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IGR stands for Inspector General of Registration. In Kerala, as in most other states of India, this is a very important and relevant department that falls under the administration of the respective state government. The key objectives of this department include ensuring fair practices by detecting and preventing fraud and ensuring the safety and ease of accessibility for important documentation.

IGR Kerala Online Services

Some of the important services offered by the IGR include:

  • Encumbrance Certificate: Encumbrance certificate in Kerala is a mandatory requirement for property transactions. More on this in the upcoming sections.

  • Document Registration: All information regarding document registration, eligibility and applicability, including the escalation mechanism.
  • Document Writing Fee: Complete list of maximum fees applicable for different kinds of document writers or scribes, so you don’t end up paying extra.

  • Stamp Duty and Fees: Complete list of relevant stamp duty charges that are used for different business and other legal transactions.

  • Marriage Registration: Details regarding the solemnization and registration of marriages.

  • Society Registration: Societies looking to register themselves under the Societies Registration Act 1860 can find all the relevant information through this service.

Importance of Encumbrance Certificate Kerala

The encumbrance certificate in Kerala serves as an assurance that a property is not disputed or under any ongoing monetary and legal liabilities. This, in turn, allows the free-hold sale of the said property and associated transfer of title and ownership. The different scenarios which require the production of an encumbrance certificate in Kerala include:

  • Withdrawal of PF or while taking a loan against your PF amount for purchase of property and/or construction of a house

  • Seeking loan against property from a bank or any non-banking financial lender, to confirm that there are not other ongoing loans on the same property

  • Any transfer of ownership due to sale or gifting of property

Paying land tax is a mandatory requirement (unless in special exempted situations). If it has not been paid for more than 3 years in succession then the encumbrance certificate of Kerala needs to be produced with the local authority and tax needs to be paid to avoid penalties and other action.

Details in EC Online Kerala

IGR, the Registration Department, is the issuing authority of the encumbrance certificate in Kerala. A standard encumbrance certificate acts as historical evidence of all the financial and legal transactions made regarding the particular property over a specified period of time. So, you can expect to find the following details in a typical encumbrance certificate of Kerala. Different specific situations may require additional information, as applicable.

  • Owner (s) name and relevant personal details.

  • Address of the property and additional relevant details.

  • Detailed description of the property which matches the information as noted in the original sale deed.

  • Each and every transaction relating to the property is documented. This includes those transactions that have been recorded by the Registrar and which have a direct impact on the said property. An EC is expected to reflect this as well.

  • In the case that a loan was used to purchase the property, then the authorities require the encumbrance certificate to contain the relevant details of the loan.

  • If the property was originally bought as a partnership, but one or more partners have relinquished their share, then the release details for the deed will also need to be recorded in the EC.

  • If the property and the deed were received as a gift then the associated details will be mentioned as part of the gift settlement section.

It is worth noting that documents such as testamentary documents or short-term lease deeds are not required to be registered. This exemption also gets them excluded from the encumbrance certificate in Kerala, as only those transactions and documents that have been registered with the office are eventually reflected in the EC.

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Fee for Encumbrance Certificate Kerala

The Registration Department provides several services, and as one would expect, these services have an associated charge or fee with them. Here is a helpful table that shows the fees of the common transactions associated with the encumbrance certificate in Kerala.


Type of Transaction

Fee Amount


Application fee for certified copy and Encumbrance Certificate

Rs. 15


A general search for the first 5 years

Rs. 105


A general search for 6 to 30 years

Rs. 250


A general search for years exceeding 30 years

Rs. 30 for each year exceeding 30 years in addition to Rs. 250

If there are multiple owners of the property, then each owner has to pay the mentioned fees. Apart from this, there are several other services provided by the IGR and the fees for them can be checked online at their official web page.

How to Apply for an Encumbrance Certificate in Kerala Online?

With the deep penetration of the internet in the state, the government of Kerala has made several of its people-friendly services available online. This is extremely useful and very convenient. People no longer need to stand in long queues while visiting physical offices. If you are looking to apply for an encumbrance certificate of Kerala online, then you just need to follow these simple steps.

  • Visit the official website of Kerala state’s Registration department. You can find the link in the section “IGR Kerala Official Details”.

  • In the main menu click on ‘Certificates’.

  • The first item you will see is the ‘Encumbrance Certificate’. Click on that.

