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Bank employees are some of the most dedicated workers in the country. As a result, they are also entitled to several benefits that are not available to regular citizens. They can avail huge benefits, such as those available with home loans for bank employees. Home loan interest rate for bank employees is lower, which is only one of the many benefits available to bank employees while availing home loans.

Home Loan Interest Rates for Bank Employees

Bank employees' home loan interest rates are usually significantly lower than those offered to regular citizens. Read below to learn the best home loan interest for bank employees available in India from some of the top lenders:


Home Loan Interest Rates for Staff


7.60% per annum onwards

Punjab National Bank

6.99% per annum onwards

State Bank of India

7.05% per annum onwards


7.05% to 14% per annum onwards

Axis Bank

6.66% to 6.75% per annum onwards

Disclaimer: The borrowing rates mentioned above are subject to constant change owing to factors internal and/or external to the lender. You must always check the current prevailing interest rates before applying for a top up loan.

You can also avail a home loan through Bajaj Markets, where you can select from among a range of lenders offering the best interest rates. You can avail a home loan of up to Rs. 5 Cr with interest rates starting at just 8.50%.

Home Loan Eligibility Criteria for Bank Employees

The eligibility criteria to meet for acquiring a home loan for bank employees is quite easy. Read below to learn the eligibility bank employees must meet to avail home loans.

  • The employee needs to be aged between 18 to 70 years.

  • The employee must be employed with either a private or public sector bank.

  • The employee’s salary must be at least Rs. 20,000 and they must have a regular source of income.

  • The bank employee must have been working for at least 2 years or more to avail the benefits of a home loan for bank employees.

  • The applicant must have a credit score of 650 or more to avail these benefits.

Home Loan Document Requirements for Bank Staff

As a bank employee, you can choose to avail a home loan from either the bank you are already employed with or with a different bank. If you are opting to avail a home loan from the bank you are employed with, you require minimal documentation. Read below to learn about the documents you are required to submit in order to avail a home loan from your employer bank.

  • Application Form: You will need to submit a filled-out application form, which contains all your personal details, along with a photograph.

  • Income Proof: You will be required to submit proof of income, which could be either a Form 16 issued by your employer, your bank statements from the last 6 months, or your salary slips.

  • Property-related Documents: For availing a home loan, it is imperative to submit documents related to the property you intend to purchase. This would include the latest property tax receipt, copy of an approved plan for the construction or extension of the property, and past title chain, including possession letter, allotment letter, sales deed, and conveyance deed.

While the above mentioned documents can be used to avail a home loan from the same bank you are employed with, you will be required to submit some additional documents if you are seeking to avail a bank loan from a different bank or financial institution. Read on below to learn more about these.

  • Proof of Identity: This is often one of the most essential documents you will be required to submit while seeking a home loan for bank employees. Documents stating proof of your identity could include your Passport, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, any government-issued ID card, or your Voter ID.

  • Proof of Residence: Another essential document, you could submit your Driving License, Passport, Election ID Card, or even utility bills including bills for electricity, water, mobile bill, or bank statements from the last 3 months.

How to Apply for a Home Loan for Bank Employees

Applying for a home loan for bank employees can be a relatively simple process. Read below to learn how the process can be completed online within just a few minutes.

  • Step 1: Fill out the application form with details pertaining to your identity, income, and residence. You will also need to enter details of the loan amount you are seeking.

  • Step 2: Once you have submitted this form, enter the OTP you receive on your mobile number.

  • Step 3: Enter the details related to the property on the form that appears then and you will be able to view the offers as per your eligibility.

  • Step 4: Once you have submitted the application form in this way, you will be contacted by an executive of the bank you have applied for a home loan from.

Features and Benefits of Home Loans for Bank Employees

Aside from home loan interest rates for bank employees, there are several other features and benefits you must know about before you begin your application for a home loan as a bank employee.

  • Home loan amounts offered to bank employees are often higher than those offered to the general public and can range from Rs. 15 Lakhs to Rs. 1 Crore, depending on their salary and other eligibility criteria.

  • The repayment tenure on home loans for bank employees is usually longer than those offered to regular citizens. These repayment tenures can be as long as up to 25 years. As a result, the equated monthly installments (EMIs) bank employees are required to pay for repayment of the loans are significantly lower and more affordable.

  • Bank employees are not required to pay any foreclosure charges or prepayment charges in case they wish to foreclose and pre-pay the outstanding amounts on their home loans.

  • Opting for a home loan from the same bank they are employed at makes the process a lot easier for the employee since they are only required to submit minimal documentation in order to secure beneficial home loan interest for bank employee.


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Housing Loan for Bank Employees FAQs

Do banks give interest free loans to bank employees?

While banks do not offer interest-free loans to their employees, bank employees do get enormous discounts on the interest rates charged on home loans.

Can a new bank employee get a home loan?

A bank employee must be employed with a bank for at least 2 years or more in order to avail the benefits of house loan interest rate for bank employees.

What about ex-servicemen or people who were employed with the government before joining the bank?

Regardless of previous employee, any bank employee who has been employed with the bank for 2 years or more is eligible to avail a home loan for bank employees.

Can bank employees get home loans?

Yes, bank employees can easily get home loans and even avail a range of benefits along with the home loan. The most prominent benefits include lower interest rates, higher loan amounts, and longer repayment tenures.

How much loan can bank employees get?

Bank employees are entitled to higher loan amounts than the general public, with the loan amount ranging from Rs. 15 Lakhs to even up to Rs. 1 Crore. However, it is important to note that different lenders offer different amounts and different interest rates so it’s best to compare some lenders before finalizing the best one for meeting your own requirements.

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