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What is AO code for PAN Card

One section of the application for a new PAN card requires you to provide an AO code. Right at the start of the Pan application form, it is requested. Range Code, AO Type, AO number, and Area Code, are the four components that make up an AO Code for PAN. The purpose of the AO Code is to specify which tax jurisdiction will apply to the applicant. Assessing Officer is referred to by the acronym AO.


Since these codes inform the relevant authorities of the tax rules that apply to an individual, the significance of an AO Code for PAN card and determining a jurisdiction is directly related to taxation. If the person or entity is a resident of this nation, they may be required to pay taxes in accordance with one set of regulations; but, if they are a firm, the regulations and tax slabs may differ. Since the AO Code for people serving in the Air Force or the Army will differ, such variances may also exist between citizens. The right AO Code is therefore crucial to making sure that businesses and people are taxed in accordance with the correct regulations.

What are components of an AO Code

Officers are assigned to each location to determine how much local residents are taxed. These officers are recognised by their AO codes. An AO Code for PAN is made up of 4 components. As follows:

  • Area Code: The area in which the person or business is located is given a code that is made up of three letters to identify its location, known as the area code for PAN.

  • AO Type: The type aids the tax department in determining if a PAN card bearer is an individual, business, or even a member of the armed forces or someone who does not reside in India.

  • Range Type: The PAN card holder is given a Range Type based on their actual address, which aids in determining the circle or ward they reside in.

  • AO Number: The final component of the AO code is the AO number, a numeric value that is likewise made available by Protean eGov Technologies Limited.

How Can I Know My AO Code

On PAN websites that have been approved by the government, AO Codes are easily accessible. Observe the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Verify your eligibility as a non-individual, non-salaried, or salaried applicant in the first step.

  • Step 2: Depending upon what requirements you meet, select the business or home address.

  • Step 3: AO Code listings can be accessed on both the Protean eGov Technologies Limited UTIITSL websites.

  • Step 4: You can use the website's alphabet search function to find your city. After choosing the city, read the description of the jurisdiction.

  • Step 5: Find one that fits your work environment, business kind, occupation, and income. You may find your AO Code by making a note of the AO Type, Area Code, Range Type, and AO Number. 


You can alternatively download Excel sheets which provide AO Codes by going to https://www.tin-nsdl.com/services/pan/pan-aocode.html. Use the search function (ctrl+f) in Excel to enter the file and look up your city.


Here is a table to help you find your AO Code for PAN card for certain cities across the country:

Name of the city












What are Different Types of AO Code

A person or company is identified and connected to the appropriate tax legislation using one of the four fundamental categories of AO codes. Here is a brief rundown of them:

  • International Taxation: It is for businesses or individuals requesting a PAN card who do not reside in India or have their corporate headquarters there.

  • Non International Taxation (Outside Mumbai): These AO codes are intended for individuals and businesses with addresses in or registered with the city of Mumbai.

  • Non International Taxation (Mumbai): These AO codes apply to people or businesses with Indian addresses outside of Mumbai.

  • Military Personnel: These AO codes are utilised to identify someone as a soldier or pilot in the Air Force or the Army. It only has two different kinds of codes, one for the Air Force and the other for the Army.


Although it is not necessary to know your AO Code, it is nevertheless a good idea. 

FAQs about AO code for PAN

How do I find the AO code for my PAN?

You can find your AO Code for PAN at https://www.tin-nsdl.com/services/pan/pan-aocode.html. 

What is the AO code for no income?

A non-employed person's PAN Card does not have a specific AO code allocated to them.

How can I change the AO code of my PAN card?

To change your AO Code for PAN card, following the steps below:


Step 1: Submit an application to your current AO citing an address change as the cause for the change in AO.

Step 2: is to ask the new AO to submit an application to the current AO for his AO change.

Step 3: This application must be approved by the current AO.

Step 4: The Income Tax Commissioner receives the application after it has been approved.

Step 5: Following the commissioner's approval, the AO is switched from the current AO to the AO where the application procedure was started.


If the existing AO rejects the application, the transfer of PAN is not completed and becomes blocked. Nothing that the new AO could do will help the application get approved.

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