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Mastercard credit cards are special credit cards that use the Mastercard payment network to operate. Mastercard is a USA-based financial services company that facilitates card payments between Mastercard-issuing banks and merchant banks in a secure and efficient way. 


Several major banks in the country have partnered with Mastercard to offer credit cards with numerous benefits to users.

Best Mastercard Credit Cards in India in 2024

Some of the best Mastercard credit card variants offered by the top banks are mentioned below:

Credit Card

Mastercard CC Type

Best Suited for

SBI Card Elite

World Mastercard

Travel and Lifestyle

SBI Card Prime

World Mastercard


RBL Bank World Plus Supercard

World Mastercard


RBL Bank World Prime Supercard

World Mastercard


RBL Bank Platinum Choice Supercard

Platinum Mastercard


RBL Bank Platinum Classic Supercard

Platinum Mastercard


Types of Mastercard Credit Card

There are different types of Mastercard credit cards to suit the specific needs of cardholders. These are listed below:

  • Platinum Mastercard

The Platinum Mastercard is designed for premium cardholders. It comes with some of the best services and benefits to make your shopping experiences more enjoyable.

  • World Mastercard

The World Mastercard offers many features, including insurance benefits, coupled with a worldwide acceptance. You can use this card to enjoy exclusive access while on vacation or business trip. 

  • Titanium Mastercard

The Titanium Mastercard offers special privileges, protection, and benefits, helping you maintain a trendy lifestyle. Take advantage of features that could enhance your lifestyle through digital technology.

  • World Elite Mastercard

The World Elite Mastercard comes with some of the best features, improving cardholder's purchasing power. It comes with various lifestyle, travel, and insurance benefits that have been specifically curated to offer a refined experience. The card also provides the option to access personalised assistance whenever required.

Mastercard Credit Card Offers

Depending on the type of Mastercard credit card you apply for, you can avail different offers across a host of categories. Listed below are some offers you could utilise with a  Mastercard credit card:

Credit Card

MasterCard Credit Card Offers




SBI Card Elite

  • Welcome e-gift Voucher worth ₹5,000

  • Complimentary movie tickets worth ₹6,000 annually

  • Complimentary Priority Pass membership worth $99

  • Complimentary Silver membership of Club Vistara

  • Complimentary Trident Privilege Red-Tier membership




SBI Card Prime

  • Welcome e-gift voucher worth ₹3,000

  • Pizza Hut e-voucher worth ₹1,000 against spends of ₹50,000 in a calendar quarter

  • e-voucher worth ₹7,000 from Yatra.com/Pantaloons against spends of ₹5 Lakhs in a year

  • Complimentary Trident Privilege Red-Tier Membership

  • Complimentary Silver membership of Club Vistara



RBL Bank World Plus SuperCard

  • Enjoy 8 free visits (2 per quarter) at domestic lounges across all major airports in India every year

  • 5% discount on dining as well as international spends

  • 1+1 free movie tickets twice a month on BookMyShow



RBL Bank World Prime SuperCard

  • World-class concierge for golf course referral/reservation, car rental, and dining reservations

  • Fuel surcharge waiver of up to ₹150 every month

  • 10,000 Reward Points on spends of over ₹1.5 Lakhs in a year

  • 8 free (2 per quarter) visits to domestic airport lounges in a year

Disclaimer: These offers can vary at the discretion of the card issuer.

Mastercard Credit Card Benefits

A Mastercard credit card comes with a host of exciting benefits. Here’s what you would enjoy by getting one for yourself.

Advanced Security

All Mastercard credit cards come with a dedicated EMV chip. It acts as an extra layer of protection when you carry out high-value transactions.

Lost Card Liability Protection

If you manage to lose your Mastercard credit card, you will be protected from liabilities arising from unauthorised card usage. However, this would only be applicable if you report the loss of your car Read Mored to your insurer on time. Read Less

Accident Insurance

You may also be eligible for insurance coverage against death or injuries arising due to an accident.

Documents Required for Mastercard Credit Card

To apply for a Mastercard credit card, you will be required to submit a list of documents along with your credit card application. Here’s a quick look at a few of them. 

  • PAN card

  • Identity proof - Aadhaar, driving licence, passport, or voter’s ID 

  • Address proof

  • Proof of income - latest salary slips or Income Tax Returns (ITRs) 

  • Latest passport-size photographs 


Now, keep in mind that the above-mentioned list is only indicative and not exhaustive. Your credit card issuer may request you to provide additional documentation. This can happen at any point in time during the credit card application or the verification process.

Where is a Mastercard Credit Card Accepted

Mastercard credit cards can be used on the Mastercard network, which is available worldwide. The card supports payments across multiple categories, both online and offline, while also giving you access to exclusive credit card reward points


You can also use the card at Mastercard-compatible ATMs globally if you are in urgent need of cash.

