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Visa and Mastercard are two of the world’s largest payment networks. Given how their revenue structure and presence is, they're actually quite similar in how they work. Hence, customers need not worry too much about which of these to choose. 


However, it’s best to be informed so you can make smart financial decisions. Most often, the difference between Visa and Mastercard credit cards is not because of the payment network but because of the card companies and their policies. These issuers sometimes offer different kinds of features, benefits, fees, charges, etc. based on whether you opt for the Mastercard variant or the Visa variant. Let’s find out more.

Key Differences Between Visa Cards and MasterCards

Here are some of the key differences between MasterCard and Visa that you need to know: 


Visa Card


Service Fees

You are charged an amount based on the card volume.

You are charged an amount based on the percentage of the global dollar volume.


Cards in circulation and purchase volume are larger

Cards in circulation and purchase volume are lesser

Payment Network

Uses Visa payWave

Uses PayPass

Should You Choose a Visa or a MasterCard?

The user dependency on both Visa and MasterCard is fairly high as they are widely accepted worldwide. However, one of the biggest differences between a Visa and MasterCard are seen in distinct credit card offers


You should browse through the available offers to decide whether a MasterCard or a Visa has deals better suited to your needs, and should make a choice accordingly.


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FAQs on the Difference Between Visa and MasterCard

Mastercard is an international system card whereas RuPay is a global payment network from India. While it may be accepted outside of India, its functionality is primarily centralised to India at the moment. RuPay cards typically come with a much lower processing fee, as they’re solely used for local transactions and involve domestic processing. Mastercard, on the other hand, is considerably more expensive, because the transactions are processed overseas. It’s also worth noting that Mastercards generally meet international standards with the features provided. 

Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this as your credit card payment network choice should ideally depend on your credit card usage. As we all know, everybody’s spending and usage patterns are different. So, it’s best to take account of your usage and choose a network accordingly.

Visa and Mastercard are both great payment networks providing world-class services. It’s always a good idea to analyse your spending habits and the features offered by both networks before choosing one that suits your needs best. 

Both Visa and Mastercard provide a very similar service. They basically process your credit card payments on a payment network. Naturally, Visa credit card payment cannot be processed on Mastercard networks and vice versa. In terms of functionality, there’s virtually no difference between the two. And, the choice of payment network rarely affects your credit card experience. However, credit card issuers generally provide different features and benefits of Visa and Mastercard variants of the same card. This could affect your card usage. So, it’s best to understand the features and benefits offered by the both Visa and Mastercard credit card variants before getting a credit card. 

No, Visa credit cards need not necessarily be better than Mastercard credit cards. A credit card network provider like Visa and Mastercard generally do not decide the credit card’s functionality. It’s usually decided by the credit card issuer. Sometimes, these issuers offer better features and benefits for Visa variants of the same card. And, sometimes, they offer advanced technology to Mastercards. It really depends on the credit card issuer. So, it makes more sense to analyse both Visa and Mastercard variants of the same card rather than determining which network is better. 

Yes, both Visa and Mastercard credit cards are internationally recognised and accepted. This makes the cards convenient and accessible payment options while travelling. 


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