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Buy Gas Stoves on EMI With a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card

A gas stove is by far the most important appliance in any kitchen. It is important to ensure that your kitchen stove meets your cooking requirements perfectly. Today, given the wide variety of options available, you can choose from stoves made of different materials like toughened glass and stainless steel.


Furthermore, the number of burners offered in gas stoves also varies from one model to the other. You have options ranging from stoves with just 1 burner to those with as many as 4 burners. However, purchasing a gas stove can be a significant expense that may not always fit into your budget. 


This is where the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card comes in. With this card, you can buy gas stoves on EMI, making it easier for you to manage your finances. If you're interested in learning more about this option, read on and discover how you can buy gas stoves on No Cost EMI with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card.

Some of the Top 10 Best-Selling Gas Stoves to Buy in India

1. Hindware Nora Plus Automatic Hob (3 Burners)

  • The Hindware Nora Plus gas stove is equipped with an auto-ignition system that eliminates the need to manually light the burners

  • All the 3 burners are fitted with a matte-finish drip tray that makes cleaning up spills a whole lot easier

  • The pan supports are made from cast iron and are designed to support large and heavy vessels

2. Faber HCT 754-SR CRS LBK CI Glass Automatic Hob (4 Burners)

  • This Faber hob top gas stove with 4 burners is made of 8mm black tempered glass that’s highly resistant to cracking and shattering

  • All 4 burners are made of high-quality brass with an enamel coating for enhanced grime and stain resistance

  • The rubber feet on the bottom of the stove provide superior grip and stability on all kinds of kitchen counters

3. Prestige Svachh Duo GTSD 02 Glass Top Manual Gas Stove (2 Burners)

  • The Prestige Svachh Duo gas stove features a unique design that allows you to simply lift the burners up while cleaning the glass top

  • The drip tray on this model is large, and spacious and collects spills and other food waste effectively

  • The pan supports on the stove are tough and sturdy enough to hold all kinds of heavy-duty vessels 

4. Greenchef Kelvin Glass Automatic Hob (3 Burners)

  • One of the best gas stoves from Greenchef, this model comes with a 7mm toughened glass top that’s capable of supporting heavy vessels easily

  • The jumbo burner on the right side produces more heat and reduces the cooking time significantly

  • The knobs on the gas stove are made from metal instead of plastic for enhanced durability

5. Pigeon Infinity Glass Top Manual Gas Stove (4 Burners)

  • With rubber feet on its stands, this Pigeon Infinity gas stove provides exceptional grip and prevents accidental skidding

  • The burners of this gas stove are evenly spaced out, allowing you to place large vessels on all 4 of them simultaneously

  • Thanks to the glass top design of this stove, it is extremely easy to clean food, grime and oil stains

6. Butterfly Rapid Glass Top Manual Gas Stove (2 Burners)

  • The entire frame of this Butterfly gas stove is powder coated for enhanced rust resistance

  • The pan stand and the spill tray of this twin burner gas stove lock together to ensure that the vessels don’t wobble while you’re cooking

  • The toughened glass top is highly resistant to scratches and makes it easy to clean spills and stains

7. Prestige Marvel Plus GTM 01 Gas Stove (Single Burner)

  • This compact single-burner gas stove from Prestige is the perfect choice for bachelors and students

  • The stove comes with an additional drip tray that effectively catches food waste and spills

  • The tri-pin brass burner of the Prestige Marvel Plus retains heat more efficiently and is highly resistant to stains and grime

8. Khaitan Stainless Steel Manual Gas Stove (3 Burners)

  • The Khaitan stainless steel 3-burner gas stove comes with a jumbo burner, a medium-sized burner and a compact burner

  • The gas inlet of this model has a 360-degree swivel-type nozzle, making it easier to route the gas pipe

  • Thanks to the stainless-steel construction, the stove is also resistant to stains, heat and rust

9. Sunflame Prime 3B Glass Top Gas Stove (3 Burners)

  • The Sunflame Prime 3B is equipped with a powder-coated metal frame for enhanced durability

  • The auto-ignition system of the gas stove instantly ignites the burners, reducing the wastage of gas

  • The stove also comes with a large burner that allows you to cook food much faster and saves you a lot of time

10. Prestige EURO 4B Gas Stove Hob (4 Burners)

  • The knobs on this gas stove are not only ergonomically designed but are also very easy to operate

  • This hob-top gas stove from Prestige also integrates neatly with all types of kitchen counters

  • The uniquely designed pan supports on the stove ensure that the vessels are steady and wobble-free at all times

Advantages of Using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to Buy Gas Stoves

  • The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card offers a pre-approved loan of up to ₹2 lakhs

  • Save more with No Cost EMI

  • Minimal documentation is required while applying for the EMI Network Card

  • Foreclose your loan without paying any foreclosure charges.

How to use the EMI Network Card to buy a Gas Stove

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card lets you purchase big-ticket items in easy hassle-free EMIs at no added cost. You also get to enjoy zero down payment and great customised deals on gas stoves. You can use the card online as well as at any of the partner stores.


The steps to use the EMI network card online is as follows:


  • Step 1: Add the gas stove you prefer to your cart

  • Step 2: Choose to pay through EMI and select the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card payment option

  • Step 3: Confirm your delivery address

  • Step 4: Type in the OTP received on your registered mobile number

  • Step 5: Your order is placed after that

Purchasing a gas stove on EMI with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card is a very simple process. Check your EMI Network Card eligibility and apply for the same on Bajaj Markets to enjoy a smooth buying experience.

FAQs on Gas Stoves on EMI

Can I get the No Cost EMI option on Gas Stoves?

Yes, you can opt for the No Cost option on gas stoves with Bajaj Finserv EMI Card.


Can I avail of discounts on the gas stove with the EMI Network Card?

There are exciting offers and discounts that you could be eligible for when you use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card.


How can I get a gas stove on EMI?

You can get a gas stove on EMI by purchasing it using a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. The option is available both online and offline at partner stores.


How do I get the EMI facility?

To get an EMI facility with a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card, you can visit the official website or physical store to apply for a card. Once approved, you can use the card to make purchases at partner stores and convert them into easy EMIs, with flexible tenures and zero down payment.

What are the advantages of purchasing a gas stove on EMI?

Purchasing a gas stove on EMI through a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card allows you to pay for the stove in easy instalments without putting a strain on your finances. It also offers the benefit of zero down payment, flexible tenures, and a wide range of partner stores to choose from.

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