How to Apply for a Mastercard Credit Card

If you wish to get a Mastercard credit card, you can apply for one online by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Head to the issuers’ website

  2. Fetch for the ‘Apply Now’ button and click the same

  3. Enter the requested details, such as, contact number, date of birth, etc.

  4. Proceed to go through the available options

  5. Browse through the best Mastercard credit cards for you 

  6. Compare their features and select your card

  7. Fill in all applicable details in the application form


Alternatively, you can also apply for a Mastercard credit card offline. For this, you will have to visit the nearest bank of your choice. You need to provide all the relevant documents required for credit card and request a bank representative to assist you with the Mastercard credit card application. 

The representative would then check your eligibility and help you choose the right Mastercard credit card.

Mastercard Credit Card vs Mastercard Debit Card

Mastercard, in partnership with banks, issues both credit cards as well as debit cards. However, there are some key differences. Here’s a quick glimpse. 

  • Credit Line

With a Mastercard credit card, you get a line of credit of a certain amount up to which you can borrow. However, a Mastercard debit card is mapped to a savings account, which is debited each time you use the card to make payments. 

  • Interest-free Period 

Mastercard credit cards come with an interest-free period ranging from 20 days to up to 45 days, depending on the type of card you avail. As long as you repay the amount within the due date, you will not be liable to pay interest whatsoever. However, with a Mastercard debit card, you do not get any interest-free period since there is no borrowing involved. 

  • Credit History 

As you continue to use your Mastercard credit card and repay the bills on time, you get to create a credit history, which can come in handy when applying for loans and/or other credit facilities. With a Mastercard debit card, however, you do not get to create any sort of credit history.

What is a Contactless Mastercard Credit Card?

If your credit card has the contactless benefit, you can simply tap your card on a compatible point-of-sale (PoS) machine to make a payment. 


This makes transactions using your credit card safe and secure. It also helps you save time when you are in a rush or at locations where speed is essential, such as gas stations, food takeaway counters, etc.


The information provided by BFDL herein above is related to the Non-Partnered Banks/ NBFCs and is just for the purpose of information and under no circumstances the information provided hereinabove is intended to be source of advice or recommending any financial advice or endorsement of any sort.

The information including interest rates or fees and charges with regard to any credit card, provided on this website is gathered through publicly available sources over the internet and is considered as accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge. BFDL disclaims any responsibility or liability regarding inaccuracies, omissions, mistakes etc. as well as offers by the Non-Partnered Banks or NBFCs. The use of information set out is entirely at the User’s own risk and User should exercise due care prior taking of any decision, on the basis of information mentioned hereinabove. You are advised to visit/ contact the respective Banks/ NBFCs to verify the information before making any application or opening an account. Further, BFDL does not undertake any responsibility or liability to update this information. YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LIABILITY OR DAMAGE YOU INCUR THROUGH ACCESS TO OR USE OF THE SITE OR SUCH INFORMATION OR MATERIALS EXCEPT WHERE THE LAWS AND REGULATIONS OF A PARTICULAR JURISDICTION CONCERNING WARRANTIES CANNOT BE WAIVED. Additionally, display of any trademarks, tradenames, logo and other subject matters of intellectual property owners. Display of such Intellectual Property along with the related product information does not imply BFDL’s partnership with the owner of the Intellectual Property of such products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which different categories of Mastercard credit cards are available?

The different types of Mastercard credit cards available are Standard Mastercard, Platinum Mastercard, World Mastercard, Gold Mastercard, and Titanium Mastercard. Know more about the difference between Visa and Mastercard on Bajaj Markets.

I have lost my Mastercard credit card. What should I do now?

If you have lost your Mastercard credit card, the first step is to block it. You can do so by calling the bank’s customer helpline number or using its net banking portal. Once blocked, you can apply for a new Mastercard in its place.

What are the benefits of using a Mastercard credit card?

The benefits of using a Mastercard credit card include worldwide acceptance and support. You also get access to exclusive benefits on travelling, shopping, dining, entertainment, specially curated experiences, and more.

Can a Mastercard be a credit card?

Yes. As long as the credit card is using the Mastercard network to process payments, it is a Mastercard credit card.

Is a Mastercard the same as a credit card?

Credit cards that use the Mastercard network to facilitate payments between Mastercard-issuing banks and merchant banks are known as Mastercard credit cards. Not all credit cards are Mastercard cards.

Which banks provide Mastercard?

Some of the top banks offering Mastercard credit cards are Citibank, RBL Bank, and SBI Card.

How do I know if my Mastercard is contactless?

All Mastercards with a contactless functionality are marked with the word ‘contactless’ on the card itself. If your card comes with this feature, you will also be able to notice a wi-fi-like symbol on the card. 


If your Mastercard is contactless, you can use it in shops that accept contactless payment by simply tapping your card on the PoS machine.

Which are the banks that issue Mastercard credit cards?

Several major banks in India issue these cards to their customers. These include HSBC Bank, State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, Citi Bank, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Union Bank of India.

What should be the credit score for Mastercard credit cards?

Mastercard has a range of credit cards for customers with varying degrees of credit scores. However, the bank or other lender who issues this credit card has the power to determine the exact credit score required.

What is the Mastercard network?

The Mastercard network is a global financial network that facilitates and processes payments digitally through various types of cards.

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