Jamabandi Haryana Land Record

If you are looking to purchase land in any given part of the country, for personal purposes, agricultural land or for business purposes, chances are that you will likely want to access records and information about that piece of land before you make your purchase, to ensure all is in order, and to make sure that you know exactly what you are purchasing.

“Jamabandi” is the term employed in Haryana when referring to these land record details. Also referred to as “Fardh”, Jamabandi are Haryana land records that are accessible to the public if they wish to inquire about a certain piece of land. Since Jamabandi Haryana records were earlier kept in physical form, processing and making this information available would take relatively long periods of time. Now, the Indian government has launched the National Land Records Modernisation program, also known as the Digital India National Land Records program, which is an initiative aimed at digitising land-related records in each state, across the country. 

The government also plans on launching Demat accounts for property which will store all land record related details digitally in accounts that will be unique to the holder. Several state governments have been coming up with their own solutions under the Digital India National Land Records Program, to digitize land record details, making it easier for the public to access this information.

Jamabandi Haryana is the digital portal launched by the state government of Haryana that aims to create a central database of land-related information that individuals can access. Previously known as Bhulekh Haryana, then being renamed alongside the website to Jamabandi, the website allows individuals to access and sort land record details based on a number of parameters such as Khasra number, Khewat number (an account number given to landowners who jointly own the land) and by the owner name. The haryana land record details through the Jamabandi Haryana website allows Individuals to access data such as the plot number, name of the owner, what type of land it is (agricultural, mountainous etc), as well as the estimated value. Additionally, users can also download copies of records of a specific piece of land.

How to Navigate the Jamabandi Haryana Website

If you would like to check the registration deed, the type of land or similar details, here’s now you can do so,

  • Visit Jamabandi.nic.in.

  • Once you have landed on the home page, from the number of drop-down options at the top of the page, select the dropdown menu titled “Jamabandi”. This will reveal additional options.

  • From these additional options, select “Jamabandi Nakal”. This will bring up the search page that will let you sort Haryana land records through the Bhulekh Haryana website, titled “Nakal details”.

  • From there, you can select from the options at the top, what you would like to sort the data by. Current options include “owner name”, “By Khewat”, “By Khasra” and “By date of mutation.

  • Proceed to select the name of your tehsil and sub tehsil, your village name, and the ‘Jamabandi year’.

  • Filling up these slots will bring up the relevant information you are looking for.

Benefits of Jamabandi Haryana

One of the biggest benefits of the Haryana land record portal Jamabandi Haryana is the ease, and speed of access to these land record details it offers. There are, however, a number of additional benefits as well. For instance, if you are looking to purchase a piece of land, you can determine exactly what area that land is located in, what type of land it is and if it is right for your investment purposes. For instance, you would want to verify that the land you are purchasing is not agricultural land, does not have a road running through it, or belongs to a graham panchayat.

Jamabandi Haryana is an initiative launched by the Haryana government, in an attempt to digitize land records and increase ease of access. This website is especially useful if you are looking to purchase land in the state, allowing you to scout your options. If you are looking to purchase land to build a home, at Finserv MARKETS, there are a number of home loan offerings from various financial lenders.

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