  • Subsequently, you will see three options in the menu. Choose the first one that says ‘Submit Application for EC’.

  • The application page of the encumbrance certificate of Kerala, online version, will open up now.

  • Here you need to select the District name and Sub-Registrar Office from the dropdown list and fill in the relevant personal details (as the applicant) such as name, contact, address etc.

  • Then fill in the relevant details of the property, including its address, boundaries etc.

  • Finally, you need to enter the search period language of the EC and the preferred mode of online payment.

  • The applicable fees will automatically be calculated based on your inputs.

  • Confirm the details you have entered, click on the ‘I Agree’ checkbox, and enter the captcha for verification.

  • You are now ready to submit the application.

  • After submitting a window will open up with the option of ‘View Acknowledgement’. Click on that.

  • It is advisable to store the Transaction ID received in the acknowledgement window for future reference.


Note: It is recommended to keep saving the application form after completion of each of the steps from 6-10. Submit only after you have verified all details are complete.

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Check Status and Download EC Kerala

The status of the EC application can be checked online by logging in to the IGR Kerala’s official website. The option ‘EC Status’ in the menu needs to be clicked and you will be required to provide your transaction ID. You can even download the EC online. The detailed steps have been mentioned in the next section.

Documents Required to Apply for an Encumbrance Certificate Kerala

Here are some documents that you will require to apply for an EC in Kerala:

  • Attested address proof documents like utility bills, Aadhaar card, PAN card, and so on.

  • Property registration document.

  • Documents such as release deed, property sale deed, and partition deed.

  • Papers reflecting the deed number.

  • Other crucial documents like release deed, property sale deed, and partition deed.

  • Address proof documents of the property.

How to Check EC Online Kerala Document Status?

After the successful filing of your EC online Kerala application and the payment of the applicable fee, the concerned sub-registrar office will initiate the process of generating and issuing the EC. The checking of the status and even the downloading process after the generation of EC can be conveniently done by following these simple steps.

Follow the steps from 1 - 3, as mentioned in the How to Apply section.

  • The three options that will be visible include ‘Submit Application for EC’, ‘Print Acknowledgement’, and ‘EC Status’.

  • By clicking on ‘EC Status’, you can easily track the status of your application.

  • You will be required to provide your Transaction ID, which you should have saved as part of step 13 in the previous section.

  • Similarly, once the EC is ready, you can download its PDF version and store it on your PC or smartphone.

Note: It is recommended to check the details mentioned in the EC with your property deed to ensure there are no discrepancies.

IGR Kerala Official Details

To apply, check the status and/or download the encumbrance certificate of Kerala online or to avail any of the other useful services offered by the Registration Department, you can use the below-provided contact details.

Official Web Page


Email ID


Phone Numbers

0471-2472118, 0471-2472110

WhatsApp Number



If you are purchasing or selling property in Kerala, or for that matter, any state in India, you must ensure the right paperwork and documentation is produced. One such important document to be created at the time of a property transaction is an encumbrance certificate – a document that certifies that a property is not disputed or under any ongoing monetary and legal liabilities. To create the same, you must apply with the Inspector General of Registration, Kerala. Follow the steps mentioned above to do so in a hassle-free and seamless manner. If you want to purchase property, and are facing a fund crunch, avail of an instant home loan through the vast network of home loan providers listed on the Bajaj Markets website.

Kerala Encumbrance Certificate FAQs

How can I get an encumbrance certificate online in Kerala?

Getting an encumbrance certificate in Kerala online is a simple enough process that can be initiated by visiting the IGR website. It has been described in detail in an earlier section.

How can I download an EC Certificate in Kerala?

By visiting the IGR website, you can download your encumbrance certificate in Kerala online.

How can I check my EC details online?

This, too, can be achieved by visiting the IGR website and by following the steps described earlier.

How long will it take to get an encumbrance certificate in Kerala?

It may take around 6-10 working days to get the EC online in Kerala.

Fake entries in encumbrance certificate applications in Kerala

In spite of all the regulatory steps that the government has taken; there are still some cases that come up regarding fraud. This is mainly due to irregularities in document submissions, fake entries, the same property sold to multiple people, and so on.

What is the validity of the encumbrance certificate in Kerala?

The validity period of the EC Kerala is mentioned in the document itself. Beyond this date, the EC stands invalid.

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