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You can access your LIC Housing Finance statement by visiting the official LIC website if you have a home loan with LIC. This is a document that provides you with a concise summary of the payments you have made towards your home loan.

The LIC Home Loan statement shows the total amount paid, the principal loan amount, and the upcoming EMIs you need to pay to complete your home loan repayment. This statement from LIC Housing Finance is useful when filing your income tax returns.

How to Download a LIC HFL Home Loan Statement?

To download a LIC Housing Loan statement online, check the steps you need to follow:

  • Step 1: Visit the LIC Housing Finance website at https://www.lichousing.com/

  • Step 2: Click on the 'Customer Login' tab and choose the ‘Home Loans’ option

  • Step 3: Use one of the two options available, ‘Login With Username’ or Login with Loan/App No.

  • Step 4: Fill in the required details depending on the applicable option

  • Step 5: Click on the 'Submit' option

You will now be able to view the loan tenure, loan sanction date, approved loan amount, EMI status, applicable interest rate, as well as the interest and principal details of your LIC home loan. 

You may also download the LIC Home Loan statement and save it in a PDF format or print it for future use.

How to Get a LIC HFL Home Loan Statement Offline?

To access your LIC Housing Loan statement offline, you can follow the steps provided below:

  • Step 1: Locate the nearest LIC Housing Finance branch in your area

  • Step 2: Request for a LIC Home Loan statement application form

  • Step 3: Complete the form by providing accurate information, such as your contact number, email address, PAN card number, and home loan account number

  • Step 4: Submit the form to the concerned representative

  • Step 5: You may either collect the form personally from the branch or receive it via post at your residence.

Why is a LIC HFL Home Loan Statement Required?

Checking your LIC Housing Finance loan statement regularly allows you to manage your repayment schedule effectively, helping you keep a tab on your monthly finances as well. All you have to do is visit the lender’s website to download the LIC Housing Finance loan statement, as mentioned. 

This statement includes vital details about your house loan, including the total loan amount you have paid, the applicable home loan interest rate, the principal amount, and the upcoming EMIs to be paid on your home loan.

Here is the importance of a LIC Home Loan statement:

1. Precise Documentation

By opting for a LIC HFL statement routinely, you can systematically keep track of EMIs that are due and any outstanding payments, and keep a record of all payments already made. 

2. Boosts Punctuality

By downloading and accessing your LIC Housing Loan statement regularly, you can keep track of all unsettled payments and also have a record of all payments towards your home loan that you have already made. 

By referring to this document every month, you can make sure that you are punctual when it comes to your payments and prevent any delays.

3. Testimony of Your Payments

By regularly accessing your LIC Housing Finance statement, you can keep a legal record of all your past payments towards your home loan. This document can help you in case of any disputes, as it provides adequate evidence of your applicable interest rate and the total loan amount that the lender sanctioned. 

Furthermore, having a documented record of your timely loan repayments can help you in the future by showing your creditworthiness when applying for credit in the future.

4. Better Financial Management

home loan certificate plays a crucial role in helping you with better financial planning. It helps in making timely repayments of your instalments, enabling you to manage your savings and investments in a better manner. 

When you get a home loan statement, you get information about the upcoming EMIs and the interest rate, making it an essential document associated with your loan.

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When Do I Need a LIC Home Loan Interest Certificate?

A LIC Home Loan Interest Certificate is an essential document that contains details about your interest payments of your LIC Home Loan. Here are some scenarios when you might need your LIC Home Loan interest certificate:

1. Filing of Income Tax

When you take a home loan, you need to include the interest you pay on your home loan while filing your yearly tax returns. The home loan interest certificate records your interest payments towards your home loan and acts as proof to gain tax benefits. 

2. Claiming Tax Benefits

You can avail tax benefits on the interest you have paid towards your home loan. A home loan interest certificate provides the record of your payments required to claim these tax benefits or tax deductions.

3. Recording Interest Payments

Even if you do not require your home loan interest certificate for immediate tax filing purposes, it can still be used for keeping a record of your payments, thereby assisting you in your financial planning. It helps you conveniently track your outgoing cash flow towards your home loan interest payments.

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What are the LIC Home Loan Statement Charges?

Most financial institutions allow you to download home loan statements free of cost. Some lenders may also mail the statement to your registered email ID. You can contact the customer care team of LIC Housing Finance to address any queries regarding the home loan statement.

FAQs on LIC HFL Home Loan Statement

You require your LIC HFL loan statement to keep track of your EMIs, the total amount due, the amount pending, and the remaining term of the loan. Additionally, when it comes to filing income tax returns, you need to submit it.

Yes, the LIC Housing Finance Loan statement provides comprehensive details regarding the outstanding loan balance along with several other crucial loan-related information.

You have the facility of getting your LIC housing finance statement online as well as offline. You can easily download it online or get it offline by visiting the LIC branch nearest to you.

You can download your LIC home loan statement online by visiting the LIC website and logging in to your account by providing your user ID or your home loan account number.

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