In India, land ownership is often passed down from generation to generation without appropriate records of paperwork being drawn up to reflect the same. Land is often part of the inheritance for an heir, and could even be part of the wedding gift made to a young married couple in the family.

In recent years, record of ownership has improved substantially and a lot of transparency has been achieved, even in the rural parts of India, on who owns which land and how much of it. With increasing adoption of digitalisation across all sectors of the Indian economy, it has been observed that maintaining land records has become much easier and more transparent. Government bodies are facilitating the maintenance of these records by bringing forth websites that enable land records to be a part of the public domain.

There are several benefits offered by the digitisation of land ownership records, a few of which you can read about below.

  • The transparency of land record management helps all the stakeholders to know who the concerned parties are, and can help ease disputes or even result in people taking note of unauthorised possession of their land by third parties.

  • It acts as a single window interface for everybody who wishes to know any detail about land ownership in the state, and helps in the maintenance of public records

  • Through this increased transparency, it is now much easier to conduct any kind of business transactions in the sector since it is easier to find out who the concerned persons are with any piece of land.

Several Indian states are rapidly moving toward digitalising property ownership records in order to make processes simpler for landowners. Uttarakhand has pioneered this transition through its Devbhoomi Uttarakhand portal, wherein records of land ownership are maintained and can be viewed by anybody. The Devbhoomi UK is the embodiment of the benefits mentioned above, since it offers a comprehensive view on land ownership in the state.

On the BhuLekh Uttarakhand portal, you are only required to enter a few details, which will be sufficient for gathering any information you require related to the ownership of the property.

How to Check Your Devbhoomi Uttarakhand Land Records Online

1.Go to Website:

Go to the official website of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand.

2. Select District:

On the left side of the website, the districts of the state are listed, of which you are required to first select the district where the property is located. Select the district you are interested in.

3. Select Tehsil:

Next, select the appropriate option for the tehsils located within the district from the list. Select the tehsil which has the property you are interested in, and click on ‘ok’.

4. Select Village:

Once you have selected the tehsil, you need to select the name of the village where the property is located.

5. Enter Account Number:

You can decide to check the ownership records by entering the account number

Other Options to Check Records 

  1. If you have the date that the property was mutated on, that can also help you access the required information. Mutation refers to the transfer of property by way of a will, a gift deed, through partition or even inheritance. Since the mutation date is the date that the ownership of the property was changed, it can often locate property records faster.

  2. If you know the name of the person who had sold the property to the person who currently holds it, you can input that to access the relevant information. In many cases, especially in cases involving ancestral property, it can be especially difficult to have information on who sold the property a considerable number of years ago.

  3. Having the buyer’s name can also help you access information on the property ownership. So in case of the example above, if you don’t know the name of the property’s seller, it would help if you know the name of the person from your family who made the purchase. Even entering this detail will enable you to access the property ownership records.

  4. The last option available to you for accessing property ownership records through the Devbhoomi Uttarakhand website is if you know the name of the account holder. Entering those details will also let you access property ownership records.

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