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What is IGR Maharashtra?

The Inspector-General of Registration (IGR) Maharashtra is the nodal state authority for registration and stamps. If you have bought a property in Maharashtra, you must register your sale deed with IGR Maharashtra after paying the stamp duty and registration charges. In other words, the IGR Maharashtra gov ensures that state residents comply with the mandatory provision of registering any fixed/immovable property.

IGR Maharashtra Data Policy

The state department for registration has recently prepared a draft data management policy to transform physical records into electronic and digital data, which would be secured on the cloud. According to the draft document, the new data management policy would not only digitally preserve all records pertaining to individual rights, titles and deeds but would also streamline the current transactions. The new policy would also prevent counterfeiting of documents. The new data policy also caps the amount of information that is available in the public domain. 

IGR Maharashtra: iSarita 2.0

iSarita stands for Integrated Stamp and Registration Information Technology Application. It is the IGR Maharashtra’s web-based centralised system providing various digital facilities to state residents. You can know about the different property transactions and registrations and use the digital data entry tool to enter the relevant property-related data yourself. Besides allowing IGR Maharashtra to streamline its functions and provide efficient delivery, iSarita 2.0 also helps the department monitor its offices across the state effectively.

IGR Maharashtra Property Valuation

The IGR Maharashtra gov evaluates the property on the basis of variables, like urban area, rural area, influence area, and more. Based on these, an Annual Statement of Rates (ASR) is prepared. For valuation of your property or to know the stamp duty payable, you are required to follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit the official website of IGR Maharashtra.

  2. From the menu of ‘Online Services’, select ‘e-ASR.’ 

  3. You will now be redirected to a map. Click on the area where your property is located.

  4. Now select your village/town and district.

  5. You can now search the Annual Statement of Rates (ASR) by survey number or location. 

What are Maharashtra ready reckoner rates?

The Annual Statement of Rates is also known as the IGR Maharashtra ready reckoner rates. This is the minimum price of any property fixed by the government. Any property cannot be sold below the benchmark of ready reckoner rates. These rates differ across localities, districts, cities and villages. The government charges stamp duty and registration duty based on the ready reckoner rates. 

Stamp Duty Refund in IGRMaharashtra

If the use of your purchased stamp is cancelled or the stamp is damaged before it could be used, you can claim a refund under the relevant provisions of the state Stamp Act. For getting a stamp duty refund, you need to submit an application. You are also required to provide the required documents, such as the online token, physical affidavit, stamp sale certificate, stamp dealer receipt and so on. 

How to Calculate Stamp Duty in IGR Maharashtra?

You can easily calculate your stamp duty using the online stamp duty calculator on the IGR Maharashtra’s official web portal. You are required to:

  1. Select stamp duty calculator from the online services tab.

  2. Upload and register your sale deed online.

  3. Choose your locality from the options of Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council, Cantonment or gram panchayat. 

  4. Now enter the market value and the consideration amount. Remember, while the market value is the same as the ready reckoner rate, the consideration amount is the actual sale amount. 

  5. Once you click on submit, you can know your stamp duty. 

IGR Maharashtra: Notice of Intimation

You have to file a notice of intimation within 30 days of your property being mortgaged. This process is also known as a notice of intimation for a loan or mortgage through a deposit of title deed. This notice protects the interest of banks or housing loan providers and prevents misuse of the already mortgaged property. 

Through an amendment in the Registration Act, a provision was made for electronic filing of the notice of intimation pertaining to the deposit of title deed. So you can easily file a notice of intimation online on the official web portal of IGR Maharashtra. Here you are required to follow the steps given below:

  1. Select online services and then click on ‘filing(for citizens).’

  2. Now click on ‘Process efiling.’

  3. Once you reach the next page, click on ‘Register Citizen.’ 

  4. Enter all required details, including ‘Authorised Person Name’, ‘Contact Person Address’ and ‘Contact Person ID Details.’You also have to provide your username and password and enter the Captcha code. 

  5. Your registration process is now complete.

  6. Now log in to the home page of IGR Maharashtra by providing your username and password. 

  7. At this stage, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter it to complete the login process. 

  8. Now click on ‘E-Filing’ and enter all the required details. 

  9. Your notice of intimation has now been successfully filed. 

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How to Search Maharashtra Property Registration Documents?

To search your property registration documents, follow the steps given below:

  1. Head to the official web portal of IGR Maharashtra.

  2. Select the option of ‘e-Search.’

  3. Click on ‘Free Process.’

  4. You will now reach the page providing the options to select the location of your property. Once you select your district and provide the name of your village, you have to enter details, including the year of property’s registration, property number, survey number, and so on.

  5. You will now get various options for an IGR Maharashtra document search. Select ‘Name-Based Search’ or click on the options of ‘Search’ or ‘CERSAI Search.’

  6. You can now see the search results pertaining to your property. 

What is Index II in IGR Maharashtra?

Index II is the authorised transaction record in the data records of the department of registration. Index II acts as proof of your successful transaction. Here’s a look at the particulars of this document:

  1. It specifies the document type, such as sale deed, mortgage deed, and so on.

  2. It contains the property’s consideration amount.

  3. It provides details of the property, including address, location, jurisdiction, zone, landmark, survey number, and so on.

  4. It specifies the execution date.

  5. It specifies the nature of the property, such as residential, commercial etc.

  6. It provides the name and number of parties.

  7. It specifies the amount paid as registration fee and stamp duty. 

IGR Maharashtra Mobile App

For the convenience of state residents, the IGR Maharashtra gov has launched a mobile-based app: ‘SARATHI IGR Helpline.’ Depending upon the OS of your mobile, you can download and install it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can use this app to get details about the department of registration across different cities/locations in Maharashtra. You can also seamlessly complete the process of property document registration via this app. The SARATHI IGR Helpline App also contains other online facilities, such as the stamp duty calculator. 

IGR Maharashtra: MoDT registration

If you are looking to take a home loan in Maharashtra, you should know about the compulsory MODT registration. Memorandum of Deposit of Title Deed (MoDT) is an undertaking by the home loan borrower, affirming that the individual has deposited the title deed of the property along with other requisite documents with the home loan provider or lender. This undertaking has to be registered with the department or registration. MoDT registration protects the interest of the lender in case of non-payment or defaults. 

IGR Maharashtra Contact Details

Here’s a look at the contact details of the IGR Maharashtra gov:

Contact number



IGR office, ground floor, new administrative building, near Vidhan Bhavan, Pune 411001.



IGR Maharashtra FAQs

What is Index 2 in property agreement?

Issued by the sub-registrar’s office, Index 2 provides various details of the registered property, including the names of the buyer and seller.

How can I check my government land value in Maharashtra?

You can know the value of land fixed by the government by going through IGRMaharashtra ready reckoner rates.

What is the IGR process?

The Inspector-General of Registration, abbreviated as IGR, is the nodal state-level authority maintaining all property registration records. Every immovable/fixed property in the state has to be registered with the IGR.

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