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The erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir was recently reconstituted into two union territories, namely Ladakh as well as Jammu and Kashmir, in the year 2019. Jammu and Kashmir is primarily known all over the world for their breathtaking beauty. Located in the heart of the Himalayas, Jammu and Kashmir boast of stunning winters, memorable autumn months, and even a very distinct and colorful spring season.

In addition to these USPs, Jammu and Kashmir is also a well-administered union territory. The various government departments in the area function effectively, keeping Jammu and Kashmir operating as per the procedure. One such section is the land records department, which is responsible for conducting surveys, executing land reforms, and settling disputes, among other things. 

One of the key objectives of this department is to make the relevant land records available online, so they can be easily accessed by the people of Jammu and Kashmir. In order to facilitate the availability and usage of online land records, Jammu and Kashmir’s revenue department has taken measures such as data entry, digitization of the map of the area, management of the old Jammu land records, and the development of a web-based Geographic Information System (GIS).

Let’s take a closer look at the functions of the revenue department and how it is working to make online land records in Jammu and Kashmir possible.

Steps to Apply for Jammu and Kashmir Land Records

Currently, there are no online land records in Jammu and Kashmir. So, if you live in Jammu and Kashmir and want to apply for land records in the area, you will need to go about it through a manual process. Here is a step-by-step guide to how you can do this easily.

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of the revenue department

Head to the official website of Financial Commissioner Revenue of Jammu and Kashmir by clicking the following link: http://jkfcr.nic.in/functions.html. 

  • Step 2: Download the application form

Look for the application form for land records on the website and download it. Alternatively, you can also obtain the form from the office of the revenue department. 

  • Step 3: Complete the application form

If you have downloaded the application form, take a printout of the same and fill in the necessary details. Alternatively, if you have directly procured the form from the revenue department’s office, you can proceed to fill it in right away. 

  • Step 4: Submit the application form 

Once you have completed the relevant details, submit the form to the land records department of Jammu and Kashmir. You will soon receive a copy of the Jamabandi. 

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Function of Revenue Department in Jammu and Kashmir

The revenue department in Jammu and Kashmir has many functions. Here are some of the top objectives that the department takes care of.

  • To maintain, update and preserve offline and online land records in Jammu and Kashmir

  • To recover records related to any loans, advances, or any outstanding declaration in the form of arrears

  • To arrange land for use by the government by acquiring land 

  • To deliver timely incentives as required

  • In case of a disaster, to arrange for the relief and rehabilitation of the general public 

Maintenance of Jammu and Kashmir Land Record

The Revenue Act of Jammu and Kashmir governs the maintenance of land records in the area. This act also has provisions that govern the making of new records. At present, the concerned department in Jammu and Kashmir maintains the following kinds of online land records in Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Record of Rights: 

Also known as Misalhaquat, these records include particulars such as the name of the land owner, the tenant to know the asset has been let out, the rates of buying and letting out the land, the size of the area of the land, and the details of the payments due on the land. This is one of the most important documents pertaining to land records in Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Girdawari:

This document pertains to the inspection of the harvest from the land. The inspection is carried out bi-annually, and it is conducted for both Kharif crops as well as Rabi crops. The Girdawari document is prepared by Patwaris on the spot, right at the time of the inspection itself. It also includes details of the condition and the nature of the crops grown on the land. 

  • Jamabandi:

The Jamabandi is a document that is prepared as a part of the Record of Rights. It has all the details pertaining to the ownership of the land, the cultivation therein, and the updated particulars about the various rights related to the land in question. The Jamabandi is revised once every five years.

  • Mutation Register:

As the name indicates, the mutation register records the details of any changes in the ownership or the title of the land. Separate mutation registers are maintained for the different villages in Jammu and Kashmir, and each page in the register includes information such as the name of the village, the name of the tehsil, the name of the district, and the date on which the document has been issued.

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Contact Details of Jammu and Kashmir Revenue Department

In case you have any queries or doubts, or if you want to raise any complaints, you can always get in touch with the revenue department of Jammu and Kashmir. You can get in touch with them in any of the following ways. 

Method of contact

Particulars of the contact details

Via the official website of the Financial Commissioner Revenue of Jammu and Kashmir


Via a phone call

091074 37630

This should help you get in touch with the revenue department of Jammu and Kashmir in case you have any doubts. Remember to always get your concerns clarified, so that your land records are in order and up to date.


When it comes to buying or selling property, maintaining adequate documentation is a must. If you are a resident of Jammu and Kashmir, and you wish to access your land records, then contact the Jammu and Kashmir Revenue Department through the means listed above. If you are interested in purchasing a plot, choose from the list of loan providers listed Bajaj Markets to fund your dream purchase with a Home Loan.

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