Behind every quirky and imaginative child stands a mother who constantly inspires. Today, let’s meet the different mom types around the world. 


  • The Photographer: She snaps at you often, only to capture your happiest moments! 

  • The Hovercraft: She’s always got her eyes on you to cushion the blows of misgivings! 

  • The Glam-Ma: Her fashion skills always got you the fanciest clothes or trendiest braids! 

  • The Free-spirited One: She’s the best at playing with you at the park and game arcade! 

  • The Partner-in-Crime: She helps you pull the sneakiest pranks on your family members! 

It’s nearly impossible to list every type of mom out there, but fortunately, securing your mother’s health isn’t. With such a diverse group of moms around, why should you stick to the same old flowers and cake? This 2022, give your mother a gift that keeps giving! 


Every year, children across the globe try to gather the best gifts for their mother - jewellery, fancy meals, spa days and more! While your mother would love these outings, prioritise her health as she ages further. While sick in your childhood, she spent countless hours looking after and comforting you. It’s time to show your mother gratitude for all her years of ceaseless dedication to protecting and nurturing you. 

Why Your Mother Needs Health Insurance

Throughout their lifetime, women transition through various stages from girlhood to motherhood. Despite our progression of empowering women, there are certain conditions beyond our control - ageing and ill-health. However, securing your mother with health insurance will ensure she receives the best medical care from network hospitals. 


Read the following reasons for purchasing health insurance for your mother. Health insurance will make her less vulnerable to risks of inadequate medical care, financial strain and more!


  • Middle-aged women are more likely to be afflicted by diabetes, thyroid, compromised immunity and tumours

  • Women are at higher risk of coronary illnesses

  • The period of menopause could lead to several accompanying health issues 

  • Cashless facilities will allow her to receive immediate treatment without unnecessary delays 

  • Ease of mind that the choicest medical aid is available at the nearest network hospital

  • The relief of zero worries about incurring sudden medical expenses during an emergency

With these reasons in mind, you might want to start browsing for the best health insurance in the market for Ma. Every premium paid towards the policy ensures that your mother continues to avail of the best healthcare facilities. 

Tips for Buying Health Insurance for Ma

While browsing through the hordes of top policies available in the market, these are some crucial areas you must focus on. To make shopping for mom easier, here are a few criteria to bear in mind. 

1. Opt for Sufficient Coverage 

Choose policies that offer you maximum coverage and benefits for the premium paid. Ageing parents often require frequent visits to the doctor, and they’re more susceptible to illnesses and diseases. A sufficient cover will put your mind at ease when sudden medical needs arise. 

2. Carefully Read the Inclusions & Exclusions 

Before finalising a policy, enquire about the coverage and exclusions. The policy must cover any ailments your mother could potentially suffer from or already does. Verify these details before going ahead with the policy purchase. 

3. Waiting Period for Pre-Existing Conditions 

In case your mother has any pre-existing diseases, analyse the duration of the waiting period. Once the waiting period has passed, you can avail coverage and make claims for that specific pre-existing illness. It’s best to opt for a policy with the least waiting period. 

4. Mind the Age for Renewals 

As your mother ages, some insurance companies may become reluctant about renewals. Most insurers do not allow policy renewals after crossing the age of 75. Always choose policies that offer lifelong renewal or other viable alternatives. 

Much like you were once dependent on her, your mother may grow more reliant on you. Gift her a shield of protection by purchasing health insurance that covers her medical needs without leaving her hassled for financial resources.

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