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How to Download ICICI Home Loan Provisional Certificate

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If you have applied for a home loan or are thinking of applying for one now, it is crucial to understand important documents such as a home loan statement. Once you opt for a home loan, your lender issues you a home loan statement that will show the amount of loan you have repaid and the amount that is remaining. Here are some details that the home loan statement includes: 

  • Details of the borrower

  • Details of the home loan account

  • Applicable rate of interest during the financial year

  • Amount of every Easy Monthly Instalment (EMI) paid in the financial year

  • Breakdown of the financial year’s principal and interest amount for home loan

  • Pre-payment details, if applicable

  • Total home loan amount repaid till date

  • Outstanding home loan amount 

For example, if you have taken a home loan from ICICI Bank then your ICICI home loan statement will provide a detailed summary of your housing loan repayments during the particular financial year and show a breakup of your principal and interest amount as well.

How to Download ICICI Housing Loan Statement?

It is easy to access home loan statements nowadays as most banks have made their home loan processes digital. Most times lenders also email these statements to the loan applicants from time to time. However, you can also login to the bank’s website or app and download the ICICI Bank home loan statement for yourself.

If you want to download your ICICI Bank loan statement, then ensure you have your netbanking credentials handy. Follow these quick steps to check and download your ICICI Housing Loan statement online:

  • Step 1- Login to the official ICICI Bank netbanking website by visiting this link - https://www.icicibank.com/Personal-Banking/insta-banking/internet-banking/index.page.

  • Step 2- Type in your username and password for netbanking.

  • Step 3- Now select ‘E=statement’ on the screen.

  • Step 4- If multiple account numbers show up in the drop down then select the one linked to your home loan.

  • Step 5- Next, select the period for which you need the home loan statement.

  • Step 6- Now you can click on the ‘PDF’ option to generate your home loan statement.

How to Get ICICI Home Loan Statement Offline?

For all those applicants who do not want to download the ICICI home loan statement online, from their website or mobile app, there is an option to do the same offline as well. You can simply visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch and connect with a relationship manager regarding your request. Once you provide your home loan account number, PAN, registered mobile number, etc., the relationship manager will help you with a printed copy of the provisional certificate of your housing loan.

Why is ICICI Home Loan Statement Required?

A home loan statement is very essential for loan applicants as it serves a variety of purposes from helping applicants and co-applicants claim tax deduction to acting as proof of payment towards your existing home loan as well. Here are some of the uses of a home loan statement: 

  • With the help of an ICICI Bank loan statement, applicants can claim tax deductions for every financial year. This document specifies the principal and interest amount that the loan applicant and/or co-applicant are paying to the bank on a yearly basis.

  • If an applicant wishes to apply for any other loan, then they will need to submit their ICICI Bank home loan statement.

  • The home loan statement also acts as a proof of payment towards your home loan

  • The home loan statement can also help you clearly understand the breakup of the principal and interest component of the home loan. Additionally, by checking the ICICI home loan statement, you can also get an idea of how much loan has already been paid and how much you still owe to the bank. 

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FAQs on ICICI Home Loan Statement

  • ✔️When do you require your ICICI Bank home loan statement?

    You will need your ICICI Bank home loan statement when you have to claim tax deductions on your income, when you need to apply for any other loan or simply to understand the breakup of your home loan and how much is left to be paid off to the bank. Additionally, your home loan statement is also a proof of payment for your current home loan with the bank.

  • ✔️How to track ICICI home loan application status?

    You can track your ICICI home loan application status by entering your form or reference number on ICICI Bank’s official website. Simply go on the ‘Personal Banking’ section and select the home loan tab. Here you can choose the ‘Track my Status’ option and enter your form number or reference number. However, if you don’t have the reference number then you will need to provide other details like your PAN, Date of Birth, name, loan amount, etc, to track your home loan application status.

  • ✔️ When do I need a home loan interest certificate?

    If you are applying for another loan, then banks usually demand for the home loan interest certificate. This certificate helps them gauge the loan-to-value ratio of the loan applicant. Along with the interest certificate, banks also ask for the home loan statement. The home loan interest certificate is also needed when the borrower has to claim tax benefit during the Income Tax Return filing.