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The Apple AirTag is a tracker that allows you to seamlessly locate your things through your iPhone. Simply attach an Apple AirTag tracker to items you want to track and link them to the ‘Find My’ app on your device. 


They have a secure Bluetooth signal and share the precise location of your belongings. You can use an Apple AirTag to keep tabs on your luggage, keys and other essential items. They make travelling stress free, as you can keep track of your essential things using the Apple tracker.


You can easily purchase this tracker on No Cost EMIs using an EMI card. Continue reading to learn about Apple AirTags and how to purchase them on EMI.

Get the Latest Apple AirTags

If you plan to purchase Apple AirTags, here are some features and specifications you must know.

  • Size: Apple AirTags have a diameter of 1.26 inches, making it compact and functional

  • Weight: It weighs only 11 grams, helping you easily carry it and attach it to various items

  • Connectivity: It functions on Bluetooth technology, enabling you to seamlessly connect with the ‘Find My’ app

  • Battery: It has a replaceable coin cell battery, offering easy maintenance and a long life

  • Speaker: Apple AirTags have built-in speakers, ensuring that the auditory cues are easy to hear 

  • Water and Dust Resistant: It can withstand different environmental conditions and endure immersion in water


The price of Apple AirTags in India for a pack of 1 is ₹3,490. The price for a pack of 4 is ₹11,900.


To calculate the EMI for Apple AirTags when using the EMI card, divide the cost by the repayment tenor chosen. 

How to Buy Apple AirTags on EMI Without a Credit Card?

You can easily purchase Apple AirTags on No Cost EMI, both online and offline. Check out the steps that you need to follow.

  • Step 1: Go to the website of any provider

  • Step 2: Find Apple AirTags and select the No Cost EMI option when you proceed to checkout

  • Step 3: Choose the EMI card as the payment option

  • Step 4: Provide necessary details of your EMI card 

  • Step 5: Then, choose a suitable repayment tenor 

  • Step 6: Read the terms and conditions and confirm the payment


As you can see, Apple AirTags offer a convenient solution for keeping tabs on your personal items. If paying for it as a lump sum is difficult, you can get it on affordable EMIs with the help of the EMI cards like the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card

FAQs on Apple AirTags

How do No Cost EMIs work?

Some cards like the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card allow you to convert the product's cost into easy instalments. Here, you don’t pay any additional interest, but only the cost of the product in equal instalments. 


You also have the flexibility to select a repayment duration that suits your needs, ensuring manageable and affordable repayment. 

How to buy Apple AirTags without a credit card?

Using an EMI card xcv, you can purchase Apple AirTags on EMIs without any credit card. This EMI card offers the advantage of purchasing products via convenient EMIs using pre-approved funds. 

Does Apple AirTags have a speaker?

Yes, Apple AirTags have a built-in speaker in them.

Do Apple Airtags need Wi-Fi to work?

No, Apple AirTags do not utilise Wi-Fi. Instead, they rely on Bluetooth to connect with the ‘Find My’ app. However, you must connect your iPhone to cellular data or Wi-Fi to use the Find My app.

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