About Jharbhoomi Jharkhand

Jharbhoomi is a digital land record system designed by the Department of Revenue, Government of Jharkhand under the National Land Records Modernisation Programme. Jharbhoomi Jharkhand is a much-needed departure from the inconvenient physical storage of land records in Jharkhand – a process that was fraught with several irregularities, frauds, and even harassment of farmers and genuine landowners in rural Jharkhand. Besides accessing land-related information on Bhulekh Jharkhand, the portal can be used to pay land taxes.

Key Services Provided by Jharbhoomi Jharkhand

Users can avail of the following key services on the Jharbhoomi Jharkhand portal:


  • Details of Land Records

  • Mutation documents

  • Change in ownership details of a land parcel

  • Digitisation of Revenue and Registry details

  • Khatian or Register-II registration

  • Online land tax payment

  • Landscape Map Records

How To Access Jharkhand Land Records On The Jharbhoomi Portal?

A land record in Jharkhand, commonly known as Khatian serves as a legal document to certify the land ownership. A landowner in Jharkhand must possess a Khatian to prove his/her legal rights over the property. The following land details are consolidated in the Register-II on the Jharbhoomi Jharkhand portal:


1. Land type

Classified into varieties such as forest land, Ryoti(land over which rights have been acquired for cultivation purposes), Railway, Sikami(tenancy land), district council, etc.


2. Khata or account number

Khata is an account number allocated to a family and indicates its members’ entire landholdings. It divulges the details of landowners and their land holdings


3. Khesra number

 It is an identification number assigned to each land parcel, as per government records. It is a plot or survey number allocated to a given area of land in villages. In urban areas, land parcels are allocated a survey or plot number.


4. Jamabandi

Also known as the Record of Rights, it comprises entries related to land ownership, Khesra number, and latest information on various rights over a given land.


Steps for Khatian or Register-II registration

  • Visit the Official Portal of Jharbhoomi Jharkhand at https://jharbhoomi.nic.in.

  • On the portal, click on the ‘See Account & Register-II’ option.

  • Select Khatian or ‘Register 2’ option and input the details such as land type, district name, Meja or area name, and account number.

  • Once the details are filled in, click on Khatiyana or ‘Register 2’ to the registration process.


Steps to Check Land Records in Jharkhand on Jharbhoomi Portal

Once the Khatian is registered on the Jharbhoomi portal, the land records in Jharkhand can be accessed through a corresponding Khata or account number through the following steps:


  • On the homepage of the Jharbhoomi portal, click on the ‘View Your Account’ tab

  • You shall now be directed to a page consisting of a digital map indicating districts. Select the district where your land is situated.

  • Now, a block map of the selected district shall be displayed on the screen. Select the relevant block where your land is present.

  • On the next page, select the land variety and light type options from the drop-down list

  • You can choose to view the document based on Mauja by Name, Mauja by Khesra number, account number, or account holder name. Mauja here refers to an administrative district.

  • Once you select one of the above options and click on the ‘Search Account’ button, the revenue land record shall be reflected on the screen

To Wrap Up

A land record is a crucial criterion in verifying the land’s authenticity during a sale/purchase transaction between parties. This is more so the case in rural villages where several disputed land ownership cases resulting in fraudulent transactions have been reported. Bhulekh Jharkhand has been a way forward to put an end to such fraudulent land transactions by ensuring verification of land authenticity through its online portal. Additionally, its Grievance Redressal mechanism has been quite effective in highlighting any land disputes. Quick and easy access to myriad land-related documents such as revenue and registry records, mutation certificates, and online land tax payment receipts are extremely pivotal while selling or purchasing land.

So, if you are looking to purchase or invest in land in Jharkhand, the Jharbhoomi portal could be your go-to guide. Accessing Jharbhoomi for the revenue records of the land you wish to buy might answer your queries and help establish the land owner’s credibility before beginning the negotiations. Besides, if you are planning to construct a home on the purchased land, opting for a home loan on Finserv MARKETS would be your safest bet. On Finserv MARKETS, you can now apply for a home loan and avail of a loan amount of up to Rs. 5 Crores at affordable interest rates!

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