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A smartphone or a mobile device has become necessary in today’s digital era. Mobile phones have become indispensable for business, travel, trade, and communication. In such a case, if any damage is incurred to our phones, it can disrupt the normal flow of life and business. This is why it has become necessary to get some financial protection in case of mobile damage or theft. 

What is Mobile Insurance?

Smartphones have features that let you manage your professional and personal lives from a single device. When a mobile device is stolen or lost, there is a danger that the data on the device may also be misused, leading to various issues like a monetary loss. Not only theft but getting a mobile phone repaired for technical problems can also be an added expense that can put a dent in your savings. 


This is why insurance providers now provide mobile insurance, so you don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Mobile insurance offers protection against accidental damage or theft for all phones, including smartphones.

Need for Mobile Insurance

Purchasing mobile phone theft insurance can help you avoid financial losses if it gets stolen or damaged. Let's understand the need for mobile insurance and how it might help you deal with different situations.

  • Protection from theft - A stolen mobile phone means stolen or lost data. Once a phone is stolen, it may be very difficult to recover all your personal data. According to the mobile phone theft insurance policy you select, you may be eligible for a replacement without compromising the model. 

  • Protection from damage - Mobile phones are devices that can easily be damaged, and it may cost you a fortune to replace or repair them. This is why it makes sense to get mobile insurance, as it will cover the cost of repair on accidental damage. 

  • Lost phone protection - Apart from being stolen and accidentally damaged, it is possible for your phone to get lost. In that case, your device warranty may not work. This is where your mobile insurance will come in handy. According to your policy, you can get compensation for the insured amount, reducing the impact of the financial loss. 

  • Protection against water damage - Your mobile insurance package will cover any accidental liquid damage to the phone. Moisture or humidity can damage your phone beyond repair and is a high possibility. Such damages are generally covered under mobile insurance plans. 


Be it an Android or an iPhone; mobile theft insurance generally covers several types of damages caused to your mobile phone. Let's understand the policy inclusions-

  • The phone theft insurance plans cover damages to the mobile screen. However, the phone should be in the custody of the owner during the damage. 

  • These plans cover any accidental damage caused to the handset. However, the phone must be in the owner's custody at the time of damage. 

  • The android and iPhone theft insurance plan covers damages caused to the mobile phone because of water or other liquids. 

  • If your mobile phone is stolen, your mobile insurance plan may have a provision where you get a temporary phone to you in certain cities across India. The theft coverage plan is quite beneficial for all phone users. 


Claim Process for Mobile Insurance

Raising a claim with Bajaj Markets is extremely simple. You must contact the customer support team within the first 24 hours of damage to your mobile phone so that you can enjoy all the benefits of your insurance plan, be it an android or an iPhone theft insurance plan. There are 2 ways in which you can get in touch - 

  • Via Phone - 

Contact the toll-free number - 1800-419-4000 or call on 6000-4000 (make sure to prefix the STD code)

  • Via Mail 

You can also send a mail to the following address

CPP Assistance Services Pvt. Ltd. 

PO Box No. 826,

Kalkaji Post Office

New Delhi - 110019

  • Via e-mail

You can write an e-mail to to raise your claim. 

Documents Required

When you want to raise a claim with Bajaj Markets, you must also submit certain documents - 

  • A claim form, filled and signed by the insured beneficiary, with all the details of the damage or loss and the amount you are claiming. 

  • All the documents that are required to support the claim amount. It could include bills, invoices, valuation reports, and more. 

  • In case of theft or burglary, you must include the police report as well. 

  • Depending on the claim, you must submit any documentation related to the damage or loss. 


Several things are not covered by mobile insurance plans. These exclusions generally depend on one policy to another. Here is a list of some exclusions - 

  • Any malevolent intent or willful attempts to intentionally harm the phone that result in its loss or destruction.

  • If the mobile device is damaged due to overloading or using it in strange circumstances.

  • Insurance does not cover the mysterious mobile phone loss that the insured cannot explain with conviction.

  • Any harm to the mobile phone brought on by any sort of climatic changes or pollution.

  • Any pre-existing issues or flaws that existed before the policy took effect. 

  • Any damage caused due to unexpected mechanical or electrical breakdowns is not covered. 


Here are the advantages of mobile theft insurance- 

  • It enables you to protect yourself against high mobile repair expenses if your device sustains damage from an accident like falling or liquid damage. 

  • The claim process is cashless and hassle-free, and helps save time.

  • You get financial protection against the mobile repair costs if you damage your phone via liquid spilling, such as water, tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc.

  • Touchscreens, charging connectors, incorrect earphone connectors, and any damage to the device's internal and exterior parts are covered.

  • Add ons like transit insurance, international coverage, etc. provide well-rounded protection

Extended Warranty vs. Mobile Insurance

Extended Warranty

Mobile Insurance

Theft is not covered

Theft is covered

Liquid damage is not covered

Liquid damage is covered

Accidental damage from handling like drops spills, and cracked screens are covered 

Accidental damage from handling like drops spills, and cracked screens are covered 

Comprehensive damage beyond ADH is not covered 

Comprehensive damage beyond ADH is covered

Electrical and mechanical failure is covered 

Electrical and mechanical failure is covered 

FAQs - Types Of Mobile Theft Insurance

Can Indian mobile insurance coverage cover a phone bought outside of India?

Yes, certain private insurance firms in India offer insurance coverage for cell phones bought outside of India, giving them global coverage.

Does any insurance company assist in recovering lost data from damaged mobile devices?

Private insurance firms in India have joined with several private mobile applications to back up phone data automatically to cloud servers. To prevent such issues, mobile phone users should regularly back up their phones' data.

Does mobile insurance cover damage to a phone's internal circuits?

Yes, some insurance firms offer coverage for the mobile phone's motherboard and other internal electronics.

What details do I need to provide to make a phone claim?

 You need to provide the following information to make a claim - 

  • Mobile Number

  • The model number of your device

  • The date of the incident, including the last time you used the phone. 

  • Additional information like ID proof and a police report must also be submitted. 

Is there any limit to the amount of claims I can make?

There are no restrictions on the number of claims; however, you should exercise caution while using your automobile insurance.

Can I get an update on the status of my claim?

 Yes, you may do so by visiting your insurer's website, heading to the claim status section, filling out the necessary information, and checking the status.

I have raised a claim earlier and want to raise a claim again, can I do that?

You may make another claim, but the available coverage will depend on how much money is left over after the first phone theft claim.

How long does it take to deliver the claim amount?

Once you've turned in all the necessary paperwork, processing your auto phone theft insurance claim shouldn't take more than 30 days. In the few instances where a problem necessitates more research, it should be finished within six months.

How much does mobile insurance cost?

The cost of mobile insurance generally depends on the particular insurance company. At Bajaj Markets, the mobile insurance plans start from Rs. 649. You may choose the mobile phone theft insurance plan according to your needs.

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