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Paytm is a digital payment application approved by the Reserve Bank of India. It allows you access to a mobile wallet specifically made for you. Furthermore, you can use this wallet to send money to merchants and friends alike. To carry out these transactions, you can transfer money into this wallet through a bank account, debit card, or even a credit card.

How to Link Your Credit Card to a Paytm Account

Here’s how you can link your credit card to your Paytm account:

  1. Tap on your profile picture in the Paytm app 

  2. Go to ‘UPI and Payment Settings’

  3. Click on ‘Saved Cards’ and click on ‘Add New Card’

  4. Accept a reimbursable debit of ₹2 for verification

  5. Enter your details, click on save details, and then ‘Pay ₹2’

How to Add Money to the Paytm Wallet Using a Credit Card

Now that you know how to add a credit card in Paytm, here are the steps you can follow to add money to your Paytm wallet using a credit card:

  1. Open the Paytm app or website

  2. Log in to your account

  3. Go to your profile and select the wallet tab

  4. Click on the ‘Add’ option

  5. Choose ‘Credit Card’ as your payment option

  6. Enter the amount you want to transfer and the required card details

  7. Check the details and click on ‘Proceed’ to complete the transfer


It is that easy! With this simple process, you can add money to this digital wallet. Remember to add your credit card details to Paytm before transferring money. Also, keep in mind that there may be certain limitations for corporate credit cards.

How Much Money Can I Add to my Paytm Wallet?

Your limit to add money depends on your KYC status. When you meet the minimal KYC parameters, you are eligible to add up to ₹10,000 every month to your Paytm wallet. However, if you complete all the criteria set by the RBI, you can transfer up to ₹99,999. 


The basic criteria for KYC include the following details and documents:

  • Your name

  • Identity proof (Passport, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, etc)


This online process can be completed within minutes. However, the only step that takes a little time is the visitation from a Paytm representative. An executive from Paytm will be sent to your home address for verification. Hence, the overall process takes a few days to complete. 

Charges for Adding Money to Paytm Wallet Using Credit Card

Knowing the applicable charges to add money to the Paytm wallet from a credit card is essential. Here is a closer look at different charges that may apply:



Adding money through credit cards

1.5% to 3%

Transactions involving an American Express credit card, corporate credit card, or prepaid credit card to load money into a wallet

Up to 3%, excluding GST

A surcharge of up to 2% will be levied if the amount exceeds ₹5,000

Adding money to the wallet using net banking (other than Paytm Payments Bank)

Up to 1.5%, excluding GST

Transferring money with UPI


Disclaimer: The above charges are subject to change at the company’s discretion.


Now that you know how to add money to Paytm from a credit card, check out more details regarding credit solutions and other financial products on Bajaj Markets.


Disclaimer: As per RBI directives, post 15th March 2024, users won't be able to add money to their wallet using credit cards. It is recommended to visit the official website for further details. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add money to my Paytm wallet from my credit card?

Yes, you can easily add money to your Paytm wallet from a credit card using the Paytm app or website.


Can I transfer money from my credit card to Paytm without charges?

No, you have to pay charges for money transfers from a credit card to Paytm of up to 3%. However, this varies according to the issuing bank.


What is the limit to add money to the Paytm wallet from my credit card?

The maximum limit to add money to a Paytm wallet from a credit card is ₹99,999.


How much money can I add to my Paytm wallet from a credit card?

The amount you can add to your Paytm wallet depends on your KYC status. If you meet minimal KYC criteria, you can only transfer up to ₹10,000. However, you are eligible to add up to ₹99,999 when you complete the full KYC process.


Why am I not able to use a credit card to add money to my Paytm wallet?

This may be because your credit card may not have been issued in India or is disabled for online transactions. In cases like insufficient credit limit or banks placing a specific transaction limit on your card, you may be unable to add money. Contact your issuing bank to resolve such concerns.


What is the maximum amount that can be sent via the Paytm app?

You can transfer a maximum of ₹1 Lakh daily to any bank account using the Paytm UPI.


How can I check if the payment initiated by me has been successful?

You may receive an SMS with your transaction details. Alternatively, you can check for information in the ‘Passbook’ section of your Paytm wallet.


How to check the statement for my Paytm wallet statement?

All you need to do is select the ‘Request Wallet Statement’ option on the app’s ‘Manage the Wallet’ section. This way, you can view your Paytm wallet statement for the past one year.

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