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Manipur is divided geographically into hill and valley regions. The land system is made up of both surveyed and unsurveyed land. All valley districts have survey land, while hill districts have both survey and unsurveyed land. Loucha Pathap website is the online portal for Manipur land records and other land-related information, which the Manipur government launched. This portal gives you access to all information about a parcel of land, including the owner's name, the land's actual value, the computed value, the area, and other relevant details. With all of the land records digitized, extracting ground and property-related information becomes much more accessible. It saves you time and effort while also increasing transparency. On the official Loucha Pathap website, you can find information about all of the districts and villages.


The primary goals of the Loucha Pathap website are as follows:

  • Ensure timeliness, accuracy, transparency, and conflict resolution

  • Provide quick and efficient information retrieval for decision making 

  • Achieve low-cost and easily reproducible essential land record data for reliable and long-term preservation 

  • Value addition and modernization in land administration

E-Services of Manipur Land Records

The Loucha Pathap website automates and consolidates all of the state's land records. It also provides a variety of other services to make land-related work more convenient. 


The following are some of the services that can be found on the website:

  • Revised Rate of Land Tax

You can quickly check the revised rate of land tax anytime at the Loucha Pathap portal. 

  • Detailed Rate of Land Tax

On the Loucha Pathap portal, you can view the land class, rate per hectare, effective year, and minimum amount.

  • Manipur Jamabandi/Patta /RoR

Records of Rights (RoR) are the primary records containing information about the land, its owners, cultivators, transactions, etc. You can use the Loucha Pathap website to view or download your Jamabandi Manipur land records.

  • Online Mutation

If the property is registered, transferable, and its final publication is complete, you can apply for online mutation by filling out the online form on the Loucha Pathap website.

  • Document Registration System

Document registration is also one of the e-services of the Loucha Pathap. Therefore, you can use this portal to do your document registration quickly. 

  • Minimum Guidance Value (MGV)

With the help of the Loucha Pathap website, you can see the Minimum Guidance Value, actual value, computed value, registration fee, stamp fee, and other details.

Manipur Registration Process

Here are the steps of the Manipur registration process.

  • Step 1: Visit the official Loucha Pathap website at https://louchapathap.nic.in/MIS/frmROR45 

  • Step 2: The National Generic Document Registration System (NGDRSM) Manipur option can be found in the main navigation menu.

  • Step 3: When you click on it, you will be taken to the NGDRS Manipur official website.

  • Step 4: You can log in as a citizen or an organization at the top of the page.

  • Step 5: In the citizen section, select the register option.

  • Step 6: You will see the citizen registration form on your screen. Select one of the Indian/NRI options and begin filling out the form.

  • Step 7: After you have entered your information, you will be prompted to create a username and password.

  • Step 8: You will then be asked to verify your identity using a captcha.

  • Step 9: The final step is to choose a question from the list and type your response. This will assist you in logging in if you forget your password.

  • Step 10: Press the submit button.

By following these steps, your registration process will be completed. 

How to Check Manipur Land Records?

Checking the Manipur land records has become easy with the Loucha Pathap portal services. 

Here are the steps that you must follow to check the Manipur land records.

  • Step 1: Visit the Loucha Pathap portal's official website at https://louchapathap.nic.in/MIS/frmROR45.

  • Step 2: After visiting the website, you will be redirected to the homepage.

  • Step 3: On the home page, go to the main navigation menu and select login.

  • Step 4: Type your username and password into the boxes provided.

  • Step 5: Use captcha verification to confirm your identity before logging in.

  • Step 6: You will be redirected to the next page if the information you entered is correct.

  • Step 7: On completion of all formalities, you can easily access all property-related information on the Loucha Pathap website.

Land Tax Rate Detail

Two acts are applied to the Manipur land tax rate. 

  • Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act 1960

Except for the hill areas, the Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act 1960 applies to the entire state of Manipur. It consolidates and amends Manipur's land revenue law, as well as provides for some land reform measures.

  • 1894 Land Act

The 1894 Land Act, also known as the Land Acquisition Act, states that land can be acquired for public and private purposes. However, the acquisition purposes of companies are limited and specified in Section 40 (1) of the Act.

Here are the steps to follow to check Manipur land tax details.

  1. Visit the Loucha Pathap portal's official website.

  2. On the homepage, go to the main navigation menu and select land tax rate.

  3. All information about the land class, rate per hectare, effective year, and minimum amount can be found simply by clicking on the land tax rate option.

Concluding Comments

The Manipur government always tries to make everything easy for its citizens. To make it more convenient to check the Manipur land records, the Loucha Pathap android-based mobile application is another fantastic initiative. The app was created in November 2016 and supports English. It's available on Google Play. You can download it and enjoy its numerous services. 


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