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Dialysis in India

Kidney is one of the most vital organs in our body. It helps in filtering toxins from the blood and passes it out of the body in the form of urine. In fact, it also maintains the blood pressure and water balance in the body.


It becomes fatal in most cases if the pair or even a single kidney fails to function normally. This condition is more commonly known as renal disease or kidney failure. Having to suffer from diabetes or hypertension are some of the most common causes of this condition. One needs to undergo regular dialysis treatment or kidney transplantation to get better.


Let us understand the dialysis treatment and the cost of it in detail.

When Is A Dialysis Treatment Needed?

An individual has to go through a dialysis treatment when they develop end-stage kidney failure. In other words, their kidneys fail to perform regular functions that are needed by the body. The dialysis treatment helps maintain the body balance by –


  • Eliminating/discarding the toxins, waste, salt, and excess water from the body

  • Allowing the body to maintain the balance of chemicals such as potassium, sodium, and bicarbonates

  • Keeping the body blood pressure in control

What are the Symptoms of Kidney Failure?

Some of the common symptoms of kidney failure are as follows –


  • Urine production in the body significantly reduces

  • There is a noticeable swelling in ankles, legs, and feet

  • The individual will experience unexpected shortness of breath

  • They might also suffer through extreme fatigue

  • There is also persistent nausea

The person suffering from kidney failure either has to keep getting dialysis treatment or undergo kidney transplantation.

Types of Dialysis

There are two types of dialysis –


  1. Hemodialysis

  2. Peritoneal dialysis


In this type of dialysis, an artificial kidney helps in removing the toxins, water, and excess fluids from the body. The artificial kidney is known as hemodialysis. This treatment involves a small surgery that is performed on either the patient’s leg or arm, allowing access to their blood vessels.

At times, the access can be made by joining an artery to a vein under the skin. The process is known as a fistula. Otherwise, doctors use a plastic tube to complete the process, and it is known as graft.

Peritoneal Dialysis

In this type of dialysis, the blood inside the body is cleaned. The doctors have to perform a surgery to insert a plastic tube (known as a catheter) into your belly to make access. Then via the catheter, the abdominal area is filled with dialysate fluid, and excess fluid and waste are extracted from the body.

Now that you have a brief idea about what is a dialysis treatment let us take a look at its cost.

How Much Does The Dialysis Treatment Cost?

Thanks to the advancement in modern science and technology, it is now possible to get a regular dialysis treatment or kidney transplantation in India.

According to the Indian Renal Foundation, the cost of getting hemodialysis (12 dialysis every month) comes to around INR 12,000 to INR 15,000 per month. On the other hand, the cost of getting a peritoneal dialysis every month is around INR 18,000 to INR 20,000 per month.


If you opt to get kidney transplantation in India, it will cost you around INR 4 Lakh. Also, post-transplantation medication and treatment expenses come to around INR 15,000 to INR 20,000.


Any individual having to go through the dialysis treatment needs to ensure that they can manage the cost of the treatment. It comes easy to manage these expenses when one has an adequate health insurance plan. But what happens to those who do not have a health plan? Sudden medical emergencies can be taken care of with a term insurance plan as well. Insurers in India offer term plans with critical illness benefit for this very reason.


Bajaj Allianz Smart Protect Goal Term Insurance plans available on Bajaj Markets also have a critical illness add-on cover. The policy ensures coverage of 55 critical illnesses, among which 19 are minor critical illnesses, and 36 are major critical illnesses. It pays a lump sum amount when one is diagnosed with kidney failure. The amount received can be used for the dialysis treatment and other medical expenses as well.

Note that term insurance with critical illness benefit cannot be treated as a replacement for health insurance. However, the policy can act as additional coverage for you and your loved ones.


Read more about term insurance benefits at Bajaj Markets online to make an informed financial decision.

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FAQs related to Dialysis Treatment in India

How long does the hemodialysis process take?

The hemodialysis process needs to be done three times a week, and the session can last up to 4-5 hours.

Can the dialysis treatment cure my kidney failure?

Dialysis only acts as a temporary solution. It certainly does not cure kidney failures. Patients have to either undergo a lifetime of dialysis treatment or get a kidney transplant.

Can I continue working after the dialysis treatment?

Yes. People undergoing dialysis treatment can return to their work schedule once they are used to the treatment. However, this is not applicable for labour-intensive jobs.

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