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The West Bengal Department of Land & Land Records has introduced an online portal – Banglarbhumi that helps citizens access land details and view all land-related transactions. Now, citizens of West Bengal will also be able to check the transfer of title of a property from one person to another, conversion applications, RoR (Record of Rights) application, and other land-related documents on the portal.

In West Bengal, the documents related to land and property can be accessed easily online via Banglarbhumi 2021, which is also known as Bangla Bhumi.

What Are The Services Offered By Banglarbhumi?

Given below is the list of services available online on Banglarbhumi:

  • Rent Controller
  • Thika Tenancy
  • Citizen-Centric Services
  • Distribution of Land
  • Management of ISU
  • State Land Use Board
  • Digitization of Map & Records
  • Training (ARTI and LMTC)
  • Indo-Bangladesh Boundary Demarcation
  • Preparation, Updation, & Maintenance

Benefits Of Banglarbhumi 2020-21

The process of buying and selling a property is simplified through the Banglarbhumi government portal.

  • It can help you get a detailed ‘Khaitan’ and plot information.
  • Ensures complete transparency in the system of land record maintenance.
  • The portal offers ease of access to all entrepreneurs planning to set up industry in West Bengal.
  • All information regarding land and property within the state can be accessed in one place.
  • This online portal saves people a lot of time and money.
  • Citizens of West Bengal are not required to physically visit any government offices to access their land records.

How To Register On banglarbhumi.gov.in

New users are required to register online on the Banglarbhumi government website. Mentioned below is a step-by-step guide to register on the portal.

Step 1:

Visit Banglarbhumi’s official website.

Step 2:

Click on ‘Signup’ and fill in the public registration form displayed on the screen with details like:

  • Name and address
  • Name of parents (both mother and father)
  • Jurisdiction details (municipality and district).
  • Contact information (email ID and mobile number).

Step 4:

Click on ‘Generate OTP’ and verify the details sent to your mobile number.

Step 5:

Now, click on ‘Submit’ to complete the registration process.

Process To Login In Banglarbhumi For Departmental Users

The following are the steps for departmental users to log in to the online portal.

Step 1:

Visit the official Banglarbhumi government website.

Step 2:

On the homepage, opt for ‘Citizen Services’ and click on ‘Departmental User’.

Step 3:

Enter the correct username and password in the respective field.

Step 4:

Verify your identity with captcha confirmation.

Step 5:

Lastly, click on ‘Login’ to load your departmental user profile.

Process To Login On Banglarbhumi For Citizens

Citizens of West Bengal can access the website via the following steps.

Step 1:

Go to Banglarbhumi government official website.

Step 2:

On the homepage, tap on ‘Citizen Services’.

Step 3:

Now, click on ‘Citizens’ and provide your profile login details.

Step 5:

Verify your details with the captcha code.

Step 6:

Click on the ‘Login’ option to access your profile.

How to Track Banglarbhumi Status On The Portal?

Follow the steps given below to track the status of your land or property rights application on the Banglarbhumi portal.


Go to West Bengal’s e-district portal.

Step 2:

Next, click on the ‘Inspection Report’ available on the bottom right-hand side corner of its homepage.

Step 3:

Proceed to enter the application number provided in the Record of Rights (RoR) application acknowledgement receipt.

Step 4:

Once entered, click on the ‘Document Search’ option to view your Banglarbhumi RoR application status.

How to View Banglarbhumi Land Record Online?

The following are the steps to view your land records in the state of West Bengal:

Step 1:

Visit the Banglarbhumi government portal.

Banlarbhumi Portal

Step 2:

On the homepage, select the “Know Your Property” button and choose from the following options:

  • District Name
  • Block
  • Mouza

Step 3:

 Two options are available for searching the land records:

  • Plot
  • Khatian

Step 4:

 Enter the details and the captcha code.

BanglarBhumi Portal

Step 5:

Tap on “View” to view the land records.

How to Check Banglarbhumi Plot Map Request Details?

Proceed with the following steps to check plot map details on Banglarbhumi:

Step 1:

 On the Banglarbhumi portal, scroll down to ‘Service Delivery’ option on the homepage.

Step 2:

From the dropdown, select ‘Plot Map Request’ to open a new dropdown with sub-options ‘District’, ‘Block’, and ‘Mouza’ to be filled up as per the concerned plot.

Step 3:

Proceed to enter the correct plot number followed by your first and last name, address, phone number, and email ID.

Step 4:

Verify the entries with captcha confirmation and click on ‘Calculate Fee’.

Step 5:

Choose the type of payment you prefer, online or offline. If you opt for offline payment, you'll require confirmation of your payment status via the ‘Request GRN Search’ option.

Step 6:

Once the payment is confirmed, you will be able to access plot map details on the Banglarbhumi portal.

How To Make The Fee Payment On Banglarbhumi Website?

Step 1:

On the Banglarbhumi portal, scroll to ‘Online Application’ on the home page.

Step 2:

 Select the ‘Fee Payment’ option from the dropdown.

Step 3:

 Start filling in the form displayed on the screen. The options include:

  • Plot map
  • Conversion
  • Plot information
  • Mutation

Step 4:

 Enter the application number for an applied service and enter the captcha code to verify.

Step 5:

Tap on ‘Next’ and you’ll be redirected to Banglarbhumi’s secure payment gateway.

Step 6:

Choose a suitable payment method from ‘Debit Card’, ‘Credit Card’, and ‘Net Banking’, and confirm payment.

How to File Banglarbhumi Public Grievance Application?

To file a complaint through the website, you need to follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1:

Visit the Banglarbhumi online portal.

Step 2:

On the homepage, select the “Public Grievance” button.

Banglarbhumi Online Portal

Step 3:

 Now, click on the “Grievance Application” button and the grievance application form will appear.


Step 4:

Enter the captcha code to verify and click on “Submit”.

Digitization of land ownership records via Banglarbhumi has made it easier for people of the state to access property details and documents at any time. These land records serve as an essential database for property buyers and help them verify pertinent information before making a deal.

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FAQs On BanglarBhumi 2020-21

  • ✔️How to track your application status on the Banglarbhumi website?

    To track the application process, you need to visit the official Banglarbhumi website and select the “Inspection Report” button. Now, fill in the “Application Identification Number” and tap on “Search Document” to view your application status.

  • ✔️How to check grievances status on the Banglarbhumi portal?

    To check your complaint status, visit the official website of Banglarbhumi and select the “Public Grievance” button. Select the “Grievance Status/Description” button and fill in the UPN and the captcha code to verify. Upon clicking the “Show” button, the status will be displayed on the screen.

  • ✔️ Is there an app for Banglarbhumi?

    Yes, the Banglarbhumi app is available on Android and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

  • ✔️What is the helpline number for Banglarbhumi?

    If you have a query, you can contact the helpline number and email id.

    ●     Banglarbhumi helpline number: 18003456600

    ●     Official Email Id: d1rswb@gmail.com

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