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SBI Credit Card Reward Points

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SBI Credit Card Reward Program

SBI credit card reward points are the strong selling point of SBI credit cards. According to the credit card chosen, you have a chance to make all your purchases count because of the special reward points you get. To avail the most benefits out of any SBI credit card and SBI Credit Card reward points, it is imperative that you select a card that matches your distinct spending habits. It is also important to know about SBI’s Shop-and-Smile Program, especially designed for catering to several customer needs. You get rewards for a myriad of purchases from dining and shopping, to travel-related spending. Then, from a special catalogue of rewards, you can pick out products based on your accumulated reward points. Rewards include electronic, lifestyle, home decor products, etc., and vouchers, including travel-related vouchers.

How to Earn SBI Credit Card Reward Points?

SBI (State Bank of India) credit cards are available in many types. Your rate of earning reward points is determined depending on the kind of SBI card you hold. If you are wondering how to earn SBI card rewards, here is how you can know.

  1. Log on to the SBI website at

  2. Choose the credit card you have.

  3. Opt for ‘Terms and Conditions’ and click on this.

  4. Select the option of ‘Shop-and-Smile’.

  5. Now you must press ‘Points Earned/Redeemed/Accumulated by the Program’.

  6. You will be able to view reward points that you earn for any kind of transaction made through your card.

After you have viewed how to earn SBI credit card reward points, it's easy for you to redeem SBI credit card points in an easy process online.

List of SBI Credit Cards with Rewards Benefits

SBI Credit Cards

Rewards Benefits


20 reward points earned by each transaction of Rs. 100 for payments of utilities, 10 points earned by each Rs. 100 transacted on dining, at department stores, groceries and films, 2 reward points by each Rs. 100 transacted on any retail, except fuel

OLA Money SBI Credit Card

You get 7% of reward points for every OLA ride, and earn 1% of points for other purchases

Apollo SBI Credit Card

You get 500 points equal to Rs. 500 of the joining fees, reward points x 3 on each Rs. 100 transacted on services of Apollo, 1 point on spending at wellness and beauty centres, 2 x points earned on each Rs. 100 transacted while dining, entertaining and watching movies

SBI PRIME Advantage Credit Card

2o points earned on each Rs. 100 for utilities, 10 points for each Rs. 100 spendings done at restaurants, grocery stores, movies,etc.

TATA STAR Platinum Credit Card

3 reward points earned by each Rs. 100 transacted at department stores, restaurants, grocery shops and international transactions

Tata Platinum Credit Card

Earn 3 x reward points on grocery, department store, restaurant and international spending

TATA STAR Titanium Credit Card

Earn 3 points for each Rs. 100 you transact at department stores, restaurants, grocery stores and international spending

TATA Titanium Credit Card

3 x points are earned on grocery shopping, dining out, international spending and spending at department stores

SBI credit card rewards may be available with a lot more of SBI’s cards on offer, but the ones mentioned in the table are popular credit cards in use.

How to Redeem SBI Rewards?

You are able to redeem reward points very easily when you have collected enough on your SBI credit card transactions. To redeem SBI card points, all you need to do is to visit the website and redeem your points in a convenient online process. The other options to redeem your reward points are mentioned below:

Air Mile Conversion of SBI Credit Card Reward Points

You get many advantages when you earn SBI reward points, and these can be used for air mile conversion. That is, you can convert your SBI card reward points into air miles, and if you have a sufficient amount, your converted air miles can earn you air tickets free of cost. In case you wish to do this, you can easily call the customer helpline at 18001801290 and make your queries. These are the conditions for conversion of reward points:

  • At least 10,000 points are needed for conversion on the Air India SBI Signature Card

  • 5,000 points are needed for conversion on the Air India SBI Platinum Card

  • Conversion occurs within seven days of your request

Which SBI Card Transactions are Not Eligible for Reward Points?

If you want to redeem SBI credit card reward points, you should be aware that certain transactions are not eligible to earn points, such as:

FAQs on SBI Card Rewards

  • ✔️Can I know my SBI credit card reward points value in rupees?

    You can get to know the value of your credit card reward points in rupees by requesting this information at the SBI helpline at 18001801290.

  • ✔️How do I redeem my reward points?

    You can redeem your reward points on the website, on the app on your smartphone, or via the customer service department that is accessible on the phone.

  • ✔️How can I use my reward points to redeem cash?

    To use your reward points for a cash redemption, you may contact the SBI helpline number and make a request for the same.

  • ✔️Do the reward points accrued on my SBI Card expire?

    Depending on the SBI credit card you have, reward points do have expiry dates, before which you must redeem them. You can check these dates mentioned in the credit card statement or request the information from a customer care executive.

  • ✔️Within what time will I get the items redeemed against the SBI rewards points?

    You will receive vouchers within five working days and products will take fifteen working days to arrive.