecture, design standards, type of construction technology used, and earthquake-resistant measures

  • Pro forma of the allotment letter, agreement of sale, and conveyance deed 

  • A declaration stating that the developer has a legal deed for the land where the project is proposed

  • A declaration stating that the project will be completed within the specified time and 70% of the received funds will be deposited in an escrow account


Note that the promoter is required to furnish 3 sets of hard copies of the furnished documents within 3 days of submitting their application.

Contact Details of RERA Delhi

You can contact the concerned authorities at RERA through the following channels:

  • Address: 2nd Floor, Shivaji Stadium Annexe Building, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg, New Delhi - 110001

  • Phone: 011-23341404, 011-23341402 (Timings- 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM)

  • Email: contactus@rera.delhi.gov.in and helpdesk@rera.delhi.gov.in

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check if a real estate agent is registered with RERA Delhi?

Yes, to check the status of a real estate agent’s registration, visit the official RERA portal. Select the ‘Registered Real Estate Agents’ section to check a list of all the real estate agents registered under RERA Delhi.

Do promoters need to register ongoing real estate projects with RERA Delhi?

Yes, it is mandatory to register all new and ongoing projects with RERA Delhi.

Is it essential to get a property registered if it is only for rental purposes?

Yes, all real estate projects must be registered under RERA Delhi, even if it is for rental purposes.

Is it safe to buy a property not registered with RERA Delhi?

No, it is not advisable to buy a property not registered with RERA. This is because it may not comply with the rules and regulations set to protect the rights of the homebuyers.

Can I register as a promoter, buyer, or agent on the RERA portal?

Yes, you may do so with different mail IDs for each role. You can use the same mobile number.

How do I cancel an existing or incomplete registration on the RERA website?

While it is not possible to terminate your registration, you can contact the helpdesk team. Write to the team at contactus@reradelhi.gov.in for technical help.

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