About Patta Chitta

A Patta Chitta is a single merged document comprising the Patta (Record of Rights) and Chitta (land records maintained by a village and Taluk administration) for each piece of land in Tamil Nadu (TN). A Patta is a revenue record issued by TN’s revenue department to the landowner for a piece of land and includes information such as the Patta number, land owner’s name, district name, taluk, village, survey number, land type, land area, and taxes applicable. On the other hand, a Chitta is also a revenue document maintained by the village administrative officer and includes information on land area, size, property’s owner, and type of land -dry or wet.

Before 2015, the Patta and Chitta were two separate documents and these have been clubbed into a single Patta with all relevant information since 2015. The Chitta is no longer issued separately. In 2018, the TN government pitched forward an idea to phase out all the physical Patta Chittas and digitise them for greater accessibility to its citizens. The registration process based on the Geo-Information System (GIS) in which land’s location would be pinned as per geographical coordinates has been quite efficient in preventing instances of the use of fake pattas.

What Information Does the Patta Chitta Consist of?

The TN Patta Chitta Land Record consists of the following details:

  • Land owner’s Name

  • Patta Number or Account Number

  • Survey Number and Sub-division

  • District, Taluk, and Village to which the owner and the land belongs

  • Land Dimensions

  • Tax details of the owner

  • Land Type or Nature – Nanjai (wetland) or Punjai (dryland)

  • Chitta land ownership

How to Apply for Patta Chitta Online

Post the merger of Patta and Chitta in 2015, the TN government has automated the process of filing for Patta Chitta online. The application process for applying a Patta Chitta online requires the following documents:

  • Original Sale Deed as well as its photocopy to be submitted for verification at the Tehsildar’s office.

  • Any proof of possession of the property such as the EC (Encumbrance certificate), tax receipts, or electricity bills.

The above documents come in handy to legally establish the rightful owner’s claim and possession over the property.

Once the above documents are at your disposal, you may follow the steps given below to apply for a Patta Chitta online:

  • Log in to the official Patta Chitta Portal of ‘Anytime/Anywhere E-services’ at https://eservices.tn.gov.in/eservicesnew/index.html.

  • Click on the hyperlink option, ‘View Patta & FMB/ Chitta/ TSLR Extract’ from the section ‘View Patta Copy/ A-Register Extract’.

  • Select your district from the 37 districts in the drop-down list, check box the Area Type as ‘Rural’ or ‘Urban’ and Click on the ‘Submit’ button

  • On the next page, select the Taluk, Village from the drop-down list

  • Select the ‘Survey Number’ option

  • Once the ‘Survey Number’ is selected, the page asks you to input the Survey Number and choose the ‘Subdivision’ from the drop-down list.

  • Choose the ‘View’ option as ‘Patta/Chitta’ and click on the ‘Submit button.

  • Upon submission of the relevant property information, you shall be issued an online certificate from the Town Survey Land Register that includes all your property details.

Verification of Patta Online

  • The certificates issued online from the Town Survey Land Register may further be verified using the ‘Verify Patta’ option on the ‘Anytime/Anywhere E-services’ portal.

  • Upon clicking on ‘Verify Patta’, you would be directed to a page that asks for a ‘Reference Number’.

  • Input the ‘Reference Number’ and click on the ‘Submit button.

  • The verification details of the concerned Patta shall now be displayed on your screen.

How to Check the Application Status of Patta Chitta Online

  • In case you have applied for a Patta Chitta online and are awaiting its clearance, you may check the application status by logging into TN’s E-district portal at https://edistricts.tn.gov.in/revenue_report/status.html.

  • Key in the application ID along with the displayed ‘Captcha value’ and click on the ‘ Get Status’ button to see the status of your application.


Given the ease and convenience of applying and accessing the TN Patta Chitta online, it must be mentioned that the transfer of a Patta Chitta or mutation/cancellation of a Patta can only be done by physically visiting the Tehsildar’s office or the village administration office. Plus, a Patta is given only to land and not for the apartments. Nevertheless, the TN Patta Chitta online is a conscious step towards transparency and digitisation of land records. ALso apply for Home Loans at Finserv MARKETS

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