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Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (JDVVNL) is among the three power distribution companies in the state of Rajasthan. Formed in 2000, it covers a distribution area of around 1.82 Lakhs sq km across several districts of Rajasthan.

How to Pay JDVVNL  Electricity Bill Online Using UPI

Consumers of JDVVNL can pay their electricity bills easily using online consumer services. As a consumer of this state-owned power company, you can use the UPI services to pay your JDVVNL bill. To make hassle-free payments, you can use the Bajaj Markets App. Here’s how to make a JDVVNL bill payment online on the Bajaj Markets app. 


  1. For JDVVNL online payment, download and install the Bajaj Markets App from the Google Play or the iOS store

  2. Now provide your name, date of birth and mobile number. You will then receive an OTP to complete the login process. 

  3. On the homepage of the app, select the option for ‘Bill Payment.’

How to Make JDVVNL Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?


4. To make your JDVVNL bill payment, select the option of ‘Electricity.’ 


How to Make JDVVNL Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?


5. Now you will reach a page showing the list of different service providers. In the search box, type JDVVNL. 


How to Make JDVVNL Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?


6. After selecting your service provider, you will be redirected to a page showing the option of ‘View Bill.’ To proceed with JDVVNL online bill payment, enter your consumer number. On this page, you have the twin options of viewing a sample bill and getting your queries answered in the FAQs section. 


How to Make JDVVNL Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?


7. If your bill has been generated, you can now see the JDVVNL payment amount along with the due date. For paying your JDVVNL bill, you can select MARKETS Pay. You can also use other UPI service providers. 


How to Make JDVVNL Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?


8. Once your transaction is successful, you will receive an instant online confirmation. Your JDDVNL online bill is settled, now you can relax and enjoy uninterrupted services. 



Why Make JDDVNL Electricity Bill Payments Using the Bajaj Markets App


JDVVNL bill payment on the Bajaj Markets app offers you multiple benefits. Not only do you pay the electricity bills seamlessly, but you also don’t have to worry about the safety of the transactions. Also, you can access your bill status round-the-clock and make 24x7 bill payments. What’s more, you receive seasonal discounts, cashback and more as JDVVNL bill payment offers. Here’s a look at the advantages:


  1. Convenience: Selecting to pay JDVVNL bill on Bajaj Markets is convenient and easy. You can link your multiple bank accounts on this single mobile-based platform and make quick payments. Also, you can pay the bills from anywhere and anytime. The fast payment process ensures that you don’t face hassles such as late payment fines, disconnections and penalties.

  2. Security: JDVVNL bill payment on Bajaj Markets app is completely safe. Driven by the security system of the NPCI, the Bajaj Markets App ensures that your private financial data remains secure. You don’t need to worry about online scams and frauds.

  3. Offers and discounts: The Bajaj Markets App can get you several rewards as JDVVNL bill payment offers. Be it a seasonal discount, cashback offer, one-time reward and more, you get access to exciting deals. Pay the JDVVNL bill on Bajaj Markets, and receive your exclusive offer today!

  4. Flexibility: The Bajaj Markets App allows you to select from an array of service providers, merchants and billers. For making payments, you can create a MARKETS Pay handle or choose to use any other UPI payments handle. Irrespective of your bank or UPI service provider, you can pay your JDDVNL bill easily.

  5. Smooth user interface: The Bajaj Markets App is simple and clutter-free. Besides, it is responsive, consistent and intuitive. You can easily finish the bill payment procedure in a few easy steps.  

Know More About JDDVNL Electricity Bill Payments Online


To pay your JDVVNL bill, you can use a wide range of online payment methods. These include JDVVNL bill payment through net banking, debit card, credit card and more. You can zero in on an online payment method of your choice while paying for your power bill either directly on the JDVVNL portal or through the JDDVNL App. Read on to know more about these digital payment methods: 


Payment Method


Mobile Apps

You can use mobile-based apps such as the Bajaj Markets App or the JDVVNL App to pay for your JDVVNL online bill. 

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)

This National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) driven unified bill payment platform provides for easy online bill payments. Here, you get access to various banks, apps, retail agents and online payment gateways. To pay your JDVVNL online bill, you can log into the BBPS portal and enter the PIN code of your locality. This will provide you with a list of bill payment centres.

Standing Bank instructions

You can instruct your bank to make automated payments for your JDVVNL bill. 

JDVVNL bill payment Net Banking

Once you log into your bank account using the net banking details, you can make an NEFT or IMPS transfer to pay for your JDVVNL online bill.

Payments Banks 

To make a payment for your JDVVNL bill, you can use the services of the six existing payment banks in the country.

Mobile Wallet

After selecting the mobile wallet of your choice, you can use this online payment method on the JDVVNL portal or through the JDVVNL App.

JDVVNL bill payment online by debit card

You can use your debit card to make your electricity bill payment both on the JDVVNL portal and while using the JDVVNL App.

JDVVNL bill payment online by credit card

You can also use your credit card to make payments for your JDVVNL electricity bill. This payment method is supported both on the JDVVNL official website and through the JDVVNL App.




How to Check JDVVNL Electricity Bill Status


For your  JDVVNL bill payment status check, you can directly visit Jodhpur Power company’s official web portal. Also, you can see the JDVVNL bill status through the Bajaj Markets App. 


  • If you want to directly receive the option of JDDVNL bill view, then visit the links given below: 



  • You can also check your JDVVNL bill status through the Bajaj Markets App. Just select your service provider and visit the ‘View Bill’ page. 

Frequently Asked Questions about JDVVNL Payment (FAQs)

How do I find the JDVVNL Electricity bill consumer number?

To find your Consumer number or K No. JDVVNL, you can use the following options:

  • View your K No. JDVVNL in the physical copy of your power bill.

  • Find your K No. JDVVNL in the downloaded copy of your online bill.

  • Know your K No. JDVVNL  via the Bajaj Markets App.

  • If you can’t use these methods, or can’t locate a copy of the bill, you can contact JDVVNL customer care to know your consumer details. 

How do I check the JDVVNL Electricity bills online in India?

You can use the options given below:

  • You can log into JDVVNL’s consumer portal by providing your consumer number and password. 

  • You can also check your JDVVNL online bill through the Bajaj Markets App

How do I calculate the JDVVNL Electricity bill?

For manual calculation of your JDDVNL bill, you have to first identify your tariff band. Then multiply the tariff rate per unit with the units consumed. Then add the fixed energy charges. For tariff details, visit the link:


How do I get the receipt of the JDVVNL Electricity bill payment online?

You can use the options given below:

  • To get a receipt of the JDVVNL online bill payment, log into the consumer portal. You can then download the receipt.

  • For payments made through the Bajaj Markets App, you will receive an immediate digital receipt.

How do I check the JDVVNL Electricity bill status online?

To check the JDDVNL online bill status, you can select either of the options:

  • Log into the consumer portal of JDVVNL.

  • Visit the page with the option of ‘View Bill’ on the  Bajaj Markets App.

How do I contact JDVVNL Electricity bill customer care?

To contact JDVVNL customer care, you have the following options:

 JDVVNL complaint number 
 1800-180-6045 or 1912.
 JDVVNLcustomer care number (Whatsapp )  9413359064
 JDVVNL email address for complaints
 JDVVNL online registration of complaints
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