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Circle rate is the minimum value for real estate dealings and property registration, and it is set by the government. When looking to buy a new home in Lucknow, it is crucial to be aware of this rate. 

The circle rates impact the stamp duty and the registration fees levied during property purchases. Additionally, the circle rates change depending on the location, region, and area of the land.

Current Circle Rate List in Lucknow 2024

Here is a brief overview of circle rates in different areas of Lucknow.


Lucknow Circle Rates in Sq. Ft/m.

From Chinhat village to Satrikh


Sultanpur Road and Shaheed Path


Hardoi Road


Faizabad Road


Sitapur road


From Subhash Marg Medical College to Charbagh Tiraha


From Telibagh Nagar to PGI Nagar Nigam limit


From Guru Govind Singh Marg Hussainganj Chauraha to Naka Chauraha


From Charbagh Station to Awadh Hospital


From Kaiserbagh Chauraha to Charbagh


From Singar Nagar Chauraha to Hydel Chauraha


Mahatma Gandhi Marg


From Hazratganj Chauraha to Kalidas Marg Chauraha


Vibhuti Khand


Faizabad road


Vipul Khand


Vijay Khand


Gautam Palli


Rana Pratap Marg


Gomti Nagar


AP Sen Road


Park Road


Gautam Budh Marg


Srijan Vihar Colony


Saket Palli


Darbari Lal Sharma


Raebareli Road Yojna


Havelock road


GuruNanak Market




Omaxe City


Butler Palace Colony


Sushant City (A to E)


Sarojini Naidu Marg


Vindsor Palace


Disclaimer: The rates can vary at the discretion of the state government. So, kindly check the official website for existing rates.

Steps to Calculate Property Value Using the Lucknow Circle Rates Online

Below mentioned are the steps to calculate the value of a property using the Lucknow circle rates:

  • Step 1: Find out the property’s built-up area

  • Step 2: Locate the property’s age, facilities offered, and other factors

  • Step 3: Ascertain the property type

  • Step 4: Use this formula - Land Value = Built-up area of the property (in sq. m.) X locality's circle rate (in Rs. per sq. m.)

To illustrate, if the property is spread across an area of 5,000 sq. m. and the circle rate of the area where the property is ₹20,000 per sq. m. By entering these values in the above formula, the value of the property will be: 5,000 x ₹2,000 = ₹1 Crore

Factors Affecting Circle Rates in Lucknow

The circle rate reflects the state-imposed minimum rate below which you cannot sell or buy a property or land. However, the circle rate changes periodically and there are numerous factors that affect these rates.

Here are some of these factors: 

  • The property’s area or location

  • Potential age of the structure

  • The amenities offered by the builder

  • Use of the property: residential purpose or commercial

  • Type of the property: whether it is an apartment, villa, flat, etc.

It is imperative to have a complete understanding of the current Lucknow circle rates if you are looking to purchase a property in the city.


In addition to the price of the property, you will also have to bear other expenses, such as stamp duty charges and registration fees. The latter is estimated based on the prevailing circle rate in the area where you wish to purchase the property. 

You can also use the circle rates to get an estimate of the property value and plan your financing accordingly. Thus, knowing the Lucknow circle rates will help you estimate housing loan requirements.

FAQs on Circle Rate in Lucknow

What is the current circle rate in Lucknow?

The circle rate in Lucknow depends on the area you live or want to buy/sell the property in. Moreover, these rates change periodically and currently range from ₹12,000 to ₹76,000.

How to check the circle rate for my area in Lucknow?

To check the circle rate, you can visit the official website and look for the area whose circle rate you want to know.

Is the circle rate the same for every area in Lucknow?

No, the circle rate differs for every area in and out of Lucknow. For example, for Hardoi Road, it is ₹20,000, and for Mahatma Gandhi Marg, it is ₹76,000.

Does the age of the property affect the valuation?

Yes, as the property gets older, its value can decrease. As such, new properties often have a higher value as compared to older properties.

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