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BhuLekh Uttarakhand is an online portal where citizens of Uttarakhand can get their land record details. You can access ROR, BhuLekh maps, Khasra, and Khatauni details with just a few clicks. Furthermore, you can also update land details on the web portal without having to physically visit any of the government offices. Provided is some vital information about the portal that you should know.

Name of the Portal

BhuLekh Uttarakhand

Official Website


Initiated by 

The Government of Uttarakhand


Easy online access to land records 

Details Accessible

  • Record of Rights

  • Land mutation details

  • Details of Khasra, Khatauni

  • BhuLekh maps

Benefits of BhuLekh Uttarakhand

The digitisation of land records has enabled the citizens of Uttarakhand to enjoy multiple benefits such as:

  • Offers quick and easy access to land records

  • Grants access to data and records from anywhere, at anytime

  • Prevents data manipulation, corruption, and fraud

  • Helps maintain transparency between the government and the people, as all the information is made accessible on the portal

How to Check Your Khatauni Details Online?

Having the details of your Khatauni (ID number that is usually assigned to cultivators), makes it easier for you to access your land record details on the BhuLekh UK portal. Follow the steps below to find out your Khatauni details:

  • Step 1: Click on the ‘Public ROR’ option on the main page of the BhuLekh Uttarakhand portal

  • Step 2: Select the district, tehsil, and village

  • Step 3: Enter either your Khasra/Ghata number, or the name of the account holder, or the date of mutation

  • Step 4: Click on ‘Search’. If the details entered are correct, your Khatauni details will be displayed on the screen

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How to Check Uttarakhand Land Records Online

To check your land details online on the BhuLekh Uttarakhand portal, follow these simple steps. 

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of BhuLekh Uttarakhand - https://bhulekh.uk.gov.in/

  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Public ROR’ option, which is visible on the top right side of the portal

  • Step 3: Select the district, tehsil, and village

  • Step 4: From the number of options available (mutation date, name of the buyer/seller, or Khasra/Khatauni details) to check land record details, choose the one that suits you best and provide the required information.

  • Step 5: Click on ‘Search’, post which the land record details will be visible on your screen

Importance of Uttarakhand ROR

The Record of Rights (ROR) is a very important legal document. This document plays a major role in the following scenarios:

  • Sale of property

  • Resolution of litigations

  • Application for a Loan Against Property or Home Loan

  • Verification of title and ownership of a property

  • Opening a new bank account


The digital accessibility of property ownership details online makes processes a lot simpler and more transparent. While you plan to have details of your property included on your state’s registry, make sure to keep in mind the stamp duty and registration costs associated with it. Use the BhuLekh Uttarakhand portal to save your time and effort.


What is the purpose of BhuLekh Uttarakhand?

The purpose of BhuLekh UK is to digitise the land records of the state. It also ensures that the citizens of the state can have easy and transparent access to these records. 

Where can I check Uttarakhand’s land records?

You can conveniently check Uttarakhand’s land records by visiting the official website - https://bhulekh.uk.gov.in. 

How can I get the land map (BhuNaksha) of Uttarakhand?

To obtain your land map, log in to the BhuNaksha Uttarakhand website. Then enter the district, tehsil, and village details to view the land map online. If you prefer the offline process, you can submit an application to the department office.

How can I view my Khasra number on the BhuLekh Uttarakhand website?

On the official website of BhuLekh Uttarakhand, choose the ‘Public ROR’ option on the home page. Then, choose the district, tehsil, and village. After that, as per the information you have, select an option and enter the relevant data to see your Khasra details.

What is the ‘Public ROR’ option on the BhuLekh Uttarakhand website?

Short for ‘Records of Right’, the Public ROR option on the BhuLekh Uttarakhand website gives you the details of your property. This includes ownership, title, liabilities, and other details. To get information, you need the district, tehsil, and village names, along with other details, such as account name or number.

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