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One of the leading home loan providers in India, Union Bank of India has a vast set of offers on interest rates for loans and a vast set of values that prioritises their client’s best interest. Their customer care base is easy to access, allowing you transparent contact to ask questions, clear your queries, etc. via phone call, email or physical visits to their branches closest to you. At Bajaj Markets, you can get UBI Home Loan at competitive interest rates. Additionally, all the relevant and necessary information is made accessible for you to contact the correct customer service base for your Union Bank of India housing loan. 

Ways to Reach UBI Housing Finance Home Loan Customer Care

Following are the ways you can reach out to the Union Bank of India offices to acquire all information about your home loan. 





Regional Offices 

  • 0172-2722030 (Amritsar) 

  • 080 – 22222983 (Bangalore) 

  • 044 – 25380407 (Chennai) 

  • 011- 23218524 (New Delhi) 

  • 040-29555594 (Hyderabad) 

  • 022- 22632811 (Mumbai) 

  • 020-25552200 (Pune) 

  • 0172-2722030 (Shimla) 

  • 033-40446288 (Kolkata) 




Overseas Offices 

  • 971-26222661 / 26222774 (Abu Dhabi) 

  • 971-43887200 / 43882971 / 43887300 (Dubai) 

  • 852-25242389 / 25242398 / 25242221 (Hong Kong) 

  • +612-9221 2766 / 9221 0477 (Sydney) 

  • 44-2073324250 (United Kingdom) 

Email Address 

  • customercare@unionbankofindia.com 





Regional Office Email Address 

  • rh.amritsar@unionbankofindia.com (Amritsar) 

  • fgm.bengaluru@unionbankofindia.bank (Bangalore) 

  • fgm.chennai@unionbankofindia.bank (Chennai) 

  • fgm.delhi@unionbankofindia.bank New (Delhi) 

  • fgm.hyderabad@unionbankofindia.bank (Hyderabad) 

  • fgm.mumbai@unionbankofindia.bank (Mumbai) 

  • fgm.pune@unionbankofindia.bank (Pune) 

  • rh.shimla@unionbankofindia.com (Shimla) 

  • fgm.kolkata@unionbankofindia.bank (Kolkata) 

Corporate Office 

  • Union Bank Bhavan, 239, Vidhan Bhavan Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400021, Maharashtra, India 

Registration for Enquiry, Feedbacks or Complaints 

  • www.unionbankofindia.co.in 

New Home Loan Queries 

  • 1800222244 / www.unionbankofindia.co.in 

Balance Enquiry for UBI Housing Finance Home Loan

For balance enquiry, you can give a call on 09223008586. After a short while, the call will disconnect automatically after which you will receive an SMS with the United Bank of India balance check. In order to automatically receive the balance check, you must have a mobile number registered with Union Bank of India where the balance check will be sent after the call.


You can also use the UBI net banking portal to check your balance. All you must do is log into the Union Bank of India net banking site or portal with your username and password. Click on ‘Account Summary’ on the dashboard where you can access details of your balance. Moreover, the bank provides a special E-Statement service that includes your balance. 


The UBI banking app and the United ePassbook app are also easy ways to check your balance. Your balance check can also be one SMS away. Write BAL<MPIN> to 9223173933 for a balance enquiry through Union Bank of India’s SMS banking facility.

Redressal of Complaints and Grievance System

UBI offers a way to deliver your grievances and to follow-up with them through the ‘Grievances Online’ and the ‘Grievances Tracking’ on the Union Bank of India website. Online grievances are usually addressed or resolved within 15 working days of filing the complaint. The system often escalates three-day old unresolved or unaddressed complaints automatically from branches to the Regional Office, Regional Manager, Field General Manager and lastly to the Central Office.  


You can also lodge a written grievance letter at a branch close to you. The grievance will be acknowledged within a week and the matter will be investigated within a period of 30 days.

Digital Channel of UBI

The Union Bank of India has multiple online channels that are active under the Operation Customer Relationship Management System. The customer care unit of UBI records your online grievances and concerns via these portals. Most of the complaints are made through the website itself, although the internet banking and mobile banking portals are open to accepting any feedback for questions too. 


The Customer Care Unit coordinates with the Central, Zonal and Regional offices as well as all their branches to address the queries or feedback sent to them on the mobile/internet banking portal and website. The consumer receives an automatic response which acknowledges their intent to reach out to UBI. Along this message is a reference number of the incident raised for the customer to track the escalation. 


Additionally, you can find Union Bank of India on social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp as well.  






  • 9666606060 

Points to Remember

Here’s what you can keep in mind while approaching the Union Bank of India Customer Service Center for queries, feedback and questions. 

  1. The Union Bank of India Website (www.unionbankofindia.co.in) is where you can get basic information of home loan financing in order to understand it better.

  2. An email can be written to customercare@unionbankofindia.com with a list of all your queries, concerns and questions before applying for the loan.

  3. If you are not comfortable with an emailing service, do not hesitate to make a call on the customer service number for house loan queries (Toll-free number: 1800222244). You can also contact their call center on 080-61817110.

  4. It is most crucial to be transparent about your doubts and concerns since large sums of money can be involved. One shouldn’t walk into a transaction as large as a housing loan only to end with a bad experience or financial loss due to lack of information.

  5. The Union Bank of India has branches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sydney and London and their contact details are given in the table above.

FAQs on UBI HFL Customer Care

Who can I contact for a UBI Home Loan Repayment?

Three contact numbers are readily available at your service; two toll-free numbers: 1800222244 / 18002082244, and a chargeable number: 080-61817110. You can also write to Union Bank of India at customercare@unionbankofindia.com.

How can I use the UBI Home Loan SMS and Missed Call Services?

You can send an SMS to 09223008486 with the following keywords according to your requirements. 


Balance Check 


Primary Account: UBAL  

Secondary or other accounts: UBAL<space>Account Number 





Primary Account: UMNS  

Secondary or other accounts: UMNS<space>Account Number 



Cheque Status 


Primary Account: USCR<space>Cheque Number 

Secondary or other accounts: USCR<space>Cheque Number<space>Account Number 



Doorstep Banking 





Nearest Branch Address 





You can also use the missed call services provided by Union Bank of India. 


Balance Check 


You can give a missed call to 09223008586 after which your registered phone number will receive an SMS consisting of your balance. 

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