Let us start by stating the obvious: no one is perfect. We are all prone to falling into certain patterns of behaviour and repeating our mistakes. But while we all have our share of bad habits, some bad habits are less resolvable than others and can have serious consequences.


For instance, you or your family might love travelling and exploring the many wonders of nature. But you may also be vulnerable to natural disasters or potential incidents that might take place in an unfamiliar city or country. Travelling in the midst of nature might be incredible, but problems like these might be overlooked while travelling. However, this is an easily manageable problem that can be resolved simply by applying for travel insurance on a trusted platform like Bajaj Markets.


However, there are other things that we overlook about our environment that can have serious consequences not only for us, but for our entire planet. If left unchecked, these consequences can harm the planet in irreversible ways and it might become too late for us to resolve the damage we ultimately cause.


So this World Nature Day, let us take a hard look at the simple, everyday habits that we can change with little to no effort, that can go on to have huge, positive impacts on our planet:

1. Using too much electricity:

While the electricity that we use to power our homes is clean and safe, it also slowly wreaks havoc on the planet. This is because electricity is generated by the combustion of fossil fuels, which in turn releases harmful greenhouse gases in the environment. These gases have been proven to cause drastic changes in the climate, leading to a variety of natural disasters.


This can be changed by us simply limiting the amount of power we use in a day. This can be achieved by using energy-efficient appliances or simply being mindful of turning off fans or lights wherever they are not required. Not only do you save money by changing this one habit, but also help make a contribution towards the well-being of our environment.

2. Relying heavily on plastics:

Plastic pollution plagues our country and the world in a lot of different ways. Not only does plastic contain harmful chemicals that cause respiratory diseases, but it also impacts our water quality. Moreover, every year, 1 million seabirds and 100,000 mammals are killed due to consuming some form of plastic.


By limiting or eliminating our use of plastic in everyday use such as food containers and bags, we can help reduce our dependence on plastic and help our planet reduce plastic waste.

3. Preferring cabs:

Now that hailing a cab has become more convenient than ever, it might be tempting to cover even short distances by using an app. However, the average car releases 4.6 tons of carbon dioxide every year which in turn harms our climate and environment drastically.


Choosing to go to nearby destinations by walking or making use of public transport is not only healthy and cost-effective, but also brings our planet a step closer to recovering from the adverse effects of harmful gases.

4. Littering:

Unfortunately, littering is an extremely common habit in India and despite our best efforts, we have all been guilty of it at one time. Not only does litter create visual pollution, but it can lead to soil, water and air pollution as well. It can serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes, create a fire hazard and impact human health in many adverse ways.

5. Smoking:

This harmful habit not only increases a person’s chances of contracting cancer, but also has adverse effects on the environment. The manufacturing process of cigarettes results in widespread deforestation, and destroys the soil quality of the region where it is manufactured. Moreover, cigarette butts make up a large portion of the world’s most toxic, non-biodegradable waste.


So, this World Nature Day, you can choose to save more than one life just by quitting this one habit - yours and the planet’s.

6. Not eating healthy:

Believe it or not, your dietary habits have much larger consequences than you can imagine. For instance, we may not realise that eating out in fast food restaurants results in plastic wastage and can cause a massive amount of street side garbage.


Moreover, wasting food can result in organic waste that not only causes blockages in waterways, but also releases methane gas, which is a harmful greenhouse gas.

7. Not Recycling:

Most of us know little to nothing about the process of recycling, which is why substances such as glass and plastic end up in landfills. Instead, they should be recycled and reused as raw materials to create a variety of new products. Moreover, recycling helps reduce the amount of plastic that ends up as waste and causes adverse effects on the environment.
This World Nature Day, you can contribute to the health of the planet by doing a little research and following the simple steps involved in recycling.


It was always our responsibility to look after the planet, but considering the harmful effects human activities are causing to the environment, we need to be more proactive than ever. We tend to take our environment for granted, because we are often unaware of the sheer beauty and resources that nature has to offer.


To truly understand what is at stake, and to fully appreciate the bounties of nature, it is essential to step out of our concrete jungles and spend some time exploring and travelling at the heart of nature. So, take a vacation, admire the nature around you and truly appreciate what the planet has to offer.


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