How to Make Money Work for You?

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Who doesn’t like to watch their money grow? The key, however, lies in knowing exactly where to invest your money. And going by the latest trends, it seems that Indians are becoming increasingly proficient at making these crucial investment decisions. According to Standard Chartered’s Emerging Affluent Study of 2018, more than two-thirds of Indians are making the most of investment products to meet their financial goals.

For those of us not savvy with investments, the array of investment options at your fingertips can seem overwhelming. But there are simple, essential ways to yield high returns for your investments and help you meet your financial goals. For instance, the United Linked Insurance Plans or ULIPs offered on Bajaj Markets are a great way for anyone to enjoy the benefits of both investment as well as insurance cover.

So, if you too want to find out how you can invest your money more efficiently and achieve financial liberation, here are some of the most popular investment instruments that can make your money work for you:

Mutual Funds

One of the most popular investment instruments among Indians, mutual funds can be an incredible way for an individual to grow their wealth. Essentially, mutual funds are professionally managed funds that pool in money from various investors and invest it in stocks, shares and bonds. One of the greatest features of mutual funds is that due to their variety, there is a mutual fund scheme for every type of investor in the market.

They are well-regulated and managed by professionals, making them a credible investment option. They are also less restrictive than many investment options, providing you with increased control over liquidity. Less risky investors can simply invest in a debt fund and watch their money grow over the years and yield high returns.

Fixed Deposits

A favourite among many generations, fixed deposits are considered one of the most stable and profitable ways of investing your money in India. It is a type of financial instrument offered by banks and NBFCs in which you can deposit money and earn higher interest rates than most savings accounts.

Fixed deposits are one of the leading investment instruments in India since they are completely unaffected by market fluctuations. Once you deposit money in an FD, you are guaranteed to receive handsome returns on maturity.

National Pension System

To achieve financial liberation, it is important to find ways to secure your future. For instance, having an investment in place that benefits your post-retirement life will guarantee that you will be self-sufficient even in your old age. The National Pension System, or NPS, is a government-backed investment option and focuses primarily on long-term retirement. It is a pension program in which you can regularly invest during your employment period. This helps build a considerable financial corpus for you, that will be regularly disbursed to you as pension after you retire.
According to government notifications, over 66 lakh government employees have been enrolled under NPS. Moreover, 19.2 lakhs subscribers have subscribed to NPS in the private sector with 6,812 entities registered as corporates.

United Linked Insurance Plan

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to make your money work for you is to gain more than one advantage for a single investment. This impossible scenario is made possible by United Linked Insurance Plans, or ULIPs. These investment instruments not only provide you with an opportunity to grow your money, but also to protect your future. They are a two-pronged investment tool that offer investment returns and also provide life insurance coverage.


Financial Liberation

ULIPs are the true definition of financial liberation, as they allow you to invest and insure as well as withdraw from your policy using the Partial Withdrawal feature. The best ULIPs in the market, such as the ones available on Bajaj Markets, also offer you the complete freedom to choose your amount of life cover as well as the freedom to choose your type of investment fund.


At the end of the day, there are a variety of ways in which you can make the most of your finances. With these investment instruments in particular, you are guaranteed to receive high returns and make sure your money is truly working for you.

Mutual funds, fixed deposits, NPS and ULIPs are all excellent methods of wealth creation. But out of all these, if there is an investment instrument that offers dual benefits, it is definitely ULIPs. And with the ULIPs offered on Bajaj Markets, you can maximise the benefits of this financial instrument. They help you to build your wealth over time, and allow you to switch funds based on market movement. Meanwhile, they also offer insurance coverage to yourself and your family. You can choose from their specialised plans to find the ULIP that meets your needs best – retirement plans, child plans or investment plans.

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