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The Land Records Department of Jammu and Kashmir makes land records available online so the people of Jammu and Kashmir can easily access them. It is responsible for conducting surveys, executing land reforms and settling land disputes.

As per the Jammu and Kashmir Revenue Act, all matters related to land records and land revenue falls under the UT’s Revenue Department. A project management unit (PMU) under the Department named Jammu & Kashmir Land Records Management Agency (JaKLaRMA) manages the records online.

Steps to Search for Jammu and Kashmir Land Records

Follow the process given below:

  • Visit the official website https://landrecords.jk.gov.in/

  • Click on ‘Search Land Records (Aapki Zameen Aapki Nigrani)’ appearing on the home screen

  • Choose between ‘Land Records’, ‘Digitised Jamabandi’, or ‘View Map’ categories

  • Select district, tehsil, village, and other details and click on ‘Search’

  • Choose the relevant land record document to view and download the file

Maintenance of Jammu and Kashmir Land Record

The following are the types of land records that the Revenue Department of Jammu and Kashmir maintains:

  • Record-of-Rights (RoR): Prepared at the time of settlement, it contains the landholders’ “Shajra Nasab”, village field map, etc.

  • Jamabandi: An amended version of RoR, this document is prepared every 4 years and is also known as ‘Jamabandi Charsala’

  • Girdawari: It is a document prepared after a harvest inspection twice every year

  • Mutation Register: It has a record of all the changes in land ownership or title with details, such as the name of village, tehsil, and district

Contact Details of Jammu and Kashmir Revenue Department

Visit the official website of the Financial Commissioner Revenue of Jammu and Kashmir at https://jkfcr.nic.in/contactus.html. You can contact them through the helpline number 0191-2470212 or write an email to jkfinancialcr@gmail.com.

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FAQs on Jammu and Kashmir Land Records

What are the land record details available in a Jammu and Kashmir Record-of-Right?

The Jammu and Kashmir Record-of-Right provides details about the ‘Shajra Nasab’ of the landholders and village field map. It also contains details of the rights, interests, and liabilities of the landholders, tenants, and assignees.

How is Jamabandi different from Record-of-Rights?

While Record-of-Rights is prepared annually, Jamabandi is updated once in 4 years, containing the Record-of-Rights from the intervening period. All new mutations are also attached to this document.

Do I need to pay any charges to check my land records in the official portal?

No, you can access your land records for free.

Are Jammu and Kashmir land records available offline as well?

Yes, you can get these records by submitting the required documents.

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