Why Quiet Cars Are Getting Louder

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Electrical vehicles are known to make less to no noise when driving. However, the issue with the silence is that it makes it difficult for pedestrians to hear the electric vehicle approaching unless it is more than a few feet away. It thus makes it a deadly problem for those who are vision-impaired and cannot see the car.

Therefore, it has become essential to equip electric vehicles with audible signals. People who are visually impaired learn to travel their way by reading the sound of traffic around them. But because of the silent nature of the electric vehicles, being alert at all times becomes difficult for them.

Government bodies from all across the globe issued a notice to the automobile manufacturers to install audible signals in their vehicles for the safety of the citizens.

While these rules were long implemented in Japan in 2010, the same was soon followed by the United States and other European countries. However, the laws and requirements differ in countries concerning what sound the system should make and when it should be activated.

Various Companies Combating the Noise Issue

1. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz deployed an alert system in their vehicle units sold in Japan, China, USA, and Europe. The audio tests services are available in Sindelfingen, Germany. The alert sound for Asian and European countries is the same, whereas the sound system for the USA is different.

According to the head of sound quality and design at Daimler, the company that owns Mercedes-Benz, believe that they have deployed a pleasant and natural alert system sound in their vehicles. As a matter of fact, the alert system mainly emphasises on the existing noise of the car and blends in seamlessly with the overall sound.

The alert system installed in cars sold in European countries has a sound like engines, whereas the American version has a mechanical timbre sound. Either way, both the machines produce a beeping sound which is similar to the delivery truck trying to take reverse.

2. Jaguar

Another company that has deployed the alert system in its electric cars is Jaguar. In fact, this alert sound system complies both the European and American rules. According to reports, the sound system was initially designed to sound like a spaceship.

However, it did not make the cut as it caused people to look at the sky instead of the road. The sound that Jaguar engineers finally settled on is mechanical.

3. Chevrolet

Chevrolet engineers, on the other hand, deployed the sound for Bolt electric cars. The alert system worked well within the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration guidelines. It creates a pleasant sound that won’t stress out the driver as well as the passengers.

Keep Your Car and Yourself Safe!

Unfortunate events can take place anytime and anywhere. You cannot control these events, and someone ends up getting injured. Automobile manufacturers are working towards fixing the silent issues of electric vehicles. Until we find a definite solution to overcome it and ensure that the alert sound system adheres to its needs, we need to find a way to overcome any financial loss incurred by the vehicle in case of accidents, theft, or damage due to natural disasters.

And comprehensive car insurance helps you with just that.

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