Bhulekh UP: Check Land Records online UP

Bhulekh UP: UP Land Records Online

Khasra Khatauni Online Check UP

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UP Land Records Online

UP Bhulekh is an online portal which was launched by the Revenue Board for the state of Uttar Pradesh. The same was done in order to make sure that the citizens from all around the state have access to the services that are provided by the organisation in question. One of those services are the likes of the viewing of UP land records which have been digitised by the government so that everybody can view them on the web. The government has also ensured that the state NIC has an active involvement in the digitization process which has made crucial land ownership-related details, such as the likes of the ‘UP Khasra Khatauni’ (UP land records of rights), available to all of those who wish to see it.

The UP Bhulekh online portal has been designed with the intention of saving the average citizen some time. Had it not been for the portal, the citizen in question would have had to spend several minutes, or even hours, traveling in order to meet a Tehsildar or Patwari in person.

Here’s a fun fact for you. The word ‘Bhulekh’ is essentially made up of two words: ‘Bhu’ means land (Taken from the word “Bhumi” which literally means land) and ‘Lekh’ means the account. These accounts and records are now available on the Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh online portal which is also house to details such as the likes of the khata (land) details, UP Khasra Khatauni (Refers to a list of holdings of an individual or family in that village has) as they are stored on the state government’s digital database.

UP Land Records Available on UP Bhulekh Portal

The aforementioned databank is home to information such as the likes of the Khata and Khasra number, which are accompanied by the ownership details of the land. The following details can be found on the digitized land record:

  • Name of the owner, or owners.

  • The exact number of owners.

  • The exact size of the land

  • Details pertaining to the Khata or the Khasra Number

  • A recent history of all of the transactions that have been made in lieu of the property, (Such as mortgages and third-party claims, among others.)

The portal in question authorizes any Indian citizen to take a peek at the land details, or even that of a piece of land in the state. Since the introduction of the portal (website), the government has digitized almost all of the UP land records-related tasks, such as the implementation and governance of the UP Khasra Khatauni online system and the Jamabandi, which was done manually once upon a time a handful of years ago. The same provided transparency in connection to the entire life of UP Khasra Khatauni and other forms of information pertaining to the land.

How to Check UP Land Records at Bhulekh UP Website?

  • Go to the Official Online Portal of Bhulekh UP.

  • Once the user is on the home page, he or she must select the “Khatauni Ki Nakal Dekhin” (Or the imitation of rights record) option.


  • The screen after that will ask the user to enter the correct case-sensitive captcha code as they can see on the screen.

  • Then, one must select the right district, tehsil, and gram (Village)


  • The page after that will allow the user to search by either the Khasra Number, the Khata Number and/or the Name of the owner (Who will also go by the name of Khatedar)


  • One must then type the information that is required by them, post which they can press the “Search” button.


  • The land details will then be made available to the user in the following format:


UP Land records pertaining to other people that also include the code of the revenue village and plot can also be looked up on UP Bhulekh website. The same is possible provided they follow the procedure that has been listed above. However, one must note that the portal will require the viewer to have a few details on their person. Those details are the likes of the Khata (Account) Number, Khasra (Record) Number or name of the Khatedaar (The Owner).

How to Check Code of Revenue Village Khasra Khatauni and Plot on UP Bhulekh Online Portal?

On the Bhulekh UP online portal, one can obtain details regarding the code of the revenue village, UP Khasra Khatauni Online Number and plot number. The step by step procedure is as follows -

1. Login to the UP Bhulekh online portal

2. Click on the button that reads “Know the Unique Code of Revenue Village (Khasra) Khatauni” on the home page.


3. On the next page select the district, tehsil, and select village name/village code


4. Under the “Select Village name/Village Code” option, the user can find the revenue code of the village. They can follow the aforementioned steps in order to obtain the required information.

What Information is Available on the UP Bhulekh Online Portal?

As UP Bhulekh is an online portal which provides information concerning the ownership of the land, such UP records are fairly important while verifying the details of the landowner. In addition to the same, the information which is available can also be utilized to avoid possible scenarios involving property fraud. It is possible since the portal dispenses information of the true owner of the property. Additionally, the UP land records in question specify the exact area and the type of land it is. The record also divulges information pertaining to any loans, leases, and stay orders that have been issued in its name, among others.

It can also be used for the purpose of checking the official current status of requests made by the owners such as changes of name or the type of land.

Can we use the Bhulekh Online Records for Official Purposes?

For official purposes, the land owner will have to get an authorized copy of the record. That can be done by submitting an application with the concerned officials at their local Revenue Department (Tehsil Office) along with a nominal fee. They can then collect the physical copy from the department. This is the only version of the document that is legally valid.

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UP Land Records FAQ

  • ✔️How to check for one’s khasra number in Uttar Pradesh?

    In order to check for the Khasra number, you must follow the below steps:

    1. Log in to the official portal that is dedicated to Bhulekh UP
    2. Select the option of “Khatauni Ki Nakal Dekhin” on the home page.
    3. Enter the details of the Village, Tehsil, and District along with the captcha code
    4. Select “Search by Khasra Number'' and then click on “Submit’. You should be able to see the land details.

  • ✔️How can I look up my UP land details?

    Follow these steps and the Uttar Pradesh Land Records can be easily accessed on Bhulekh UP:

    1. Visit the Bhulekh UP website
    2. Click on the option “Khatauni Ki Nakal Dekhin, On the home page
    3. Enter the case-sensitive captcha code along with the necessary information pertaining to the District, Tehsil, and Village
    4. You will then be required to enter the Khata number, Khasra number, and name of the owner. Finally, you must click on the green button in order to obtain the land records.

  • ✔️How can I check my land registry online in UP?

    The land registry in UP is entirely digitized; the citizens can access the land records through the Bhulekh UP. In order to do so, you must:

    1. Go to the Bhulekh UP portal.

    2. Click on the “Khatauni Ki Nakal Dekhin” button on the home page.

    3. Enter the details such as the Village, Tehsil, and District

    4. After that, you would need to enter the captcha code, proceed by clicking on the Green Button.

    5. You should be able to see the details of the land records

  • ✔️How can I get my BhuNaksha (land map) in UP?

    The land maps of UP are available on the BhuNaksha website. The steps for checking the land map is as follows:

    1. You must log into the UP bhu naksha website
    2. Fill in the details such as the District, Village, and Tehsil in order to view the map
    3. The land type information will be available
    4. By clicking on the plot number you can get details of the owner, plot size, etc.

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