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In the winter season, as the temperature drops significantly, it can give rise to health complications such as common cold, flu, pneumonia, dry skin, etc. Moreover, since the body’s metabolism slows down during this season, the overall energy level declines. Hence, it is essential to take proper precautionary measures to deal with the harshness of the weather in a better way.


Mentioned below are some crucial tips that can help you be safe, healthy and disease-free during the winter season.


  • It is important that you keep yourself well-hydrated during the winter season. Therefore, make sure that you drink plenty of water.

  • Due to low humidity in the winter season, people often suffer from dry skin, chapped lips, and cracked heels. To avoid this, you must take proper care of your skin by moisturizing it with cold cream. Also, try to avoid hot water bathing as it can lead to skin rashes and fevers.

  • Maintain a well-balanced that includes whole grains, legumes, nuts, fresh fruits, and vegetables. A balanced diet will strengthen your immune system and keep your body in good health during winters.

  • Adding exercise to your daily routine will keep you warm during the winter season. Yoga, jogging or any other form of physical activity can boost your immunity and protect you from seasonal ailments such as flu and cold.

  • Personal hygiene plays a very crucial role in keeping away all viral diseases during the winter season. Therefore, maintain hygiene, ensure cleanliness and wash your hands before having food. By doing so, you can stop bacteria and germs from spreading.

  • If you are a smoker, you must try to quit smoking during winters as the respiratory tract is more prone to infections during the winter season.

  • Make sure that you get enough sleep. Your body may become more susceptible to illness if it doesn’t get an adequate amount of sleep.

  • In the winter season, you may feel lethargic due to the slowing down of metabolic activities. Therefore, you must try to cut down on your sugar intake to keep your energy levels intact.

Now that you are well aware of some tips that can help you be hale and hearty during the winter season, ensure that you make the most of it and be in good health. However, unfortunately, at times, despite your best efforts, you can still fall sick. This is where a health insurance policy can come in extremely handy. By availing the health insurance benefits, you can safeguard yourself and your family from the financial liabilities that may arise due to any medical reason. Additionally, under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, you can avail health insurance tax benefits of up to Rs. 25,000 for medical insurance premium installments.


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